Yorkiepoo Prices 2024: Purchase Cost, Vet Bills, and More!

Written by Amber LaRock
Updated: November 1, 2023
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Are you interested in becoming a Yorkiepoo parent? If so, then you may be curious about how much these loveable pups cost! We want you to be as prepared as possible for any costs that come your way, so we break down everything you need to know about Yorkiepoo prices.

In this article we break down breeder fees, pet care supplies, veterinary costs, and more. Let’s get started!

How Much Does A Yorkiepoo Puppy Cost?

The cost of a Yorkiepoo is higher based on a unique coat color or impressive bloodline.

The first cost you will need to consider as a future Yorkiepoo parent is the initial cost of purchasing them. The Yorkiepoo is a treasured toy breed with wide popularity throughout the U.S. Though the Yorkiepoo is deeply loved and in demand, this means there are quite a few Yorkiepoo breeders throughout the country. The average Yorkiepoo will cost anywhere from $800 to $2,500 when purchased from a breeder. A Yorkiepoo with a unique coat color or impressive bloodline will sit on the higher end of this price scale.

Purchasing a Yorkiepoo through a breeder may be the best option if you are interested in purchasing a puppy, but it’s important to remember that you can also find a Yorkiepoo in need of a home at a shelter or rescue. Yorkiepoos at a shelter or rescue may cost anywhere from $75 to $300.

Cost Of Vaccinations & Other Medical Expenses for the Yorkiepoo

Adorable YorkiePoo puppy on the porch laughing and a chihuahua puppy laying in the background. Smiling Yorkshire Terrier dog. Family pets outdoors.

The average Yorkiepoo will cost anywhere from $800 to $2,500 when purchased from a breeder.

©My Bokeh Life/Shutterstock.com

It’s important to schedule a vet appointment the moment you bring your new Yorkiepoo companion into your home. While many breeders will provide medical records showing any recent vet care, it’s still best to have your new puppy assessed by your trusted veterinarian. This will ensure that you are truly bringing a healthy puppy into your home.

Here’s a list of costs associated with vaccines and other medical expenses for your newly adopted Yorkiepoo.

Wellness exam:$50 to $120
Puppy vaccines (total for vaccine series):$150 to $275
Fecal testing & deworming:$30 to $50
Flea and tick prevention (recurring monthly):$10 to $30
Heartworm prevention (recurring monthly):$10 to $30
Spaying/neutering:$100 to $400

The average veterinary costs for a Yorkiepoo puppy can be anywhere from $350 to $900 during their first year. Their first year of veterinary care will always be more expensive due to needing three initial rounds of puppy vaccines, but they will only need once annual vaccine boosters moving forward. Many pet parents also choose to spay or neuter their Yorkiepoo after six months of age, so this is a singular cost that will add to your first year of vet expenses as well.

Costs Of Food & Supplies for the Yorkiepoo

Not only will you need to be aware of the vet costs associated with being a Yorkiepoo parent, but you will also need to factor in the costs of food and other pet supplies. While supplies like food and treats will be an ongoing expense, other supplies like dog beds and dog toys will be an occasional purchase.

Let’s list some of the many supplies your Yorkiepoo companion will need!

Dog food:$15 to $25 based on brand
Dog treats:$5 to $15
Food & water bowls:$10 to $20
Leash:$10 to $15
Collar:$10 to $20
Dog crate:$40 to $80
Dog bed:$30 to $60
Toys:$20 to $40
Brush:$10 to $30
Dental health supplies:$10 to $30

How Much Does It Cost to Insure a Yorkiepoo?

Yorkipoo laying down on blanket

Veterinary costs for a Yorkiepoo puppy can be anywhere from $350 to $900 during their first year.

©Through Ryan’s Lens/Shutterstock.com

Pet insurance can save the day if your little one ever suffers from a sudden medical complication or injury. Pet insurance will reimburse you for your pet’s veterinary care based on the coverage tier you choose, with reimbursement options ranging from 70-90%. Most pet insurance plans for Yorkiepoos will cost anywhere from $35 to $50 a month. Prices will vary based on the deductible you select and the part of the country you are based in.

Dr. Amy Nicole Lewis, a veterinarian with Worldwide Veterinary Services told A-Z Animals that pet insurance is one of the most important tools a pet parent can have. Many vets now recommend pet insurance at the very first wellness exam, as it should be a staple in the client’s ongoing wellness care plan. Pet insurance can ensure that your pet gets the medical care they need in any situation.

How Much Does It Cost to Train a Yorkiepoo?

The average cost to train your Yorkiepoo will vary based on whether or not you choose to seek out professional dog training. Group training lessons can cost anywhere from $150 to $300 a package, while intensive obedience training courses can cost thousands. These prices will vary based on location throughout the country, as well as how intensive you would like your dog’s training to be.

Training your Yorkiepoo on your own at home is significantly cheaper than professional dog training. All you need is a long leash and training treats, and maybe even a clicker if you would like to implement clicker training. Training your dog at home should cost no more than $50.

Wrapping Up Yorkiepoo Costs

The first year of your Yorkiepoo’s life will always be most expensive due to the cost of their initial veterinary care and essential pet supplies. Be sure to review the information we discussed above to best prepare for Yorkiepoo pet parenthood!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © My Bokeh Life/Shutterstock.com

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