Yorkiepoo Colors: Rarest to the Most Common

Written by Rebecca Mathews
Updated: August 23, 2023
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If you’re considering adding a Yorkiepoo to your family, there’s plenty to consider, including the color of your new addition.

Yorkiepoo dogs have wide-ranging coats, so let’s take a look at their colors in order of rarest to the most common to discover what combinations this friendly, clever little dog wears.

What Is a Yorkiepoo?

Before we look at colors, it’s worth learning a little about the color genetics of poodles and Yorkshire terriers. These genetics established the Yorkiepoo breed.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), Yorkshire terriers should have one of four coat colors:

  • Black and tan
  • Blue and gold
  • Blue and tan
  • Black and gold

Poodle breed standard colors are far more wide-ranging. The AKC accepts 11 poodle colors. They are:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • White
  • Red
  • Apricot
  • Blue
  • Cafe Au Lait
  • Gray 
  • Silver
  • Silver Beige

Because Yorkiepoo colors are based on the parent dogs’ genes, Yorkiepoo color combinations can include all of the above. Experts say no two Yorkiepoos are the same!

Yorkie Poo Puppy Portrait with Left Side Body View
Experts say no two Yorkiepoos are the same!

©Melli ah/Shutterstock.com

Are Yorkiepoos Hypoallergenic?

Yorkiepoos don’t shed; their coats are hypoallergenic, so they’re a good choice for allergy sufferers. Yorkiepoos’ coats range from straight to wavy and even curly depending on the parent dog’s genes. Some folks love their longer fur, but active Yorkiepoos benefit from a trim.

Yorkiepoos are small dogs that reach 7-15 inches tall and weigh anything up to 14 pounds. They live up to 15 years and pack a lot of fun into their time on Earth. These pint-sized cuties are perfect examples of toy dogs. Everything is small, including their eyes, ears, and noses. That is, everything except their personality, which is huge!

Do Yorkiepoos Change Color?

Some Yorkiepoos change color as they age. A pup will likely show brighter, more intense colors that fade as they age. Chiefly, darker coats fade to lighter shades, such as red fading to apricot and chocolate brown fading to tan.

If you are dead set on a particular color, speak to a reputable breeder who understands how Yorkiepoo coats fade and change over time.

Yorkiepoo Colors: Rarest to the Most Common

Let’s jump in and take a look at Yorkiepoo colors: rarest to the most common.

Red Yorkiepoo

Red Yorkiepoos are one of the rarest colorations. True red Yorkiepoo coats are rich deep red similar to an Irish setter. It’s one that’s often mixed up with paler apricot. Due to its rarity, a true red Yorkiepoo costs more than common-colored dogs.

Puppies show off much deeper red coats than adults since they tend to fade as they age.

White Yorkiepoo

A pure white Yorkiepoo is a rare dog indeed. Most Yorkiepoos present mixed coat colors, but solid white means its dominant gene came from a white poodle and they are rare too!

White Yorkiepoos require more coat care simply because active dogs frequently get muddy. Additionally, tear stains and food around their chops mark their white fur. These rare pups equal hard work!

Cream Yorkiepoo

Yes, cream Yorkiepoos differ from their white cousins. Cream Yorkiepoos appear off-white with a touch of yellow in their coats.

It’s a rare color for a Yorkiepoo and particularly rare in adult dogs because cream pups tend to fade to white. That said, since white is also one of the rare Yorkiepoo colors, owners tend not to mind.

Cream Yorkiepoos are often termed blondes or goldies.

A Yorkie poo (cross of Yorkshire Terrier and toy poodle dog)
Cream Yorkiepoos are often termed blondes or goldies.

©Tom Feist/Shutterstock.com

Black Yorkiepoo

Black mix Yorkipoos tend to show up a lot, but a pure solid black is pretty unique. Yorkshire terriers’ coats contain some black, but it is nearly always mixed with tan or gold.

Solid black Yorkipoos often fade to gray as they age (don’t we all!), so it doesn’t last forever. Mouths, ears, and paws are the first to fade.

