These 31 Companies Give Back to the Environment

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Written by Nina Phillips

Published: November 27, 2023

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When you’re shopping, it’s hard to know which companies are looking out for you and are truly trying to give back to the environment, and which are only hoping to pad their pockets some more. With big megacorporations buying up companies that were aiming to be sustainable and green, it’s hard to even know the true face behind the company anymore.

This is one of the reasons it’s so important to shop small, and local whenever possible. These companies do their part to give back to the environment by supporting organizations and planting trees. When they can, many of the companies also work to give back to people and their local communities.

Check out this list of 31 companies below that give back to the environment. They’re a mix of clothing, household needs, plants, and more, to cover most of your shopping necessities (and guilty pleasures).

1. Dr. Bronner’s

Soap bubbles floating around kitchen sink while washing dish

Dr. Bronner’s is a company that produces soaps of all kinds.

©richwai777/iStock via Getty Images

This soap company has a multi-faceted approach to giving back. The company promotes fair trade and organic practices and give back to the farmers and makers in the group to give back to the environment. It also has an in-depth community program.

2. Tentree

Rows of Christmas trees

Support the environment and have cute clothes with Tentree.

©arlutz73/iStock via Getty Images

Tentree promotes slow fashion, instead of the classic and wasteful fast fashion. It also plants ten trees with every purchase.

3. One Happy Leaf

Flower of Life symbol pendant amulet with sun shining though hanging outdoors with lot of copy space. Good luck charm.

One Happy Leaf makes beautiful jewelry while supporting the environment.


Instead of using metals that harm the environment when mined, One Happy Leaf uses much more sustainable bamboo for every piece of jewelry. In addition, the company also plants a tree for every order placed.

4. Thrive Market

Food waste in iron bowl and female hands

This online food company helps you save money and give back to the environment and communities in need.

©Candle Photo/iStock via Getty Images

Thrive Market gives back to the community and the environment. For every box purchased, Thrive Market gives a box to someone in need. Thrive Market keeps everything sustainable, healthy, and organic and it repurposes items whenever possible.

5. Patagonia

The fabric is dark blue. Material background.

Patagonia focuses on sustainable fabrics.

©Olga Bocharnikova/

With every purchase, Patagonia makes sure to give back to the environment. Patagonia even started the program 1% for the Planet.

6. Soapbox

Sea moss and ingredients for skin care, including soap, and lotion.

Soapbox makes soaps, body washes, and sanitizers.

©Алексей Филатов

Each purchase from Soapbox assists the community or the environment in some way. The best part is that you can scan the unique Hope Code and see where your purchase went.

7. Ethique

Using baking soda Sodium bicarbonate and white vinegar for home cleaning. White vinegar in spray bottle and baking soda in glass jar.

If you need personal hygiene or household cleaning products the most, Ethique has your back.

©Helin Loik-Tomson/iStock via Getty Images

Ethique works with multiple partners to support the environment. With every purchase, it donates two percent of the sale to one of these charities.

8. GreenEcoDream

Candles, aroma salt and lavender on tub table

GreenEcoDream creates sustainable products for your bath and beauty.

©Tatyana Soares/

This company gives back to the 1% for the Planet group that Patagonia started. The company specifically makes an effort to clean up Miami Beach.

9. Conscious Step

Orange socks on an isolated white background

Pick your socks from Conscious Step based on what you want to support, or just what looks the cutest.


Not only does Conscious Step support the environment and the ocean, but it also protects LGBTQ+ rights, supports education, and pushes to end global food shortages.

10. Toms

Hiking on a Trail - Hiking Boots

The company known as Toms provides all sorts of shoes to fit everyone’s needs.


Toms is most well-known for its one-for-one model, where for every pair of shoes purchased, another is donated to someone in need. Toms also helps with various other community and environmental problems.

11. Ena Pelly

Fashionable Brunette Woman with Tattoo

Ena Pelly offers fashionable and simple clothing.

©AMSStudioAMS/ via Getty Images

This company donates to 1% for the Planet, Textile Exchange, and other groups to make sure it does its part and gives back to the environment. Ena Pelly also makes clothes more environmentally friendly, such as making faux fur from plastic bottles.

12. Connected Clothing Company

fingers number two, 2. II

All of Connected Clothing Company’s clothes come from plant-based materials.


