Watch a Huge Gator Attack a Firepit and Deathroll to Escape

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: October 18, 2023
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An unexpected guest took advantage of a family’s vacant backyard at Sea Pines Resort in Hilton Head, South Carolina. A giant alligator made his way into their backyard when they were sheltering in place in their home due to coronavirus.

Locals refer to the alligator as “Big George” since he wandered out from his swamp and into the Lossada family’s home. The alligator didn’t visit their garden for a pleasant walk; instead, he came to wreak havoc.  

Check Out This Battle Between an Alligator and a Fire Pit!

The entire thing starts when Big George throws the family’s fire pit. It shatters objects on the neighboring table, toppling their outdoor furniture, and slamming his tail against the sliding glass door.

Because his and his family’s house is surrounded by marshes, Fernando Lossada says witnessing an alligator is not unusual. Lossada was at work when his mother, who was at the residence with his three children, called him in a panic. He raced home after hearing his mother exclaim “Alligator!” followed by screams.

Alligator in Lake

Most alligators avoid humans, but they can become aggressive if threatened.


Once everyone was home, they called security to get help with the giant creature. Big George, who’s size is unknown, took four security guards to relocate out of their backyard and back into his lagoon. 

In the footage, you can see them spray the gator down with a hose. It appears George the Gator is enjoying the refreshing shower. It’s normal for alligators to go out of the area they call home and venture into yards during mating season

Experts use special catching tools to help wrangle Big George as the family watches from the sidelines. To not spook the gator, they must move extremely slowly before hooking a harness around his neck. 

Without giving any spoilers away, we’ll say, their initial attempt to capture Big George was unsuccessful. The video shows just how intimidating capturing a gator truly is. Another angle from inside the house shows the wild animal violently shaking his head back and forth with his mouth wide open. 

Once they have the catching contraption around his neck, Big George unsuccessfully attempts to get out of it by quickly rolling around on the ground. “As long as he doesn’t hurt anyone they just throw him back in the water.” Lossada goes on to say, “This is his home, and he isn’t causing any harm to anyone. All we have to do now is be cautious.” 

The father of three is using the experience to teach his children about the coronavirus pandemic, which kept them home from school. 

“Right now, this is a terrific thing for youngsters to learn,” he remarked. “See, this is what we were discussing, guys. Alligators are not to be approached.” See the jaw-dropping footage below that left us on the edge of our seats. 

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