Himalayan Dog Chews: Recalls, Reviews, and More

Published: June 20, 2022

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If you are looking for a natural dog chew, then look no further than the Himalayan Dog Chews (commonly referred to as yak chews). This is the perfect treat for dogs who need to be kept busy with a tasty chew that they can eat without you having to worry about the ingredients affecting their health.

Himalayan Dog Chews are a firm treat made from compressed cheese that is high in protein and it is highly digestible thanks to the main ingredient and manufacturing process. These popular dog treats come in a variety of different sizes and softness depending on the type of chew you purchase.

This is a relatively new company that produces the treats after being founded by Nishes Shrestha and Suman Shrestha back in 2007 after they noticed a dog chewing on a hard piece of cheese in 2003. They went ahead and researched the benefits this has for dogs and then established a lineage of Himalayan dog treats made from organic ingredients and produced the popular dog chew you now find in many retailing stores that dog owners seem to love to feed their dogs.

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Himalayan Dog Chews Benefits and Features

  • Contains a variety of natural and highly digestible ingredients.
  • Considered an organic chew and treat for dogs.
  • Traditional Himalayan Dog Chews contain human-safe and recognizable ingredients which makes it easier for dog owners to decipher if the ingredients are suitable for their dog.
  • The tough texture of these chews helps to control the build-up of plaque and tartar on your dogs’ teeth leading to better dental hygiene.
  • Safe for most dog breeds, regardless of age, health, breed, size, or taste preference.

Himalayan Dog Chews: Pros & Cons


  • Suitable for all life stages, from puppies to adult dogs over 4 months of age.
  • Help to remove plaque build-up from dogs’ teeth.
  • Contains edible ingredients.
  • These chews have no expiration date and can be stored for a long time.
  • Lactose, fat, gluten, grain, artificial and preservative-free!


  • Some types of Himalayan Dog Chews can be pricey.
  • The small pieces bitten from the chew can pose a choking hazard.

Where Are Himalayan Dog Chews Made?

The Himalayan company started in Nepal with small family farms and now partners with various farmers around the world as well as locally with a Washington State dairy farm. The company started at a small local pet fair in Bellingham, and to the award-winning company that Himalayan Dog Chews are today by creating hard cheese chews that are unlike other similar products on the market.

The 4,000 farmers in Nepal that help produce the ingredients carry out traditional and quality practices to retrieve the milk and create the popular and high-quality Himalayan dog treat. The company is continuously growing and now distributes these treats to various retailers after starting their chew range in the Shrestha kitchen.

Himalayan Dog Chew Ingredients

A major advantage to Himalayan Dog Chews is that they consist of organic and highly digestible ingredients, which is something dog owners will gladly choose over over-processed dog chews that can leave your dog with bloat from ingredients that are difficult to digest.

Himalayan Dog Chews consist of a handful of natural ingredients that include yaks’ milk, lime juice, and salt as the main ingredients. These chews are made according to a unique and traditional process where the farmers make them by boiling yak milk and centrifuging it to remove excess fat. The leftover mixture is then boiled again with lime and salt added in. The lactose from the yak milk is removed during this part of the process to make the chews easier to digest.

The thick paste of the ingredients mixed is then placed into jute bags and squeezed to remove the accumulated moisture. This process takes a few weeks, and the mixture is then cut to the right shape and size and then smoked for a few months to help preserve the flavor and harden the treats.

No harmful preservatives or additives are included in Himalayan Dog Chews, yet these chews can be stored for a while in sealed packaging without spoiling. This makes these chews great for pet owners who want to stock up on a high-quality dog chew that has a long expiration date.

Which Types Of Dogs Is Himalayan Dog Chews Best Suited For?

Himalayan Dog Chews are safe for dogs of all breeds and sizes, from large breeds such as the German shepherds or a small chihuahua. This company sells their chews in a variety of different shapes, sizes, flavors, and textures which you can choose for your dog breed.

The chews themselves contain no gluten or harmful ingredients, and dogs who have sensitive stomachs due to being lactose intolerant. However, this chew is made from lactose-free cheese which makes it easily digestible for most dog breeds regardless of their health status.

These edible chews can be eaten under an hour, depending on the size of treat you buy according to your dog breed size. It is best to avoid feeding the small size of these treats to large dog breeds as it can be a choking hazard.

Himalayan Dog Chew Recalls

Himalayan Dog Chews have a relatively simple recall history, with the Ruff Root lineage of dog chews being recalled in 2015 due to potential metal contamination. The affected batch was primarily sold at PetSmart and was recalled and discontinued. There have been no reports that the potential metal contamination harmed any dogs that ate the specific batch of treats. Otherwise, this brand has not had any recalls and the FDA says that Himalayan dog chews are a safe treat for dogs.

Himalayan Dog Chews: Where to Buy

The original Himalayan dog chews can easily be purchased online from sites such as Chewy or Amazon where you can choose the range of Himalayan Dog Chews available to find the right size, flavor, and texture for your specific dog breed. These chews are also popular in both large and small-scale pet stores, making them easily accessible for consumers.

Pack of 3
Himalayan Pet Supply Dog Treats
  • Made from yak and cow milk
  • The curing process removes lactose
  • Harder and longer-lasting than rawhide or bully sticks
  • Free from lactose, gluten, and grains
  • Available in a variety of sizes and "chew levels"
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Himalayan Dog Chew Specs


Himalayan Dog Chews are very high in protein and are completely edible for dogs. They last longer than dog biscuits but have a similar nutritional value. The main ingredient – yak milk, is high in protein, calcium, and other nutrients that can be beneficial to your dog when fed in moderation. These chews are safe for dogs who struggle to digest other dog chews that contain cows’ milk because they contain very little lactose due to the manufacturing process, which makes it gentle on your dogs’ digestive system.


Unlike many other dog chews, Himalayan Dog Chews do not easily break down and crumble into small pieces that can be a choking hazard or damage your dog’s esophagus when pieces of the treat are swallowed. This makes them more durable and long-lasting. Most of the chews are quite hard, so it is important to buy the right size of these chews for your dog and to remove the last piece of the chew so that your dog does not try to swallow it on its own. Always supervise your dog when giving them any type of chew!


Himalayan Dog Chews can be slightly pricey for the number of chews you get, and the price will depend on the type of Himalayan Dog Chews you purchase and the flavor. Other factors that will change the overall price will depend on where you purchase the chews, either online or from a pet store that may have slightly varied prices. However, the quality your dog will receive from these chews is worth the price.

Himalayan Dog Chews vs. Milk-Bone

When it comes to comparing Himalayan Dog Chews to a similar product, Milk-Bone, then there are a few differences between the two. Milk-Bones contain a lot of ingredients, whereas Himalayan dog treats contain a few organic ingredients.

Milk-Bone is cheaper in comparison to the Himalayan dog treats, but both treats are great for your dog’s dental hygiene. Milk-Bones are made from the dried-out bone of sheep or cows, whereas Himalayan Dog Chews are made from lactose-free yak milk.

Bottom Line

Himalayan Dog Chews are an overall great product and have good value for money. These chews contain no artificial preservatives or additives and are mainly formed from natural ingredients that are safe for your dog to ingest.

You can feed these treats to dogs and puppies over 4 months of age and there are different size options that will work for different dog breeds. The natural ingredients used to formulate these chews are safe for dogs who cannot tolerate lactose, grain, or gluten in their diet.

We recommend these treats for all breeds of dogs who can bite into the hard chew and for owners who want to provide their dog with a high-quality, relatively affordable, and nutrient-rich chew made from organic ingredients that you can trust.

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