This Lab’s Loyalty to a Man in the Hospital Is the Internet’s Most Heartwarming Story

Written by Amanda Martinotti

Published: December 8, 2023

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Smiling labrador dog in the city park portrait. Smiling and looking up, looking away
© sanjagrujic/

The sweet lab in the video below shows unwavering loyalty to this man who was sent to the hospital. It is so obvious that this is the internet’s most heartwarming story. A man was admitted to the hospital after he had been complaining of chest pains.

The man in the hospital lives an active, and healthy lifestyle. He often would train to run in NYC marathons. When he began to notice the pressure in his chest he decided to go to the ER. He was also concerned about his heart due to his family’s history of cardiac issues.

The prognosis showed that he has a life-threatening condition called cardiomyopathy, a condition in which the heart works harder than normal usually due to a blockage.

Thankfully, this man will be able to continue his life with a few healthy modifications to prevent his condition from becoming another hospital stay.

labs loyalty to a man

Magnus, a labrador retriever showed the internet his devotion to his owner in the video below.

©Chalabala/iStock via Getty Images

Watch the Heart Melting Instagram Video Below

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©Protasov AN/

Where Do Labrador Retrievers Live?

Originally Labradors lived in Newfoundland. It wasn’t until the 1800s that they began to show up in Britain and Europe. In modern times, you can find labs all over the world!

How Many Labrador Retrievers Are Left in the World?

At this time there are 1.5 billion labs roaming the earth! With proper breeding techniques, this number can get even higher. 

Is It Normal Behavior for a Labrador Retriever to Stay By His Owner’s Side in the Hospital?

Usually, labrador retrievers are very friendly and are bred to be active companion dogs. It is easy to see that the canine’s miraculous behavior is influenced by his genetics and the connection he has to his owner. Labs are often perceived to be very loving towards humans and even other animals.

labs loyalty to man

Labs are often perceived to be very loving towards humans, and even other animals.

©Zheka-Boss/iStock via Getty Images

Golden Retrievers vs. Labs: How Are They Different?

While both breeds of retrievers are known to be fun-loving and friendly, distinctive traits separate the two breeds as well. For example, labs weigh more than gold. Another difference is that golden retrievers are slimmer and streamlined, giving them a smoother appearance compared to their burly, muscular labrador cousins.

What Do Labradors Usually Eat?

Labradors are muscular, thick-skinned canines. Their high-energy and athletic physique requires that they eat a diet that is high in protein. A diet with good-quality protein, such as duck, chicken, or lamb, is highly recommended. Plus, you will want to add dog-safe ingredients such as vegetables and fruits, which help provide necessary fibre for labs.

How Big Do Labrador Retrievers Get?

On average, female labs can grow to weigh around 80 lbs for males and 70 lbs for females. If they are mixed with another breed, they can grow to weigh close to 100 lbs. 

Images of Labrador Retrievers

It is no doubt with the disposition of this breed, and their love for owner that you can see this lab’s loyalty to a man in the hospital.

labs loyalty to a man

Labradors love attention from people! Look at that smile!

©4 PM production/

Fox red Labrador puppy, looking at the camera

A 7-week-old male dark golden Labrador Retriever puppy.

©Caroline Anderson/iStock via Getty Images

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