The 5 Best Dog Water Fountains, We Checked

Updated: July 10, 2022

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  • In our top picks for dog water fountains, we recommended items based on their durability, practicality, quality of materials used in construction, and other random factors.
  • Owners benefit from dog water fountains, which enables them to provide their canines with a constant supply of freshwater without having to frequently refill it.
  • Dog water fountains can be made of ceramics, stainless steel, or plastic. Types can include ones with a water dispenser, fountains for indoor use, and ones for outdoor use. There also multi-tier options for multiple pets.

Dogs often appear to be unconcerned about what containers they’re drinking their water from. In fact, some dogs will gleefully lap up water anywhere they can find it–even puddles on the ground left from a rain shower! While they may come across indiscriminate, dogs are fully aware of the difference between fresh, clean water versus stagnant water. Dog water bowls need constant monitoring, from trading old water for fresh, and cleaning the bowls to prevent bacteria and mildew sneaking up. Have you ever considered a dog water fountain for your pooch, which is an excellent source for fresh, filtered water 24/7?

We reviewed the best dog water fountains. While you may not have any problem getting your pooch to drink, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t ensure that he has fresh, clean drinking water at all times. With a dog water fountain, you can keep your dog happy and hydrated even on the busiest of days. Now, if only choosing one was that easy…

Well, it can be. We have compiled a list of our top picks for different types of dog water fountains on the market today to save you the time and the effort!

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How does a dog water fountain work?

A dog fountain typically features a tank where water is stored. It also has a motor that continuously recirculates the water through a filtration system to keep it flowing and fresh (e.g. free of dirt, hair, food bits, etc.). 

Of course, like most products out there, you’ll find a variety of dog water fountains to choose from. There are basic ones like a water dispenser, fountains for indoor use, and ones for outdoor use. You’ll find water fountains that can be used for multiple pets of different sizes (multi-tier). And then there are the different materials to consider — stainless steel, plastic, and ceramic. The good news is that there’s a dog water fountain for everyone. 

Our Criteria

We at A-Z Animals can understand the desire to find the best products on the market because we, too, are pet owners! We go through the trials as any other owners do. So, we have researched and used personal experiences to choose the following dog water fountains based on the best durability, materials, practicality, and other factors that may play a part in choosing.


When looking for just about any product, apparel, or toy for your dogs, durability is one of the most important factors – whether or not the object can withstand your pet and the elements is key to a good purchase.


Material is also important for durability but can also have an effect on conditions such as allergies or skin irritation. BPA-free plastic is generally used in these fountains and is a good option but stainless steel or ceramic may be better for allergy or irritable dogs and increased durability.


Does your dog spend most of his/her days indoors? Or are they romping your backyard from sun up to sun down? If the former, an automatic water fountain is most likely your best choice. If the latter, a durable, step-on water station may be more pragmatic and less wasteful.


Another huge factor to take into consideration is your dog’s personality. Do they like running water? How often are they drinking water? Are there any medical considerations to take into account? Knowing your furry pal and being in tune with their patterns is possibly the most important aspect of picking products your dog will use.

The Top Picks for Best Dog Water Fountains of 2022: Ranked

#1 Best Overall: PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain

PetSafe’s Drinkwell Platinum Water Fountain wins our vote for the best overall dog water fountain.

It is made of BPA-free plastic and can hold up to 168 ounces of water. You can easily keep several small to medium-sized dogs hydrated with just this one fountain. Compared to other fountains, this is one of the few that actually had a transparent reservoir which enables you to see how much water is in the tank. It doesn’t have an automatic shut-off feature, but a transparent tank is the next best thing.

The fountain features a free-falling stream which entices dogs to begin drinking. The PetSafe Drinkwell stream is relatively silent and also adjustable, perfect for fitting it to your dog’s preference.

The fountain comes with a replaceable, carbon filter that removes odors and debris. The filter eliminates the need to clean the fountain daily. Plus, the fountain is dishwasher-safe, even more convenient and definitely not universal with other fountains. However, take note that it should get a deep cleaning every 2 to 3 weeks.

Of course, nothing is perfect, and this fountain should remain indoors for the most part. In addition, the pump is not replaceable. At least, not with the manufacturer, so you may be stuck doing some research if it comes down to it.

