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Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire TerrierYorkshire TerrierA yorkshire terrier
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Yorkshire Terrier Facts

Common Name:
Most widely used name for this species
Yorkshire Terrier
The area where the animal first came from
Great Britain
How long (L) or tall (H) the animal is
22cm (9in)
The measurement of how heavy the animal is
3kg (7lbs)
How long the animal lives for
15 years
The domestic group such as cat or dog

Yorkshire Terrier Location

Map of Yorkshire Terrier Locations
Map of Europe

Yorkshire Terrier

Although a toy breed, the Yorkie still retains much of its terrier ancestry in terms of personality. Individual dogs will differ, but they are generally intelligent, independent and courageous. Yorkshire Terriers are quick to determine where they fit in a household's pack. Their behaviour towards outsiders will vary, they often will be inclined to bark at strangers, but some Yorkies are outgoing and friendly towards new people while others are withdrawn and aloof.

The differences in behaviour in this regard are largely based on how the owner trains or conditions (and socializes) the Yorkie. A few individual Yorkshire Terriers may be timid or nervous, rather than bold, but the vast majority do seem to meet the breed standard for a confident, vigorous and self-important personality.

The Yorkshire Terrier seems oblivious to its small size. It is ever eager for adventure. This little dog is highly energetic, brave, loyal, and clever, with above average intelligence. Affectionate with its master, it can become suspicious of strangers and aggressive to strange dogs and small animals, if not properly socialized.

Yorkshire Terrier Comments

totaly cool
"terriers are so super cute"
"So cute"
"I love Yorkshire Terriers, I have one his name is Beasty, he is so sweet and cute but the only thing is that he was breeded so small he gets streesed and hot he starts to pant and freak out but other than that i love him to death !!!!! I LOVE YORKSHIRE TERRIERS !!!!!!!!"
"i have one too"
"cute and awesome"
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First Published: 11th November 2008, Last Updated: 10th September 2018

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