Three yorkie poo puppies sitting on a porch
Solid black Yorkipoos often fade to gray as they age (don’t we all).

©Marion Vaughn III/Shutterstock.com

Merle Yorkiepoo

Merle Yorkiepoos are uncommon, though not as rare as the above colors. They are still sought after because they don’t appear very often. Merle color is inherited from poodle genetics.

Merle is a distinct pattern of lighter and darker colors in the same color tone. Usually, merle Yorkiepoos have a base color, such as tan, with spots, speckles, and patches of lighter and darker tans. This is called “liver merle.” Another merle pattern is “blue merle,” which is a black, white, and blue-gray.

To qualify as a merle, three colors must show in equal amounts.

Cute Yorkie Poo puppy on a white background
Merle is a distinct pattern of lighter and darker colors in the same color tone.


Gray Yorkiepoo

Gray Yorkiepoos, also known as silvers, aren’t rare, but they are less common than the frequent colors below.

Yorkipoos born gray inherit their color from poodle genes, but black pups that fade to adult silvers may inherit from both poodle genes and Yorkshire genes.

Apricot Yorkiepoo

Apricot Yorkiepoos look golden peach, a relatively common color that comes from the poodle parentage.

Their apricot-to-red shades create the overall apricot color, which is distinctly different from gold and tan. It has a deeper red base.

Yorkie Poo posing on grass. Yorkie Poo is a cross between a Yorkshire terrier and toy poodle
Their apricot-to-red shades create the overall apricot color, which is distinctly different from gold and tan.

©Steve Bruckmann/Shutterstock.com

More Common Colors

Let’s move on to the more common Yorkiepoo colors!

Black and Gold Yorkiepoo

Yorkshire terriers tend to have black and gold coats, so it’s no wonder black and gold Yorkiepoos are common.

This shade tends to start with a black base topped with gold-tan markings around the face and patches on the back or flanks.

Chocolate Yorkiepoo

Chocolate Yorkiepoos are pretty common too, but chocolate means a lot of different colors, from pale tan to deep earth shades, so no two chocolate Yorkiepoos look the same.

They may be common, but chocolate Yorkiepoos are very popular due to their teddy bear looks and coats that camouflage dirt!

Black and White Yorkiepoo

Black and white Yorkiepoos are one of the most common and popular colors. Generally, they show off a white base with black patches, but black coats with white spots and blotches frequently appear as well.

Parti Yorkiepoo

Parti Yorkiepoos describe any number of colors with a 50% white base.

White combined with black, gray, apricot, tan, gold, red, brown, or any of the above colors counts as a parti Yorkiepoo.

Because there are so many different color combinations from the poodle and Yorkshire terrier parents, parti Yorkiepoos are common.

What Color Yorkiepoo Is Best?

What color Yorkiepoo you prefer is down to personal tastes. Solid red, solid black, solid white, and merle tend to appear less frequently than parti, black and gold, or black and white.

Do Yorkiepoos Bark a Lot?

Yorkiepoos were cross-bred for their hypoallergenic coats, small size, and intelligence, but they need training and love.

It’s never too early to train a Yorkiepoo, especially as they often inherit the Yorkshire terrier yapping trait, which is annoying for owners and neighbors. The key is to remain calm. There are several ways to teach a Yorkiepoo the virtue of silence.

Use the command “quiet.”

When they stop barking, reward them with a treat and continue this process until they understand. To get a yapping Yorkiepoo’s attention, try shaking a container of dry pasta. When he stops yapping to see what the noise is, say “quiet” and hand over a small low-fat treat.

Yorkiepoo Colors: Rarest to the Most Common

Rare reds, blacks, whites, and merles don’t appear very often in a litter of Yorkiepoo pups, so their cost is considerably higher than more common chocolate or parti pups. If you’re set on a particular color, you may have to travel to find your ideal color Yorkiepoo.

However, whichever color Yorkiepoo comes your way, it won’t change their sweet temperament, intelligent nature, or itty-bitty size.

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