Watch This Female Lion’s Terrifying Roar as She Stands Up to Male Lion

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: September 28, 2023
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Annoyance in relationships exists in the wild too. In the video at the bottom of the page, a lioness is lounging, minding her business when a male lion approaches. Watch to see how quickly she reacts to the unwanted encroachment!

Why Do Female and Male Lions Fight?

Female and male lions may fight with one another for several reasons. Since the pride is hierarchical, each lion is constantly defending its position. Lionesses, in particular, fight with males if they are defending a weaker pride member. This could be an injured lion or a smaller lion, like one of her cubs. If they perceive a threat, they move into mama mode, quickly defending their young. Additionally, fights may erupt if there’s a scarcity of food sources or if a lion attempts to mate with a lioness who is not interested.

What is the Quality of Life for Lions in Captivity?

The quality of life for lions in captivity ranges depending on several factors. For instance, the facility that the lion is kept in determines the standard of care. This encompasses not just the size of enclosures, but also enrichment activities, a nutrient-dense diet, and the preservation of a lion’s social structures. In captivity, lions have access to veterinary care, which is not something that they can count on in the wild. This preserves the health of lions when living in captivity. For example, their lifespans extend up to age 22, which is much longer than their lifespans in the wild.

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Female Lion Rages and Roars

When the video below starts, a lioness is crouched down on the grass and a male lion is looking at her but leaning away, as if inspecting her mood. You can appreciate their large enclosure, the bright green grass, and the well-manicured green environment in the background, just outside their enclosure. The video is in slow motion, allowing you to take in the scene better.

The male lion looks behind him, takes a step, and then turns his attention back to the lioness who hasn’t moved from her crouched, seemingly relaxed position. The male lion suddenly turns its body toward her, stepping forward in a way that’s much too close for comfort for the lioness. Immediately, she responds with a loud roar, still from her crouched position. She puts both front paws down on the ground, ready to stand just as the male lion lifts a paw to swat at her. That’s a big mistake on the male lion’s side!

Watch the Tense Video Below!

Female lion has a deafening roar when male lion gets close.

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