The 6 States That Produce the Most Maple Syrup

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: February 21, 2024
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Extracted from sugar maple trees, maple syrup has a distinct sweetness reminiscent of toffee and caramel. It’s often incorporated into breakfast foods like waffles and pancakes but it’s a versatile sweetener you can use in savory meals, too. Do you want to know which states to thank for the rich, decadent syrup that sweetens up your life? Discover the six states that produce the most maple syrup!

1. Vermont – 2,045,000 Gallons

Vermont is known for its fall foliage but it’s also a major producer of maple syrup.

© C Louis Creations/ via Getty Images

Known as The Green Mountain State, Vermont offers incredible sights year-round, especially during the fall when the foliage changes. It’s known for its craft beer and its cheese, but it also has something sweet up its sleeve. According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), it is by far the top producer of maple syrup in the country.

In 2010, Vermont produced 890,000 gallons of maple syrup. It more than doubled its production in 2019 with 2,070,000 gallons and kept it steady in 2020 with 2,220,000 gallons. Production dropped slightly in 2021 to 1,750,000 gallons. In 2022, it shot right back up again to 2,554,000 gallons. In 2023, Vermont produced a total of 2,045,000 gallons of maple syrup.

2. New York – 750,000 Gallons

New York Flatiron building

New York doesn’t just get to boast about NYC, it’s also the second-highest producer of maple syrup in the country.

©AlessandroColle/iStock via Getty Images

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of New York is probably New York City. It’s where you find Times Square, 5th Avenue, and the Empire State Building. But the state of New York is more than just NYC. It’s the second-highest producer of maple syrup in the US.

In 2010, New York produced 312,000 gallons of maple syrup. Ten years later in 2020, maple syrup production increased to 804,000. That wasn’t their highest production year, however. In 2022, New York produced 815,000 gallons of maple syrup. In 2023, that number dropped to 750,000 gallons.

3. Maine – 470,000 Gallons

Pepperrell Cove aerial view in fall on Piscataqua River at Portsmouth Harbor in Kittery Point, town of Kittery, Maine ME, USA.

Maine’s got lobster and blueberries, but it’s also a proud producer of maple syrup.

©Wangkun Jia/

An outdoorsman‘s dream, Maine offers gorgeous landscapes and stunning coastlines. Visitors have to try the chowder, lobster, and blueberries. But Maine also makes it on the list for being one of the top producers of maple syrup.

In 2010, Maine produced 310,000 gallons of maple syrup. Numbers kept rising over the years and in 2022, they hit their highest production rate at 634,000 gallons. In 2023, Maine produced 470,000 gallons of maple syrup.

4. Wisconsin – 402,000 Gallons

Beautiful Winter Hike at Devil's Lake in Wisconsin

Wisconsinites are affectionately known as cheeseheads, but they also have quite the sweet tooth.

©Jeremy Janus/iStock via Getty Images

It’s the state where you pair cheese curds with butter burgers and beer with cheese soup. Their top sweets include cream puffs and maple syrup. Wisconsin makes it fourth on the list of highest maple syrup producers in the US.

In 2010, they started with 117,000 gallons, and 10 years later in 2020, they produced 265,000 gallons. In 2021, that number increased by 100,000 and they closed out the year having produced 365,000 gallons of maple syrup. In 2022, that number was 443,000 and in 2023, Wisconsin produced 402,000 gallons of maple syrup.

5. Michigan – 195,000 Gallons

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Michigan stays busy, producing apples, cereal, and maple syrup each year.

©DJ Adamz/

The state of Michigan is bordered by four out of the five Great Lakes, offering residents and tourists access to tons of beaches. Residents credit the state for the Coney Island hotdog and for some of the best apples you can find. It’s also a top producer of cereal and makes it to the number five spot on the list of maple syrup production.

In 2010, it started humbly with 82,000 gallons of maple syrup, and by 2019, the state produced 195,000 gallons. Production remained steady over the years and in 2022, Michigan produced 188,000 gallons of maple syrup. In 2023, the state matched the production of 2019 with 195,000 gallons.

6. Pennsylvania – 178,000

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA skyline from the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.

It’s a dreamy state where you can enjoy both sweet and savory foods.

©Sean Pavone/iStock via Getty Images

You can’t talk about Pennsylvania without talking about a delicious cheesesteak. But Pennsylvania doesn’t just stick with savory foods, it’s also a top producer of maple syrup. In 2010, the state produced 54,000 gallons of maple syrup and by 2020, they had more than doubled that number and closed out the year with 169,000 gallons of maple syrup. In 2022, they had a slight dip in production with a total of 155,000 gallons and in 2023, they more than made up for it and reached a total of 178,000 gallons of maple syrup.

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