Watch Two Gators Have a Total Brawl on a Golf Course

Written by Colby Maxwell
Updated: October 18, 2023
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Key Points:

  • A man is walking down the fairway when he notices two alligators close to 11 feet long near the edge of a pond locked in battle. Eventually, the smaller gator loses the fight and slinks off to the water.
  • Golf courses are hot spots for gators due to the well-maintained ponds often stocked with fish.
  • Florida has the second-most alligators of any U.S. state and these reptiles can be found virtually anywhere there is a large body of water.

Florida is known for two things: golf and gators. Funny enough, it seems that when you want to golf, you can’t help but see gators! The state of Florida has the second most alligators of any state in the country, and they can be found almost everywhere there is a substantial body of water. As one video clip shows, these wild reptiles sometimes clash with each other, and things like this happen!

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A video clip from a few years ago shows what the reality of golfing in Florida can sometimes look like. A man was walking down the fairway when he noticed some alligators near the edge of a pond having a bit of a tussle. For most people living in Florida, seeing an alligator isn’t all that uncommon. Even more, golf courses seem to be hot spots for the gators because of the well-maintained (and often fish-stocked) ponds. If you’re golfing in Florida during a warm part of the day, odds are you will see a gator sunning itself on the edge of one of the waterways.

Most of the time, they aren’t looking for any attention and are somewhat hidden from plain view — most of the time. As the video is about to show, alligators have a different and dangerous side to them. As the man filming approaches the scene, it becomes clear what is going on: two massive alligators are locked in battle in the middle of the fairway on the golf course!

American alligator chilling

Florida has the second-highest number of alligators out of all states in the U.S.

© Pearl Photography

Alligators can grow quite large, but most of the ones that people see around are shorter than a human. In this video, however, that most definitely isn’t the case. Both of the alligators locked in battle are close to 11 feet, making them certifiable monsters when seen up close.

In an impressive show of bravery, the man filming gets super close to the action in order to give us (the viewers) a good look. The gators are essentially locked in mortal combat as they bite, twist, and hope to tear the appendages off of the other one. Since they are so evenly sized, neither one wanted to give up!

two alligators

Alligators are frequently found on golf courses because of the well-maintained ponds.

©Danita Delimont/

As they continue to fight, the battle turns bloody and brutal. In fact, the fight was so intense that it knocked a tooth loose on one of the gators! The man, as he’s filming, picks up the tooth and decides to keep it as a souvenir.

Eventually, the fight wears on, and the smaller of the two gators loses and slinks off to the water. For a short second, you think that the smaller one is going to come back for a second round, but it was clearly hurt too badly to try anything like that.

What did you learn watching this video? Never look for your ball in the water if you are playing in Florida!

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The photo featured at the top of this post is © Danita Delimont/

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