Watch an Adult Grizzly Charge a Park Ranger in Yellowstone

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: March 27, 2023
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If ever you’re out at Yellowstone in Wyoming and you spot a grizzly, you better hope there’s a park ranger nearby.

This video is action-packed from the start. It’s taken from a paved road, and you can see the grizzly straight ahead, in front of trees lining the forest. The park ranger comes into the camera frame from the left and he can be seen telling cars coming in from the right to stop.

A black sedan makes its way across just before the park ranger is able to hold traffic coming in from the right. The drivers don’t know exactly what’s going on—they haven’t spotted the bear yet. The park ranger then turns and does the same for the other side of the road, holding his hand up in a stop motion, attempting to keep traffic from continuing.

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Another black sedan pulls off to the shoulder, just ahead of the people filming.

Roaring Grizzly Bear behind bush
Grizzly bears are unpredictable. They will not attack humans unless they are provoked or caught off guard.

©Scott E Read/

The grizzly notices when the park ranger turns his back, and it takes that opportunity to charge at him. You can hear surprised gasps behind the camera as the bear continues running toward the park ranger.

In the moment, it’s hard to see but the bear is running on only its two back feet and right arm. Its left paw remains lifted as if he has suffered some kind of injury. Despite this, it moves swiftly.

The park ranger, with his skills activated, acts quickly and retreats to his truck. The bear keeps running and stops just behind the park ranger’s truck. It stands up on its two hind legs and scans the crowd.

You can hear camera clicks in the background as the stunned onlookers take in the (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime event. The bear brings its arms down, keeping its left paw lifted and leaning on its right leg.

The park ranger emerges on the scene with a rifle pointed at the bear. He takes one shot, and it hits the bear on its right side. Not wanting to battle the park ranger, the grizzly begins to retreat into the woods, limping. It runs and disappears behind the trees as the park ranger lets out a few more warning shots.

You can hear a couple of explosions as the park ranger attempts to keep the bear away from the main road. It appears he uses bear bangers to ward off the bear and let traffic continue to flow. The video ends with one last explosion as the person behind the camera explains how bear bangers work.

Park ranger acts swiftly to scare off aggressive grizzly.

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