The Top 8 Loudest Stadiums in the World

view of the lumen stadium during a soccer game
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Published: December 9, 2023

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If you have ever been to an NFL game or an English Premier League match, then you probably know how loud it can get.

The noise rate at these stadiums can get to a ridiculously high level. Amazingly, it can get so loud that some visiting teams will practice in a similar environment to prepare for their games in these stadiums.

Arrowhead Stadium is the loudest stadium in the world.

We are here to present the eight loudest stadiums in the world while discussing some records the fans set while at an event. Furthermore, we will detail some of the teams that play at these stadiums and how their success factors into the loudness of the stadiums.

8. U.S. Bank Stadium

U.S. Bank Stadium

The Minnesota Vikings enjoy a great home-field advantage thanks to the great environment at U.S. Bank Stadium.

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U.S. Bank Stadium is a tough place for anyone to play, mainly due to the strong noise emitted by the fans.

The Minnesota Vikings have called U.S. Bank Stadium their home since 2016. Ultimately, it has provided an amazing environment for the Vikings where they have gone 39-18 at the stadium since it opened. The Vikings have thrived partly because of how loud their fans can get.

It actually reached 120.1 decibels at one point during a game. Significantly, the fans have had plenty to cheer for as the Vikings have been moderately successful since the stadium opened, with three division titles in six seasons. The Vikings also hosted a Divisional Round playoff game in 2018 against the New Orleans Saints in what is known as “The Minneapolis Miracle,” a game where the Vikings won on a last-second pass to Stefon Diggs to secure a victory, as well as a trip to the NFC Championship Game. Additionally, they also hosted a Wildcard Round playoff game against the New York Giants in 2023. There have been plenty of chances for the fans to get loud about their favorite team.

7. Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin

The Green Bay Packers enjoy a great home-field advantage because of the loud and passionate fans who come out to cheer them.

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Lambeau Field produced such a great home-field advantage for the Packers that they defeated divisional rival Detroit Lions for 24 straight home games from 1992 to 2014.

The most historic stadium on our list remains one of the loudest in all of sports. Yes, we are talking about the “Frozen Tundra,” otherwise known as Lambeau Field. Lambeau Field opened on September 29, 1957, and has been hosting the Packers’ home games since. Substantially, this stadium has seen multiple home playoff games as well.

The last two decades have been excellent for the Packers, with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers leading the Packers to championships. Thus, it has given the fans at Lambeau plenty of reasons to cheer.

The Packers have hosted the NFC Championship game several times through the years, including a 2021 clash with the eventual Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers that saw their stadium reach a whopping 123 decibels in crowd noise. Overall, you cannot have a list of loud stadiums without mentioning the most timeless stadium in sports. Lambeau Field remains one of the loudest stadiums in the world.

6. Celtic Park (Scotland)

Celtic Park is the loudest stadium in Scotland and the best place to watch the Celtic Football Club.

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The environment at Celtic Park is second to none when it comes to showcasing how loud and rowdy Celtic F.C. fans can get.

The Celtic Football Club has played its games at Celtic Park since 1892, and it is probably the oldest stadium on this list. Regardless, the noise levels can get to a ridiculously high level. The stadium fits 60,411 people in the stadium. Furthermore, the fans can become rowdy and aggressive, all in support of their favorite team.

The Celtic F.C. certainly give the fans a reason to cheer as they have won their division in 11 of 12 seasons. Additionally, they are the defending Scottish Cup champions and have won the cup in 5 of 7 seasons. The fans continue to cheer for their favorite football club at extremely high levels. Thus, it is not just the loudest stadium in Scotland but one of the loudest stadiums in the world.

5. Mercedes Benz Superdome

Caesars Superdome

When the New Orleans Saints made their lone Super Bowl run, they established a reputation for home-field advantage thanks to the fans and their ability to get loud.

©Loco Steve / CC BY 2.0 - Original / License

The Superdome provides endless sounds during Saints’ games.

The legend of the Mercedez Benz Superdome began right after Hurricane Katrina damaged much of New Orleans in 2005. Unfortunately, the damage made the Superdome unplayable for an entire season, causing rumors of the Saints leaving. But the Saints announced they would return to the stadium in the following season. From that point on, something incredible happened.