At the Connected Clothing Company, 10% of the profits go back to various environmental organizations.

13. Article 22

jewel handmade bracelet with semipreciouse stones and earrings with black semiprecious gem jet at black background

You won’t find jewelry anywhere else that matches what Article 22 makes.


Article 22’s goal is to create beauty from things of destruction. By using bombs and funding the demining process, every one of the bracelets helps to demine three square meters or almost ten square feet of land.

14. The Tote Project

Woman standing with shopping bag, low section

Beautiful totes that give back are what The Tote Project is known for.

©Leonard Mc Lane/DigitalVision via Getty Images

At The Tote Project, 20% of all profits are given to Two Wings. It also helps to support people who are victims of modern-day slavery. Though it doesn’t help the environment directly, helping these communities and selling reusable tote bags does support the larger goal.

15. Guru Sandals

Center frame: Avery simple pair of rope and wooden sandals against a wooden background. The sandals resemble ancient flip-flops, with a loop of string attached to the wooden sole at the top for the toes to grasp, with one upside down V shape of rope attached at the heel end of the wooden sole on theft and the right. All natural colors.

The company Guru Sandals makes a unique line of shoes meant to be similar to those worn by Gandhi.

©Noppakit 77/

For every pair of shoes bought, Guru Sandals plants a tree. It also harvests all rubber by hand from local and family-owned farms to reduce the amount of synthetic rubber and harmful farming practices used throughout the world.

16. Ten Thousand Villages

n the room on the table there is a vase in which there are garden rose sprouts. Nearby are garden tools and a pot. From a series of photos about plant breeding, seedlings and plant propagation.

No matter what kind of decoration you want, Ten Thousand Villages is sure to have something.

©Kokhan O/

Ten Thousand Villages is a little unique. Instead of giving back, it works to promote opportunities for people to make art and support the environment.

17. Sugar Cane Straw

Colorful beverage with two black straws and with ice/condensation isolated against white background.

Straws are often seen as bad, but many people need them for mobility assistance.

©Zenith Pictures/

Want to do your part to help the environment, without giving up straws? Sugarcane Straws don’t necessarily directly give back to the environment. However, the company provides straws that are sturdier than paper or pasta, and still good for the environment. Plus, Sugarcane Straws use materials that would otherwise be wasted.

18. Nisolo

Old broken shoes of a little boy as a symbol for child poverty

Have old shoes? Donate them to Nisolo for credit and to help others.

©Ralf Geithe/

Nisolo has an ongoing partnership known as Soles4Soles. This organization helps to provide shoes and clothes to people in need throughout the world. It also serves a dual purpose of helping keep clothes out of landfills.

19. Prosperity Candle

Two flames burning in dark . Two heart shaped red candles on black background

Poorly made candles can destroy habitats and cause oil spills.


When you choose Prosperity Candle’s candles, you are supporting the environment with more friendly wax products. You’re also supporting refugees and people in poor living situations in the US.

20. By Humankind

spa, resort, beauty and health concept - beautiful woman in spa salon getting face treatment

Many beauty products come in single-use plastic containers.

©Ground Picture/

By Humankind is a company that works to help the environment by using zero-waste care products. The containers are refilled, instead of bought. It also does as much as it can to offset shipping issues to give back to the environment.

21. Out of Print

The bookstore at Oxford Exchange

If you love reading and accessories related to that hobby, you need to check out Out of Print.

©Oxfordexchange / Wikimedia Commons - Original / License

Out of print focuses on making cute accessories and products for book lovers. It then takes the profits and uses them to help donate books and education tools to local communities. This saves books that would otherwise be tossed and helps to educate children so they can make better decisions about the environment.

22. Lemlem


Supermodel Liya Kebede fell in love with the weaving traditions in India and made efforts to support those designs.


By funding women in Ethiopia to follow traditional weaving practices, Lemlem supports economic growth in the area. With a more stable economic situation, people can focus on better environmental practices.

23. Proud Pour

Silhouette of a glass of red wine and wine bottle at sunset with Virginia mountains in the background.

You don’t have to give up your favorite wine with Proud Pour.


Proud Pour helps the local environment. The company has helped restore over 11 million oysters and 68 acres of bee habitat, amongst other impressive achievements.

