The Next New Moon: November 13, 2023 – See Details and More

Written by Aaron Webber
Published: October 15, 2023
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New moons are the beginning of each lunar cycle. This might feel strange to some who rely solely on the Gregorian calendar. But many people around the world follow the lunar cycles more than the calendars you or I use. For those who follow the lunar cycles closely, or have some experience with astrology, the date, position, and history of specific full moons will influence the astrological readings for the entire following cycle, and set the tone for all beings during that time.

The best way to learn the fundamental importance of new moons is to speak with an expert or refer to published resources. However, as an introduction to this special cosmic phenomenon, we have compiled the starting basics. This is the history and interesting facts about the next new moon happening on Monday, November 13.

Is There a Special Name For The November New Moon?

A large beaver climbing ove the beaver dam

In most Western countries, the November moon is the Beaver Moon. It is named for the time of year beavers usually complete their dams.

©Dan Pepper/iStock via Getty Images

The first new moon of November is called the New Beaver Moon. At least in most western countries, this is the name. It will change depending on what county you live in and who you ask. But for us, it is believed that when western explorers met Native Americans, they adopted some of the names they had for natural events, including the moon cycles.

The November new moon is named the New Beaver Moon because it is during this time that beavers are at their most busy constructing their river homes and dams. It was a time of preparing for the first snows of winter for all creatures, humans included. The New Beaver moon was, and remains, a reminder that winter is coming. So, we better get busy preparing for the cold months ahead.

The new moon for each cycle takes its name from the full moon within that cycle. The full moon following the November 13 new moon is called the Beaver Moon, which is why this new moon is called the New Beaver Moon. You can apply any alternative names for the same full moon to the new moon as well. Alternative names for this cycle’s full moon are: Deer Rutting Moon (from the Dakota and Lakota tribes), Digging or Scratching Moon (from the Tlingit tribe), Freezing Moon (from the Anishinaabe tribe), Frost Moon (from the Cree and Assiniboine tribes), Whitefish Moon (from the Algonquin tribe. Pagan and Wiccan names can include Cold Moon or Death Moon. Therefore, alternate names for the November 13 new moon can be the New Deer Rutting Moon, New Frost Moon, and so on.

When Was The Last Time The New Moon Was on November 13?

The last time the New Beaver Moon fell on November 13 was in 2012. This might sound weird at first glance. But it is important to remember that the lunar calendar does not follow our usual calendar. However, it does occur with reliable predictability. The days of full and new moons process through the days of month on an annual basis.

Interesting Facts About This November’s New Moon

Scorpio zodia sign

This year’s New Beaver Moon occurs in Scorpio, inheriting its signs and attributes.


In astrology, new moons invite change and new beginnings. What type of changes and what will begin is influenced by the state of the sky during the new moon, among other things.

This November’s new moon happens in Scorpio. This astrological sign is associated with strong passions, independence, fiery emotions, and the genitals and bowels. Other attributes include water, death, and the colors red and black. It is the sign of the eight house and ruled by Mars and Pluto.

Astrologists recommend against undergoing any surgical procedure during this new moon season.

Keep in mind that astrology is a deep system of interpreting the history and position of astrological bodies. The new beginnings and change you might experience during this time will depend heavily on your own signs, astrological charts, and the movement of Mars and Pluto during this lunar cycle. To get a deeper interpretation of what the position of November’s new moon might mean for you.

Specifics of The November 13 New Moon

New moon or Сrescent above ocean. Half Moon on bright evening sky, space for text

A waxing crescent moon after a new moon has passed.

©AlxeyPnferov/iStock via Getty Images

The exact time of November’s new moon is 9:27 UTC. You can calculate the exact time where you live based on your time zone.

There are different ways to calculate which new moon this is (called a lunation), depending which calculation you use. According to the Meeus Index, the November 13 new moon is lunation 295. According to the Brown Series, it is lunation 1248. These are the two most common lists in western countries. However, there are other ways to name this specific new moon.

According to the Hebrew calendar (which incorporates a lunar calendar), this is lunation 71,529.

In the Islamic calendar, the lunation number is calculated from the lunation on July 15,622 CE. This November’s lunation is lunation 17,333.

According to the Thai Lunar Calendar, this is lunation 17,138.

How Can You Enjoy The New Moon?

Earthshine on crescent moon

During a new moon, you might still be able to see the moon due to earthshine. This is when sunlight reflects from the Earth, onto the moon, then into your eyes.

©EvergreenPlanet/iStock via Getty Images

Even if you don’t practice witchcraft or know your astrological chart, you can still enjoy and appreciate the New Beaver Moon as a time of mindfulness and peaceful meditation.

Because the New Beaver Moon occurs in Scorpio, it is a wonderful time for introspection and planning how to implement important changes in your life. You might feel a powerful urge to dive into your subconscious through breath work or meditation.

In general, new moons are a fantastic time to ponder on your work during the previous month or lunar cycle. Use this new moon to integrate any life lessons you have learned over the past month. Address your unconscious habits, traumas, fears, and patterns that might be holding you back from reaching your full potential.

You can appreciate and enjoy the New Beaver Moon by reading your star charts. Or, start to learn about yours if you don’t know it. You can begin to understand how to read some of the complicated signs and lines!

If your birth sign is Scorpio, the New Beaver Moon would be an optimum time for you to reassess how you’re doing. Look at your goals, analyze your progress over the last year, and identify what areas in which you can improve.

If you practice magic of any kind, new moons are perfect times for reflecting on your work and practices. New moons give you the perfect environment to channel your intentions and emotions and energy into your materials. Since the New Beaver Moon is associated with Scorpio, death, darkness, cold, and winter preparation, including those aspects into your materials and tools will prove especially powerful during this moon cycle.

New Beaver Moon Conclusion

Light from sky . Religion background . The sky at night with stars. New moon . Ramadan background . Prayer time . Dramatic nature background . Arab night . eclipse of the moon

This is what the moon will look like in the days before a new moon.


The November 13 new moon holds a wide variety of meanings. But for you, it will only be as meaningful as you choose to make it. Whether you simply want to appreciate the astronomical event, relate to your ancestors through celebration, or channel energy into the month ahead, it can be a fulfilling experience.

Every culture around the world and throughout history has had a deep and personal relationship with the moon phases. Get in touch with the native people of your land, reach out to any living ancestors, or do a brief online search. You’ll be surprised about what meanings are hidden in the objects that orbit above your head! The worst thing that could happen is you spend an extra second or two on Monday, November 13, appreciating the moon you can’t see!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © AlxeyPnferov/iStock via Getty Images

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