What Kind of Dog Is Cannoli on ‘B Positive’? Breed Information, Pictures, and Facts

Written by Jaydee Williams
Updated: June 27, 2023
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B Positive is a TV series that first premiered in 2020 and ended in 2022. It’s a story about a father who needs a kidney and is recently divorced. During the show, he reunites with an old friend from high school who offers to donate hers. The sitcom is inspired by a true story and ran for two seasons and 34 episodes before being canceled. One of the characters on the show is Cannoli, a dog that is being trained by Gina. He’s cuddly, cute, and beloved by many of the show’s fans. If you fell in love with Cannoli from B Positive, you may be wondering what kind of dog he is.

Cannoli is an Old English sheepdog. When asked about the reasoning for choosing this breed, the co-showrunner explained that he grew up with a sheepdog. It was a bit nostalgic for him to be able to cast the breed as Cannoli on the show. 

Old English Sheepdog Breed Information

Old English sheepdogs have a bit of a confusing name. That’s because they’re neither an old breed of dog nor a type of sheepdog. The breed is only a few hundred years old and it was not originally bred to herd sheep. Instead, it was bred to drive the sheep and lead them to market, although they do also herd. The English part is right though, as it’s widely accepted that the Old English sheepdog was first bred in England. Since there are so few records on this breed, their origin is still a bit of a mystery. Some people believe that Old English sheepdogs came from breeding collies with another dog breed.

Photo shoot of a Old English Sheepdog (Bobtail) dog against a green background

Old English sheepdogs are neither old nor a type of sheepdog.

©Ana Raffo/Shutterstock.com

Lifespan, Height, Weight, and Other Information

Old English sheepdogs live for around 10 to 12 years, which can be extended with a healthy diet and regular grooming. They require around a half hour of exercise each day, which keeps them in shape and healthy. They aren’t overly energetic animals, so they are a popular choice for casting for TV and movies. 

The breed grows to anywhere between 60 and 90 pounds and reaches around 22 inches tall at their withers. They have long coats and can be black, black and white, or blue. They require near-constant grooming including regular baths, routine trims, and daily brushing. Some owners limit their dog’s activities to avoid dirtying their coats as well. 

The American Kennel Club classifies the breed as a type of herding dog. Old English sheepdogs are smart dogs, which makes them easy to train. However, they are also a very independent breed, so they can be strong-willed at times. These dogs are a good choice for owners who have trained dogs before and have time to invest in training. They are best known for their amazing sense of humor. Some enthusiasts of the breed note that the dogs actually enjoy their owner’s frustration from their actions, finding it humorous. 

The breed ideally needs early socialization with other dogs and humans. Because they can be dog aggressive, it’s best to control those behaviors and train them early. 

best big dog - Old English Sheepdog

Old English sheepdogs need early socialization to prevent them from becoming aggressive with other dogs.

©Svetlana Valoueva/Shutterstock.com

Fun Facts About Old English Sheepdogs

A working Old English sheepdog is almost always focused and attentive to the task at hand. However, once they’re off the clock, the breed can be quite lazy. If they are not given a task, Old English sheepdogs are generally content laying around and doing nothing. They also like to be lazier as they get older, which makes them a great breed for families and older owners. They are extremely affectionate, so they are happy laying in bed or on the couch with their owners. Old English sheepdogs are also great with children because of their sweet temperament. They usually treat human children like their own, watching over them and protecting them. They can also be great companions because they love to play and are very sweet with their owners. 

Another fun fact about Old English sheepdogs is that they are well-loved by wealthy families. The breed originally was imported into America during the 1880s and they quickly rose in demand. In just a few years, the breed was being shown by half of the wealthiest families in the country. This is also a big reason that the breed appears in so many shows and movies because they symbolize success. 

Another Name For Old English Sheepdogs

The popular breed is also known by another name — bobtails. This is because of their role as drovers and herding dogs. In the 19th century owners would crop their dog’s tails to help identify them as working dogs. This is what eventually gave them the nickname bobtails or bobs. 

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Crystal Alba/Shutterstock.com

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