The # of Shark Attacks in New York in 2022: Where and When They Happened

Written by Brandi Allred
Published: January 5, 2023
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According to one source, there were a total of 91 verified shark attacks in 2022. In 2021, there were 73 confirmed unprovoked shark attacks, and 39 confirmed provoked shark attacks. Those might sound like scary numbers, but remember: your chances of having a negative interaction with a shark are incredibly low. In fact, you have a less than one in four million chance of being attacked by a shark. But, if you’re enjoying the waters off the coast of New York, you probably want to know the number of shark attacks in New York in 2022.

Let’s dive in, and check out the six confirmed shark attacks in New York waters in 2022. Then, we’ll find out why sharks are so important to the marine ecosystem. Finally, we’ll list the five easy steps you can take to reduce your risk of shark attack.

1. Jones Beach, New York

The first shark attack in New York in 2022 happened on June 30 on Long Island. The victim was a 57 year old man who was enjoying the waters of the Atlantic Ocean at Jones Beach. The man suffered a laceration to his foot, which is believed to have been caused by a shark, species unknown.

2. Smith Point Beach, New York

New York’s second shark attack of 2022 occurred on July 3 at Smith Point Beach. The victim was an on-duty lifeguard who was bitten while participating in a training drill. The shark (species unknown) bit the victim’s hand, a wound which required two stitches to repair. The lifeguard was reportedly back to work ten days later.

3. Ocean Beach, New York

The third shark attack in New York in 2022 occurred on July 7 at Ocean Beach on Fire Island. Once again, the victim was a lifeguard participating in a training exercise. In this case, the species of shark was identified as a sand tiger shark. The lifeguard, a teenager, sustained a bite to the foot, which required bandaging. 

4. Smith Point Beach, New York

July 13 was an unusually active day for shark attacks in New York, with two attacks occurring at separate beaches. The first attack occurred at Smith Point Beach around 8 a.m. The victim was a paddleboarder who was knocked off his board when a suspected tiger shark bit his leg. Luckily, the man was able to reach shore, where he was treated for a 4 inch laceration.

5. Seaview Beach, New York

The second attack of July 13 occurred at Seaview Beach on Long Island. In this case, the victim was a visitor from Arizona, a 49 year old man. The attack occurred around 6 p.m.; the species responsible is unknown. The victim was bitten on his backside and left wrist while wading in shallow water. Fortunately, the injuries were non-life threatening, though they did require treatment at Stony Brook University Hospital.

6. Fire Island, New York

The final confirmed shark attack in New York in 2022 occurred on Fire Island on July 20. The attack occurred around 6 p.m.; the victim was a teenaged surfer surfing just off shore. While sitting on his board, a shark of unknown species bit his right foot, resulting in a laceration. The teenager was transported to a local hospital, where the injury was treated.

Why are Sharks Important?

Sharks might seem scary, but they’re actually vital components of the marine ecosystem. Sharks are a keystone species, which means that the health of their ecosystem rests largely on their scaly shoulders. Without sharks, the oceanic ecosystem suffers, and so do we. That’s why, despite the occasional attacks, it’s important to conserve and respect sharks. One of the most important things you can do is take steps to decrease your risk of attack.

Decreasing Your Risk of Shark Attack

Most shark attacks happen as a case of mistaken identify; humans are not an ideal food for sharks. Whether they’re shark attacks in New York, or shark attacks in Florida, the risk factors are the same. To decrease your risk of shark attack, follow these simple guidelines.

  • 1. Don’t go into the water alone. Sharks are more likely to target lone swimmers.
  • 2. Don’t swim at dawn or dusk, these are prime hunting hours for most species of shark.
  • 3. Don’t swim in areas with lots of fish or people fishing. Sharks, like humans, eat fish. So swimming in fish-filled areas increases your chances of a shark biting you by mistake.
  • 4. Avoid wearing jewelry, or anything else that may catch the light. Sharks have excellent vision; they’re drawn to anything eye catching.
  • 5. Try not to splash too much. This might seem silly, but predatory fish, like sharks, interpret extensive splashing as struggle.

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The # of Shark Attacks in New York in 2022: Where and When They Happened

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