Watch an Intimidating Tiger Emerge from Complete Darkness on an Abandoned Road

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: October 21, 2023
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This must have been a shocking sight for the people recording the clip! In the footage below, we get to see a magnificent tiger making its way across a road in the darkness. It’s easy to see how it must have stopped the traffic – who would want to tackle an adult tiger? We also get to hear the enormous growl that this amazing animal can produce. Watch the full extraordinary footage of a tiger who has no regard for road safety!

Where Do Tigers Normally Live?

There are currently six recognized bioregions where tigers are living and breeding. These roughly correspond with the different sub-species. For example, the Indo-Chinese tiger (Panthera tigris corbetti) is found in Indo-China – north of the Malayan peninsula.

Tigers used to occupy a much greater range. Sadly, they have lost over 90 percent of their previous territories. This has been happening for 150 years but has accelerated sharply in recent decades.

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Tigers can cope with several different types of environments. Having said that, they tend to prefer areas where the vegetation is dense. Therefore, you will find them in and around both temperate and tropical forests. If they can, they would prefer to avoid human-dominated landscapes. Those that are found near a human settlement are usually either very young or very old. They may also be wounded or diseased.

Siberian Tiger eating meat

Tigers prefer to avoid human-dominated landscapes.

©Thorsten Spoerlein/

Why Do Tigers Roar?

Roars are just one of the sounds that a tiger is capable of making. They also moan, purr, grunt, and even meow.

Interestingly, tigers don’t roar that often. They save this method of communication for long-distance messages! They use it to draw attention to themselves and to let other tigers in the area know that they are there. This tiger may have been using it to let the road users know that it was ahead of them. Tigers also use a roar to announce a large kill and it can also be used during mating to attract a male or female.

The tiger’s roar is very loud and can be heard up to 1.8 miles away. We are not able to hear all of the tiger’s roar because it uses sound waves that are in the infrasonic range. Roars are also very distinctive, researchers who have been studying populations of tigers for some time, can distinguish an individual tiger just by their roar!

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