The Most Expensive Lakes in Texas to Buy a Second Home

Pink and Purple Sundown Sky at Toledo Bend Reservoir on Texas/Louisiana State Line
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Written by Luke Stevens

Updated: July 31, 2023

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Known as the Lone Star State, Texas occupies a large portion of the southern United States. The second-largest state in the country is known for its delicious cuisine, southern culture, bustling cities, and diverse geography. Texas is also growing immensely, with an estimated 1,000 new people moving to the state each day. One reason for this large migration is the variety of lifestyle options. Texas residents can choose between rural areas, huge cities, quaint neighborhoods, and much more.

Texas is the second-largest state in the country covering almost 270,000 square miles.


While the state has a long coastline, the beaches are not quite as popular as lakeside in Texas. Within the almost 270,000 square miles of the state, there are 7,000 lakes. Ranging in size from minuscule to massive, these lakes provide great opportunities for a weekend getaway on the water without requiring residents to venture down to the coast. However, because lakes in Texas are so popular, owning property on one can be extraordinarily expensive. Keep reading to discover the most expensive lakes in Texas to buy a second home.

Discover 3 very expensive lakes in Texas to buy a second home on.

1. Lake Austin

Austin Texas USA sunrise skyline cityscape over Town Lake or Lady Bird Lake with amazing reflection. Skyscrapers and Texas capital building in distance you can see the entire city during summer

Lake Austin has a surface area of 2.5 square miles and a maximum depth of 75 feet.

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Located on the Colorado River in Austin, Texas, Lake Austin is a reservoir created by the Tom Miller Dam. The lake has a surface area of 2.5 square miles and a maximum depth of 75 feet. Lake Austin’s beautiful blue waters are surrounded by a lush green forest that provides a stunning landscape to both visitors and residents. While anyone is welcome to visit the area, Lake Austin is mainly made up of private residential neighborhoods. This preserves a sense of peace and privacy for residents, which is partially what makes it the most expensive lake in Texas to own a second home.

What to Do Near Lake Austin

Lake Austin and the surrounding area have no shortage of fun activities for everyone to enjoy! There are plenty of boat rental services for visitors and residents to spend a day exploring the lake, tube, and waterski, and enjoy a relaxing swim. The lake is also surrounded by many delicious restaurants and cafes for a quick bite to eat when you come off the water. If you are looking for a nice stroll, the Ann and Roy Butler Boardwalk provides stunning views of the lake and the city surrounding it. Mount Bonnell offers a more demanding hike, but its summit has an incredible outlook over the breathtaking area.

Anyone can rent a paddleboard or kayak to explore the lake at their own pace. This also allows visitors to get up close to the beautiful freshwater aquatic life underneath the surface. When coming off of the lake for the day, residents of the area have the entire city of Austin to explore. Austin offers delicious, diverse cuisine, interesting nightlife, and live music.

House for Sale: This 10,505 square-foot modern home boasts nine bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and three half bathrooms. The property sits on almost six acres of stunning lakeside property nestled among tall trees for privacy. Built in 2021, the home includes a pool, a five-car garage, a home theatre, and a fitness center. Price: $50,000,000.

2. Lake Travis

green summer landscape at the lake , Travis lake landscape lake relaxing overlook view of the central Texas hill country outside of Austin Texas USA

Lake Travis is considered to be one of the clearest lakes in the entire state of Texas.

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Formed by the Mansfield Dam in 1942, Lake Travis is also a manmade reservoir. The area has also become the second-most expensive lake in Texas to own a home. It is the largest of a collection of reservoirs called the Highland Lakes, boasting almost 30 square miles of surface area. The lake is located 13 miles northwest of Austin and is considered to be one of the clearest lakes in the entire state. Around 44,000 people live in and around Lake Travis, making it a populated but calm area. The many coves and inlets, clear blue water, and sandy beaches of Lake Travis speak to its popularity for residents and visitors alike.

What to Do Near Lake Travis

Because Lake Travis is located in a much less urban setting than Lake Austin it has many more outdoor activities to take advantage of. Lake Travis Waterloo Adventures is a floating waterpark with obstacles and activities for the whole family! Adrenaline junkies will enjoy ziplining almost 3,000 feet across the beautiful lake with Lake Travis Zipline Adventures. For a more relaxing day, visitors and residents can visit one of the many boat rental establishments on the lake. Renting a boat for the day allows families to explore all the lake has to offer and enjoy some quality time together.

Surrounding the lake, many restaurants offer cuisine for anyone to enjoy. These establishments provide stunning views of the area at sunset, and some even have live music! Away from the hustle and bustle of the most trafficked areas of the lake lie many beautiful neighborhoods. These private oases allow residents to experience all Lake Travis has to offer while still being able to enjoy some peace.

House for Sale: This 15,394 square-foot Italian-inspired home is breathtaking. The property boasts six bathrooms, nine bathrooms, four half bathrooms, and 20 acres of lakefront property. Amenities include a home theatre, library, wine cellar, infinity pool, and much more. Price: $45,000,000.

3. White Rock Lake

Dock on a lake with blue skies and some small clouds.

The expansive waters of White Rock Lake are surrounded by an abundance of wildlife and greenery.

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Located just northeast of Dallas, White Rock Lake is a reservoir created by a creek. With a surface area of just under two square miles, White Rock Lake is the smallest on this list. This manmade lake was once a collection of private farms owned by a local Dallas family. In 1911, the White Rock Dam was completed, converting the area into a shallow lake that measures 18 feet at its deepest. The expansive waters of the lake are surrounded by an abundance of wildlife and greenery, making it a truly scenic spot. It remains a quiet spot near a big city, attracting residents looking for a tranquil lakeside getaway.

Things to Do Near White Rock Lake

While the lake offers no shortage of recreational activities, visitors may be surprised to learn that swimming is prohibited. Because the lake is a reservoir, it provides water to the Dallas area. Therefore, swimming is prohibited to preserve the water for residents. In addition to swimming, jet skiing, and motorboating are also not allowed on the waters. The historical boathouse near the lake offers opportunities for rowing, kayaking, and paddleboarding, however. Although motorized vehicles are not allowed on the lake, sailboats are still permitted. White Rock Lake hosts a large sailing culture with clubs, competitions, and recreational opportunities for aspiring sailors.

On the shores surrounding the lake, there are mainly trains for running, walking, and biking. Pavillions and playgrounds are prominent in the area, making it a wonderful place for families. An old bathhouse near the lake has since been transformed into a pristine cultural center. The facility serves as a museum, art gallery, and theatre for visitors and residents to learn more about the area.

House for Sale: This 11,915-square-foot home is truly stunning. The property includes five bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms. There is a fully furnished basement, pool, cabana, guest house, workshop, and an eight-car garage in the home as well. The tranquility of the lake paired with the home’s proximity to the city of Dallas makes it even more desirable to buyers. Price: $14,895,000.

Summary of Most Expensive Lakes in Texas to Buy a Second Home

Here’s a recap of the top three priciest lakes we looked at in Texas to purchase a second home.

RankLakeLocationSurface AreaFormation
1Lake AustinOn the Colorado River in Austin2.5 square milesFormed by Tom Miller Dam
2Lake Travis13 miles northwest of AustinAlmost 30 square milesFormed by the Mansfield Dam
3White Rock LakeNortheast of DallasUnder 2 square milesFormed by White Rock Dam

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