The Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism of Brown and White Feathers

set of different feathers isolated on white background
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Written by Sammi Caramela

Updated: November 15, 2023

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Brown and White Feathers is Often Associated With freedom, positive change, clarity, wisdom, and spirituality.

Have you ever been on a walk and stumbled upon a brown and white feather? Maybe you kept walking and didn’t give it a second thought, or perhaps you stopped to pick it up, inspect it, and consider its spiritual meaning. 

Everything in life carries symbolism in certain cultures, religions, and individual beliefs. Feathers, particularly, are highly spiritual symbols representing freedom, wisdom, and resilience. When you find a feather, you can take it as a positive message from above.

In this article, we will cover brown and white feathers and their unique spiritual meaning and symbolism. Keep reading to learn more about the spiritual role of feathers and the symbolism of this particular feather.

The Role of Feathers in Spirituality

Feathers have been known and cherished for their spiritual symbolism of freedom and positive changes for centuries. In fact, they represent our ability to go with the flow of life — even when things don’t necessarily follow our plans. The feather reminds us that life is always working with us, and we are resilient and adaptable enough to trust the process and accept change as a positive thing.

A closeup of golden eagle feathers

Brown and white feathers, in particular, hold deep spiritual symbolism that reminds us to ground ourselves in the present moment.

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Many people utilize feathers as a spiritual tool. In fact, in shamanism, feathers are known to protect individuals and bring clarity to them during different practices. Used in rituals, ceremonies, and spiritual healing sessions, feathers help us connect with the spiritual realm in shamanism, embodying our connection to the divine. 

Additionally, many Native Americans viewed feathers as signs of wisdom, strength, and our connection to “The Creator.” In particular, they believed feathers embodied the connection between the bird the feather came from, its creator, and the new owner of the feather (in other words, the person who found the feather). 

That being said, if you find a feather on your daily path, you can take it as a sign you’re being divinely guided and protected.

Symbolism of Brown and White Feathers

While feathers as a whole represent freedom, clarity, spirituality, and wisdom, brown and white feathers possess their own unique meanings as well. If you’ve recently found a brown and white feather, consider these various interpretations and how they might relate to you.

set of different feathers isolated on white background

Brown and white feathers merge the energies of both white and brown, which leads to highly spiritual symbolism.

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The brown and white feather is often a sign of strength and resilience, especially during difficult times. If you’ve been experiencing trying times and have found a brown and white feather, consider interpreting it as a sign that you’re strong enough to get through this. The other side of these obstacles is a lot brighter than your current reality, so hang in there and know better times are coming.


Brown and white feathers also symbolize courage and bravery. Remember that fear is not a sign of weakness; you can feel afraid and still choose to be brave. Courage is achieved when we feel the fear and do the hard thing anyway, pushing through our discomfort. Finding this feather might be a reminder to face your fears and push past any resistance you’ve been feeling.


Have you been battling insecurity lately? We’ve all been there, and cultivating confidence can feel impossible at times. The brown and white feather encourages us to find our self-confidence and pursue life as the best versions of ourselves. Confidence is something we gift ourselves, not something we get from others. Consider the ways you’re giving your power away or tearing yourself down, and forge a new path that encourages self-love and compassion. 

Improved Communication

Brown and white feathers remind us of the importance of communication. While it might seem simple, being honest, open, and vulnerable with those people in our lives can be intimidating. As a result, miscommunications happen, and we create harmful, false narratives to fill the silence. If you’ve found a brown and white feather recently, consider the areas of your life where you’re holding back from speaking your truth. Are you experiencing resentment, tension, or conflict with someone? Consider being honest with them about your feelings, expressing compassion to both them and yourself.

Financial Abundance

Finding a brown and white feather often means you’ll be experiencing financial success in the near future. If money has been a point of contention for you lately, trust your finances will improve. This feather brings good luck, fortune, and stability with it, meaning you won’t have to worry about staying afloat financially.


The brown and white feather is an extremely grounding feather, embodying the energies of the color white (purity and innocence) and brown (dependability and strength). Merging these energies creates an overall grounding energy that reminds us of our inherent worth and resilience. 

Birds with Brown and White Feathers

Here are some common birds with brown feathers and white feathers — and their spiritual and cultural symbolism:

  • Little bunting: This small, beautiful bird symbolizes hope, change, and renewal.
  • Brown creeper: The brown creeper is a small songbird that reminds us to seek life’s hidden treasures.
  • Skylark: This passerine bird boasts of gorgeous brown and white feathers and is associated with joy and freedom. 
  • Brown thrasher: Often called the brown thrush or fox-colored thrush, this bird represents good luck, fortune, protection, and strength. 
  • Killdeer: Similar to the brown thrasher, this large plover embodies new beginnings and good luck.
  • White-throated sparrow: This sparrow reflects the importance of self-confidence and self-worth, encouraging us to focus on our positive qualities.

Signs and Messages from Spirit Guides

As mentioned earlier, feathers often serve as signs and messages from our spirit guides. Here are some specific interpretations of a brown and white feather.

Success, Women, Confidence, Winning, One Woman Only

If you catch a brown and white feather, believe that you are about to achieve great success — just don’t give up.


Don’t Give Up 

Finding a brown and white feather might be a sign from your spirit guides that you must keep going. Even if you feel like giving up — as though you can’t continue down this path any longer — you have the strength to persevere. This might mean shifting perspectives, trying something new, or utilizing resources to support you on your journey. Regardless, don’t give up on yourself and your happiness.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Fear can hold us back from pursuing what excites us or is good for us. The brown and white feather symbolizes courage and can be a sign to do something that scares you. The more often you leave your comfort zone, the less you will fear change and new experiences. It’s okay to start slow. Your comfort zone might be smaller than others’ comfort zones, but you’re not in competition with anyone else. Focus on yourself only.

Be Honest — With Yourself and Others

Because of its representation of communication, the brown and white feather might be a message from your spirit guides that you need to speak up and practice authentic communication with those around you. Even if it feels uncomfortable, you can’t go wrong by being honest.

Ground Yourself in the Present Moment

Grounding is extremely important to our mental health. If we are constantly stuck in the past, trapped in our minds, or lost in the future, we can miss out on the treasures the present moment has to offer us. Find ways to ground yourself, whether through meditation, sitting in nature, or just being mindful of and intentional with your words and actions.

The brown and white feather is a positive symbol with deep spiritual meanings and positive associations. If you find a brown and white feather in your waking life or even in your dreams, consider the messages outlined above and decide which ones apply to you and your current situation.

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