24. Love Goodly

Makeup artist applies applies powder and blush . Beautiful woman face. Hand of make-up master puts blush on cheeks beauty model girl . Make up in process

Get your beauty products and a few snacks with Love Goodly.

©Sofia Zhuravetc/

Love Goodly works with various charities. The charity changes up every month, so sometimes you’re supporting the environment, and sometimes you’re supporting communities.

25. Flora Animalia

Autumn view under the stone bridge at Norfolk Botanical Gardens

Flora Animalia offers some of the cutest and most environmentally-friendly garden and loungewear available.

©Anne Katherine Jones/

All the clothes that Flora Animalia makes are made to be stylish and comfortable. The company also proudly supports Mercy for Animals and Sea Shepherd, both of which aim to help wildlife and habitats and give back to the environment.

26. Stripe & Stare

Mannequin wearing bra and panties, close-up

©Hitoshi Nishimura/The Image Bank via Getty Images

The underwear from Stripe & Stare is not only comfortable and cute, but 95 percent biodegradable. This underwear company also works with Ecologi to plant a tree every order to give back to the environment. In addition to Ecologi, it works with Tencel, PEFC, and GOTS amongst other groups to stay sustainable.

27. Pura Vida Bracelets

Garnet braslet accessory, beautiful, decoration

The bracelets the Pura Vida company provides are simple but have a lot of importance.

©Aleksey Konstantinovich/

With Pura Vida’s help, more than 800 artisans in various countries have a great working environment and steady income. The company also donates to various charities.

28. Who Gives a Crap

a cute chihuahua playing in a roll of toilet paper

Don’t just buy any toilet paper, buy from Who Gives a Crap.

©Annette Shaff/

Who Gives a Crap donates towards improving sewage systems and building toilets. This helps people but also prevents contaminants from entering the environment.

29. Wolven Threads

Side view of happy man in casual clothes cuddling and caressing majestic Great Dane hound while standing on sandy beach in summer evening

Want clothes to wear to the beach that also helps the environment? Then you need to check out Wolven Threads.

© Zotov

Wolven Threads makes all of its clothes with recycled plastics. The company uses climate-neutral practices during the production and shipping process. Wolven Threads is part of 1% for the Planet and donate one percent of its annual sales back to the environment.

30. Mental Houseplants

Tropical 'Philodendron Hederaceum Micans' houseplant with heart shaped leaves with velvet texture in gray flower pot on coffee table

Want some cute houseplants? Mental Houseplants does its part for the community and people with every purchase.


A lot of Mental Houseplant’s focus is on mental health and spreading awareness, but it supports the environment as well with more sustainable packaging. The company also hopes that down the line, happier and healthier people will do more for the environment.

31. Cotopaxi

Two dogs and woman take in the views of a fall/winter hike.

Cotopaxi is a company known for its outdoor gear.

©Sarah Feaster - Original / License

With a tagline “Gear for good,” is there any surprise that Cotopaxi gives back? Cotopaxi helps to fund education, support communities going through crisis, and make gear that doesn’t have to be tossed into the landfill shortly down the line.

Summary Table of Companies That Give Back

List NumberCompanyWhat They Sell
1Dr. Bronner’sSoap
2TenTreeSlow fashion clothing
3One Happy LeafJewelry from bamboo
4Thrive MarketFood
5PatagoniaOutdoor clothing
6SoapboxSoaps and hand sanitizers
8GreenEcoDreamBath and beauty products
9Conscious StepSocks
11Ena PellySimple clothing
12Connected Clothing CompanyClothes
13Article 22Jewelry from old landmines
14The Tote ProjectTotes
15Guru SandalsSandals
16Ten Thousand VillagesVarious clothing and artwork
17Sugar Cane StrawsMore environmentally-friendly straws
19Prosperity CandleCandles
20By HumankindBeauty products
21Out of PrintBook-based accessories
22LemLemEthiopian-woven clothing
23Proud PourWine
24Love GoodlyBeauty and facial care
25Flora AnimaliaGarden and classic clothing
26Stripe & StareUnderwear and pajamas
27Pura Vida BraceletsBracelets
28Who Gives a CrapToilet paper
29Wolven ThreadsActivewear and beachwear
30Mental HouseplantsPlants
31CotopaxiOutdoor Gear

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