Watch A Bobcat Work Hard To Sneak Up On Its Own Reflection

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: September 16, 2022
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Have you ever held your pet up to a mirror to see their reaction? A lot of the time, they don’t seem to be shocked at all. Sometimes, cats, dogs, and other furry friends will play with or attack their reflection, thinking it’s another animal. But what happens when a bobcat sees a mirror in the wild? 

A trail cam shows a giant mirror placed in the woods which effortlessly reflects the surrounding area. An unassuming bobcat has no idea what he’s walking towards. Bobcats in the wild spend the majority of their time hunting in low light. It appears the feline in this video may be looking for breakfast. 

The animals often awaken three hours before sunset, sleep until midnight, and then awaken again an hour or so before daybreak. The pattern continues when the cats go back to sleep in the early morning.

Bobcats typically consume rats, birds, bunnies, and other relatively small animals. The cats, though, are also very skilled at catching adult white-tailed deer. They frequently hunt fawns, but they have also been known to kill adults, which may weigh up to 250 pounds. 

In this footage, we see a curious cat approach a mirror in the woods. He looks like he’s about to pounce as the feline slowly walks closer.

Although the video is relatively uneventful, it’s still interesting to watch. One might expect a bobcat to pounce at his reflection or even tear down the entire mirror. None of that happens. In fact, the intelligent creature decides to move on after realizing that what he sees isn’t a threat. 

Curiosity and a Cat

The presence of a healthy amount of curiosity suggests some intelligence in bobcats. A bobcat can also be sullen or disinterested at times, which may be a sign that the species acts most proactively in response to hunger. 

Bobcats may move quickly over short distances, although they often walk instead. The cat often stalks its victim carefully until it is within jumping distance after seeing it. Another interesting fact about these cats is that they are expert tree climbers and won’t think twice before climbing a tree to hide from predators. 

They frequently do not stay long when they are treed by dogs at night; instead, they leap out at the first chance. They are more likely to spend more time in the tree if they are trapped during the day. Check out all of our interesting content about the beautiful animal below! 

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