The Top 7 States That Produce the Most Dairy

Written by Erin Whitten
Updated: October 18, 2023
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In the United States, dairy stands as a pivotal sector, influencing everything from our economy to our daily meals. Certain states, through a mix of tradition, innovation, and sheer scale, have emerged as colossal pillars of this industry. While most of us are familiar with our daily milk, cheese, or yogurt, not everyone is aware of the journey behind each dairy product or the regions that are the powerhouses of production. Gaining an understanding of which states dominate the dairy landscape offers insights into American agriculture, trade patterns, and consumption habits. So, if you’ve ever been curious about the origins of your dairy or the states that truly churn the wheels of this industry, you’re in for a treat. Here, we unravel the top states that have milked their way to the forefront of America’s dairy scene.

#1 California – 41.8 Billion Pounds

While it may surprise many, California is a titan of the dairy industry.

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California is more than just Silicon Valley and Hollywood Hills. It wears a crown many might not immediately recognize: that of a dairy titan. Situated at the core of this industry is the Central Valley. With vast stretches of land perfect for grazing, its geographical advantages aren’t just about space. The temperate climate combined with nutrient-abundant soil ensures that cows receive optimum nutrition year-round, translating to higher-quality dairy.

The true distinction lies in the marriage of tradition and innovation. Farmers in this region are not just caretakers of an age-old industry; they’re pioneers. By weaving in sustainable practices, they’ve reshaped dairy farming. Water conservation, waste recycling, and reducing the carbon footprint are just a few facets of their holistic approach. This is also linked to the state’s economy, creating jobs spanning from farming to processing to retail. Even further boosting the state’s dairy prominence, establishments like UC Davis lead with groundbreaking research, fostering innovation and setting global standards.

#2 Wisconsin – 31.9 Billion Pounds

Holstein dairy cows on the Dunnum Family Farm.

Wisconsin is synonymous with cheese, particularly its world-renowned cheddar.

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Known as “America’s Dairyland”, Wisconsin firmly holds its title. It’s not just a nickname on a license plate; it’s a testament to the state’s rich dairy legacy. The state’s unique combination of glaciated soils and temperate climate create optimal conditions for dairy farming. Wisconsin’s strength doesn’t merely lie in its geography; it’s in its heritage. Generations of farmers have passed down knowledge, making Wisconsin synonymous with cheese, particularly its world-renowned cheddar.

Couple this with cutting-edge research from institutions like the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and you have a state that respects its past while constantly pushing boundaries. Their industry reach extends beyond milk and cheese. With renowned creameries and innovative dairy startups, Wisconsin is a place where tradition and innovation coincide, ensuring a bright future.

#3 Idaho – 16.6 Billion Pounds

The calm Kootenay River near Bonners Ferry Idaho.

With its studies on feed optimization and water conservation, Idaho is a dairy leader in the U.S.

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Beyond its fame for producing top-tier potatoes, Idaho emerges as a dairy leader in the United States. Its flat plains and vast stretches of agricultural lands have been harnessed for more than just spuds. Magic Valley, in particular, stands out as the epicenter of this dairy boom. Blessed with an optimal combination of soil, water availability, and climate, this region has become a hotspot for dairy farmers.

With ongoing studies on feed optimization and water conservation, Idaho is positioning itself at the forefront of innovation. This commitment is not just in their impressive milk production figures but also in the quality and variety of dairy products emerging from the state, from creamy cheeses to rich butters. Idaho’s commitment to sustainable practices, from water conservation to methane reduction, reflects an industry that’s conscious of its footprint and its future.

#4 Texas – 16.5 Billion Pounds

Welcome to Texas sign on an open road

Farmers in Texas adopt innovative practices that optimize the health of cattle.

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Texas, widely recognized for its vast ranches, is marking its territory in the dairy sector. A major contributor to that is the Texas Panhandle and West Texas. These areas, with their expansive flat terrains, are becoming hotspots for dairy farming. This accommodates large-scale operations that contribute significantly to the state’s substantial milk output.

Texas’s rise in the dairy domain isn’t solely attributed to its size. The state’s farmers are adopting innovative practices, using cutting-edge technologies to boost efficiency and optimize cattle health. The state is harnessing technological advancements, such as employing automated milking systems and leveraging data-driven strategies to monitor and enhance cattle health.

#5 New York – 15.6 Billion Pounds

Newfield Covered Bridge In New York

The state of New York sees the production of over 15 billion pounds of dairy annually.


Behind the skyscrapers and hustle of New York City lies a state with deep-rooted agricultural traditions, particularly in dairy farming. New York’s dairy heritage is enriched by its fertile valleys and longstanding farming communities.

The landscapes of regions like the Finger Lakes and Western New York are dotted with dairy farms, from century-old family-run establishments to modern, large-scale operations. These farms aren’t merely producing vast quantities of milk but are focused on refining the quality. At the heart of this dairy evolution is research and development. Institutions like Cornell University are pushing boundaries in dairy science, breeding, and sustainable farming. This ensures that New York remains at the forefront of dairy innovation.

#6 Michigan – 11.7 Billion Pounds

Michigan Forest in Upper Peninsula of Michigan

In Michigan, natural resources play a pivotal role in fostering the dairy industry.

©Pat Downes/

Michigan, known for its lakes and forests, holds a less celebrated, but equally vital identity as a dairy powerhouse. The state’s natural resources play a pivotal role in fostering this industry. In regions like Central Michigan, the temperate climate and fertile soil create ideal conditions for dairy cattle to flourish.

The dairy influence in Michigan is beyond just farms. Small-town creameries and artisanal cheese makers showcase the state’s dairy richness, crafting products that often bag awards on national and international stages. At the academic forefront, Michigan State University plays a pivotal role. Renowned for its dairy research programs, it provides valuable insights into sustainable farming, cattle health, and innovations in product development. This combination of grassroots farming and academic acceleration ensures Michigan’s dairy industry remains vibrant and continues to grow.

#7 Minnesota – 10.5 Billion Pounds

View of Stillwater Minnesota, of an old mill, framed by autumn leaves

The state of Minnesota is full of family-run farms and large-scale dairy enterprises.

©Melissa Kopka/iStock via Getty Images

In the upper Midwest, Minnesota, famously referred to as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” also stands as a robust pillar in the American dairy industry. The state’s agriculture scene is a rich patchwork of family-run farms and large-scale dairy enterprises, each adding layers of depth to Minnesota’s dairy narrative.

The climate and terrain of Minnesota offer a nurturing environment for dairy farming. Particularly in the southern regions, where the fertile grounds and temperate weather conditions create a haven for raising healthy dairy herds. Furthering Minnesota’s domination is the educational and research backbone provided by institutions such as the University of Minnesota. Here, continuous research is underway, focusing on sustainable practices, cattle welfare, and product development. This research initiative ensures that Minnesota not only retains its rich dairy heritage but advances it, embracing new techniques and technologies to usher the industry into the future.

Summary of the States That Produce the Most Dairy

StateDairy Production in Pounds (2022)
#1California41.8 billion
#2Wisconsin31.9 billion
#3Idaho16.6 billion
#4Texas16.5 billion
#5New York15.6 billion
#6Michigan11.7 billion
#7Minnesota10.5 billion

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