Witness One of the World’s Most Bizarre Creatures Crawling Across the Sea Floor

Written by Hannah Crawford
Updated: October 31, 2023
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The YouTube video posted below takes us to the heavenly province of Bali in Indonesia. When we think of (or Google) Bali, we are inundated with thousands of pictures of the beauty of this land. After all, wouldn’t you like to add this one to your vacation bucket list?

Emeric Benhalassa captured amazing footage of one of the most bizarre creatures crawling across the sea floor in Bali. And while this creature might seem odd, it is one we know well. This is the sea slug

At the start of this video, we see it crawling around on the sea floor. It is an oddly shaped fellow. With their tentacle legs and jelly-looking heads, they sure do look strange! We notice the way this sea slug is breathing and swimming around. If you are someone who is amazed by animals and how many different ones there are, then this footage is meant for you. 

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This video was filmed and shared by the Ocean Vizion YouTube page. This channel has received over three million views in 11 years since its conception. They share their mission for what they do: “I wish through my videos to show you the underwater life that has my eyes is incredible; we must at all costs protect our Oceans. Thanks a lot for watching!!!!”

What Do Sea Slugs Eat?

blue Nudibranch looking at the camera

The nudibranch is also known as the sea slug.

©Mike Workman/Shutterstock.com

When watching the video below, we’re sure it crossed your mind, “How in the world do those things eat?” And you’d be right to think that! Go to 1:18 in the video and see how his mouth is closed. Now at 1:21 notice how wide the mouth is open and scrapes the bottom of the floor. It scoops up what it wants, and then at 1:26, it retracts again.

The Daily Mail caught wind of this incredible animal and posted their comments on how they eat: “With limited sight, it scans the seabed or sweeps through seagrass hunting for crustaceans or small crabs. Then, when the sensitive hairs in the hood touch its prey touch, the sea slug contracts rapidly to trap it and slowly ingests it.”

In the animal kingdom, there are herbivores (which eat just plant matter), omnivores (which eat plant matter and meat), and carnivores (solely meat eaters.) However, it’s interesting to note that carnivores are often omnivorous but just labeled as carnivores because of how much meat they eat. Sea slugs are herbivores and what they eat largely depends on their species, location, and size. However, most sea slugs’ diets can include plankton, plant matter, jellyfish, and even other sea slugs.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Matt Knoth/Shutterstock.com

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