The city of New Orleans welcomed back the Saints with joy. Somehow, the stadium had not gotten the recognition it deserved since it opened in 1975. But when the Saints returned to this stadium for the first time since Hurricane Katrina unleashed its wrath on the city, the fans erupted in joy, with the decibels reaching 130.

The Saints have rewarded their passionate fans with prolonged moderate success, with the team winning the Super Bowl in 2010. Additionally, they have hosted multiple playoff games over the years. The Superdome continues to get loud during Saints’ games and is one of the loudest stadiums in the world.

4. Anfield

Sports, Athlete, People Concept. Anfield,Liverpool,UK

Liverpool matches are always an event to see, especially when playing rivals like Everton or Manchester United.

©Poh Smith/

It will always be difficult to hear anything when surrounded by the fans in Liverpool.

The Liverpool Football Club have played their home games at Anfield since 1892. Ultimately, the fans are passionate and wild about their favorite football club. There will never be a greater moment than the Champions’ League semifinals between Liverpool and Chelsea in 2005 when the crowd decibels got to 130.

The fans also get loud when singing sweet tunes like “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and just having a great time. Ultimately, it is the loudest stadium in England and one of the loudest in the world.

3. Lumen Field

Lumen Field

Lumen Field has been setting decibel records for the last 20 years, especially during the championship runs by the Seattle Seahawks.

©Ken Lund / CC BY-SA 2.0 - Original / License

The crowd at Lumen Field is always rambunctious and makes things loud and difficult for opponents.

If you have ever gone to a Seattle Seahawks game at Lumen Field, you have probably felt the energy of the fans. Amazingly, there were several instances where the fans shattered decibel records. The first instances of insane crowd noise occurred during the 2010 NFC Wildcard playoffs when Marshawn Lynch broke off a 67-yard touchdown to put the Hawks ahead in a game they would eventually win.

Another memorable moment happened in 2013 during a home game against the San Francisco 49ers, where the crowd broke the Guinness World Record with a noise level of 136.6 decibels. Then, they did it again a season later when the decibel levels hit 137.1. The Hawks have hosted a few playoff games over the last decade and won a Super Bowl. Thus, Lumen Field continues to be one of the loudest stadiums in the world.

2. Tiger Stadium

View of the West side of Tiger Stadium. Louisiana–Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns vs LSU Tigers, September 2, 2006.

It gets rowdy in Louisiana when the LSU Tigers play, as the noise gets higher during each game.

©Cmire4 at English Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 3.0 - Original / License

The stadium fits approximately 102,000 people who come out every weekend to support the Tigers.

Saturdays in Louisiana are for the fans, especially the ones at LSU. Yes, the raucous fans at Tiger Stadium can make the stadium get loud. Nothing will compare to a showdown with Florida in 2007 when the crowd got the noise level to 130 decibels.

It is probably the loudest stadium in college football and one of the loudest in the world. Consequently, it is not the best place to have a phone call, especially when the Tigers start scoring touchdowns.

1. Arrowhead Stadium

Arrowhead Stadium

Arrowhead Stadium broke the Guinness World Record for the loudest stadium, going off with an amazing 142.2 decibels during a 41-14 Chiefs win over the New England Patriots.

©Harmony / CC BY-ND 2.0 - Original / License

Arrowhead has always been loud but has been even louder since they became contenders, with Patrick Mahomes leading the way.

It is the largest stadium in Missouri, with an estimated 76,417 fans filing in to watch the Kansas City Chiefs play their home games. Amazingly, nothing will compare to the day when the fans at Arrowhead Stadium broke the decibel record for crowd noise at a whopping 142.2 decibels.

The Chiefs have been very successful over the last seven years, ultimately helping the environment get rowdy. Significantly, the Chiefs are 45-14 in home games since 2016. The crowd noise pumps the Chiefs up and hinders opponents from hearing their play calls. Furthermore, they have hosted the last five AFC Championship games at Arrowhead, winning three of them. The passionate fans have certainly given them a lift and have made this the loudest stadium in the world.

Summary of the 8 Loudest Stadiums in the World

1Arrowhead Stadium142.2
2Tiger Stadium130
3Lumen Field137.1
5Mercedes Benz Superdome130
6Celtic ParkNot Listed
7Lambeau Field123
8U.S. Bank Stadium120.1

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