The 8 Most Beautiful Places to Live In New Jersey That Are Still Affordable

Written by Micky Moran
Published: February 29, 2024
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New Jersey has a reputation for lush and dense forests. With pine trees across public parks and wilderness alike, locals can take in the various lagoons and meadows in many places in New Jersey. Spread across over 7,000 square miles of the eastern United States, the beauty of New Jersey is the reason that it is still called “The Garden State.”

While many people like the idea of a beautiful view outside their window, finding an affordable home can be a little tricky. The overall cost of living is typically 11% higher than the national average. Here are a few beautiful places in New Jersey that help you save money and enjoy the atmosphere.

Gloucester City

Gloucester City offers one of the best views of the Delaware River.


If you like suburban life, Gloucester City offers some of the most beautiful natural sights. Locals put on an annual Irish festival every summer to celebrate their history in the region located in Camden County. With about 12,000 residents, this city is one of New Jersey’s most affordable places, with an average rental cost of $1,500. Healthcare costs are about 5.8% below the national average.


The city came from founders in Woodbridge and Elizabethtown.

©Mojerzey / CC BY-SA 3.0 - License

Taking a drive through Rahway gives you a unique view of the diverse gardens and charming homes, preserve the historical charm of the area.. In the colonial days, the founders used the surrounding land to set up plantations. It is steeped in local history, including the notable 12-hour battle in 1777. Today, many residents come to Rahway for the neighborhoods, coffee shops, and lush parks.


©Famartin / CC BY 3.0 - License

As the capital of New Jersey, you might expect Trenton to be expensive and busy, but it is one of the more affordable places in New Jersey. As part of Mercer County, this city offers an assortment of historical locations, restaurants, and art to attract residents. The cost of living in Trenton is 3% below the national average, adding to just over $39,000 necessary for a single person’s basic needs. With over 90,000 residents, it also has lower prices on homes than the national average.

Jersey City

The view over the Hudson River is enough for any evening walk to be more tranquil than other places in New Jersey.

©David Jones / CC BY 2.0 - License

If you want a beautiful waterfront view, Jersey City is the place to be. It has multiple walking paths and picnic areas, though the nearby parks give a place for families to play. This location is the oldest city in New Jersey, offering a low cost of living. With a quick ride on the ferry, you can even see the Statue of Liberty in New York.

Toms River

With about an hour to travel to Philadelphia and New York City, an easy commute is a major perk.

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Located along the Jersey Shore, Toms River is a place for people who want entertainment and a view of the ocean. Some cities in New Jersey can be quite expensive. However, the cost of living in Toms River is about 6% below the national average, with a median home price of $265,000. For renters, that means a monthly payment of about $1,800. Many people choose to live in Toms River because of how easy commuting is.


While the national average price of a new home is over $229,000, the median cost of a home in Phillipsburg is just under $184,000.

©Bruce Livingston / CC0 - License

The Delaware River has many affordable cities and towns nearby, inherently giving them a beautiful waterfront view. Phillipsburg follows this pattern, but there’s more to see than the river. As you look towards the land, you see a landscape of rolling hills and lush forests. Along with the beautiful landscape, many residents enjoy living in Phillipsburg because it has a lower cost of living than the national average. It also has above-average public schools, and there are many shopping and dining options nearby.


With just under 11,000 residents, the average income in Beachwood is about $89,000 a year.

©Famartin / CC BY-SA 4.0 - License

Beachwood is the place to go for anyone who is willing to be a little more generous with affordability. While it is one of the costlier places on this list, buying a home is still more affordable than the national average. It has a median property value of $243,900, and locals have access to the quiet beaches nearby. While there are many outdoor activities, you can also check out the yacht club or take a short drive to Atlantic City nearby.


While Hopatcong is a rather small town, the community has a beautiful environment and lake views.

©Forrest R. Whitesides (Culturejam23) / CC BY-SA 3.0 - License

The borough of Hopatcong is another one of the most beautiful and affordable places in New Jersey to live. Located within Sussex County, the total population of this town is just over 14,000. It sits on the edge of a lake by the same name, offering recreational outdoor activities all year. Some people go for water skiing and boating, while others simply enjoy the ambiance of the sun going down along the horizon.

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