#1 Best Overall
Drinkwell Platinum Plastic Dog & Cat Fountain

•BPA-free plastic dog fountain

•Holds 168 oz water

•Free-falling stream

•Dishwasher safe

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#2 Best Stainless Steel: Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain

While BPA-free plastic is ok, some pet parents prefer something even more durable – stainless steel. If that’s you, then we recommend the Pioneer Pet Raindrop Foundation. It’s also an ideal option for dogs who are allergic to plastic.

As we’ve mentioned, the Raindrop is made of premium stainless steel which comes with a number of benefits. Aside from durability, the material is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe, raising the convenience factor. The hefty metal makes it so your dog cannot easily flip the fountain or move it around.

Like our number one pick, the Raindrop also comes with a filter that cleans the water, keeping it fresh for your dog. However, instead of falling water it flows like a stream. Dogs can still choose to drink straight from the reservoir (where the water flows into) or choose to drink from the top where the clean water bubbles up from. 

Since it is made of stainless steel, we assume it can easily be used as an indoor/outdoor fountain. While it seems to be an option, it might be more practical to get a step-on fountain for outdoor use instead of lugging this fountain around.

The reservoir does only hold up to 60 ounces which means you’re going to be refilling this fountain more frequently if your dog is big on drinking or if you have multiple. Assembly of the fountain is relatively easy and makes for an easy, great second choice!

Best Stainless Steel
Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Raindrop Fountain

•Stainless steel dog water fountain

•Allergy safe and durable

•Dishwasher safe

•Easy assembly

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#3 Best Ceramic: PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda

In the category of ceramic fountains, we’ve found only one will do – the PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda. Ceramic is typically more aesthetic than stainless steel and, unlike plastic, antimicrobial. So, it’s not surprising pet owners prefer to get a ceramic dog water fountain over other types. 

This multi-tier drinking fountain provides your dog easy access to water on multiple levels and all around. The top tier allows pets to drink without bending too low, a perfect solution for certain medical conditions and/or senior dogs. The lower tier is perfect for small dogs and cats. The multiple avenues of access – including the two free-falling streams from the upper tier – allow multiple pets to drink simultaneously without bumping their sibling or friend aside. 

Unlike our other picks, this multi-tier fountain comes in multiple colors! It is easy to clean without nooks and crannies. It also features TWO filters. The active carbon filter removes odors and bad tastes from the water while the foam filter catches pet hair and other debris, leaving the water and the bottom of the fountain clean. 

So, why didn’t we pick this one as number one? Well, it has a limited capacity of only 70 ounces which isn’t ideal if we wanted to refill the reservoir less frequently, especially if you have a large dog or multiple dogs. Also, the price is much higher than others out of our choices.

Best Ceramic
Drinkwell Pagoda Ceramic Dog & Cat Fountain

•Antimicrobial ceramic dog water fountain

•Multi-tier for multiple pets and options

•Two water filters

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#4 Best for Large Dogs: Zeus H2EAU Drinking Fountain

Owner of a large breed dog? The Zeus H2EAU Drinking Fountain is perfect for you. It’s quite different from all our other picks. The fountain uses triple water filters for extra freshness and cleanliness. The multiple layers in the filtration system was something that we hadn’t seen in our other picks. 

The Zeus has a 200oz capacity which means you won’t have to refill the reservoir too frequently, probably around once a week, for one big dog or a couple of medium-sized ones. The fountain has no automatic shut-off feature but the pump does start making a loud humming noise once the water level is at 24 ounces. Otherwise, this fountain is whisper quiet.

Another reason why this fountain is best for big doggos is its elevated design.  The height of the fountain made it easier for our big dogs to drink without bending too low. 

Refilling the fountain is a breeze as it has a large surface area, ensuring less spillage. The BPA-free plastic is also effortless to wipe down and does not stain.

The only drawbacks to this fountain that we could find was the need to frequently replace the filters at least once a month. There’s also no option to adjust the flow of water. But those aren’t real dealbreakers. Just some things you might want to note.

Best for Large Dogs
ZEUS H2EAU Drinking Fountain for Dogs

•BPA-free plastic dog fountain

•For large dogs or multiple

•Triple filter system

•Silent water flow

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#5 Best for Outdoors: Trio Gato Happy Dog Pet Water Fountain

The Trio Gato Happy Dog Pet Water Fountain is truly unique – it’s a step on water dispenser! All of the other models we chose automatically recirculate the water to keep it fresh and flowing as soon as the tank is filled and the device is plugged in.

A step on water dispenser is exactly what you expect it to be. Your dog does all of the work by stepping on a pedal to get the water flowing (a concept is similar to human drinking fountains). The beauty of this design is that it doesn’t require any refilling or cleaning on your part. Plus, your dog will find it fun as he gets fresh, clean water rewarded. 

The Trio Gato fountain can be connected directly to a hose or faucet. There are rubber friction pads to prevent the device from moving while your dog is drinking and a copper valve prevents leakage. The fountain is made of heavy gauge steel for durability. You also get a free 2-way Y hose connector to make it easy for you to use two hoses simultaneously as well as control the water pressure. 

As a water fountain, the fountain is easily a favorite. While it seems impossible to train a dog to get their on water, it is actually relatively simple. As a downside, the fountain is only great for outdoor use only. If you have a backyard and often let your dog/s stay out, we definitely recommend this fountain for you.

Best for Outdoors
Trio Gato Dog Outdoor Dog Step-On Water Fountain

•Easy use step-on fountain

•No clean up required

•Outdoor water fountain

•Y connector for hose usage

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Best Dog Water Fountains Summary

#1 Best OverallPetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain
#2 Best Stain SteelPioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain
#3 Best CeramicPetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda
#4 Best for Large DogsZeus H2EAU Drinking Fountain
#5 Best for OutdoorsTrio Gato Happy Dog Pet Water Fountain

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The 5 Best Dog Water Fountains, We Checked FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is the best water fountain for dogs?

The best dog water fountain is one that suits your lifestyle and makes your dog drink more. It’s quite possible that what’s best for you and your pet won’t work well for a different pet parent and pooch. But there are similar features that all pet owners need to consider:

Ease of use

Drinking water isn’t a problem that you normally deal with when you’ve got a dog. But a huge benefit of getting a dog water fountain is making life more convenient for you. But it wouldn’t be convenient if the fountain was too hard to deal with, whether it’s assembling, maintaining, or cleaning it. It’s best to get something intuitive. Take note that ease of use is not just for you, but for your dog as well. You need to make sure that your dog won’t have a problem drinking from the bowl. A senior dog dealing with arthritis may find it hard to drink from a fountain that’s low on the ground. One with mobility issues may also find a step-on dog water fountain difficult to operate. 


Having a large capacity would allow you to fill the fountain less often. But you’ll also need a large capacity water tank if your pets are huge. Large dogs need to drink more. The same thing applies if you have more than one dog or pet in the house. 


Stainless steel is undoubtedly the most durable material. But it costs more than BPA-free plastic. Ceramic looks good, but it costs more. Each type of material has its own pros and cons. Your choice of material will depend on a few things – durability, price, ease of cleaning, and allergies. 


Obviously, you don’t want a dog water fountain that makes too much noise. Not only might it affect the quality of sleep your pet gets, but it can also easily become irritating whenever you’re in its vicinity. Make sure to check reviews for any mention of the noise level of a fountain. Even if you plan to get one that’s for indoor/outdoor use, it’s best to err on the side of caution and get a fountain that’s quiet. You will appreciate this if you find yourself napping in the back patio and keep getting woken up by the sound of the fountain.

Do dogs need water fountains?

Good question. According to some experts, dogs generally don’t need encouragement to drink, unlike cats. However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t benefit from using a water fountain or water dispenser. Like cats, dogs prefer to drink moving water because it’s fresh, clean, and cool. It’s also partly because of instinct; their ancestors drank from running water because it was safer. More importantly, a water fountain will enable you to skip the task of refilling your pet’s water bowl once in a while. Depending on the capacity of the fountain and your dog’s thirst, you can probably get away with refilling the tank every three days or so. Which means cleaning it won’t be an everyday task either. So, yes, dogs need a water fountain. Their pet parents need them too.  

Can a dog use a cat water fountain?

Yes, dogs can use a cat water fountain. Both dog and cat water fountains function the same way and have the same features. The main difference between the two would be the size of the fountain. Cat water fountains typically have a smaller capacity which makes them ideal for cats and small to medium-sized dogs.