The Best Olaf Costumes for Dogs

Written by AZ Animals Staff
Updated: May 23, 2022

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If your kids are dressing up as Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, or any of the other characters from the movie Frozen, you may be thinking about dressing your pup up as Olaf to complete the family coordination. Or, perhaps you’re just a fan of the movie and think Olaf is the perfect costume for your pup even if no one else will be dressing up with him. Regardless of your reasons for looking for an Olaf costume for your dog, you want to find one that will fit comfortably, look cute, and be made to last for a long time.

This is exactly why we put these reviews together for you. We want to help you find the right costume for your pup, and understand how challenging it can be to make a decision based only on what you can see in a costume listing.

Our Criteria:

Before diving headfirst into our top Olaf costumes for your dog this Halloween season, let’s go over how we narrow down our search from multitudes of options to just a few. Not only are we all animal lovers here at A-Z Animals, but many of us are also dog owners, ourselves! So, when we are sifting through costume options, we genuinely have your dog’s best interest at heart and we treat it as though we are searching for our own pets. While appearance of costume is obviously the main talking point of any costume, we focus on many other factors such as practicality, affordability, inclusivity, originality, and, of course, comfort. We want to provide an option for each of you looking, with no pup left out of Halloween.

There is one factor that we can’t completely account for when making this list, and that is your dog’s individual personality. You know your dog better than anyone else! So, the choice is ultimately up to you. Now, as easy as it may be to get sucked into how cute a costume is or whether it matches yours perfectly, you must keep in mind your dog’s likes, dislikes, quirks, and specific needs. Will the costume annoy them? Will it make them too hot? How likely is it that my dog will chew this costume to pieces? These are all very important questions to ask yourself when checking out our list. If the costume won’t be comfortable or will even stress your dog out, it is not a good option.

I will give you my own, personal example for reference. My best furry friend is a young, energetic rough collie named Winston. Running, rough housing, and chewing are his favorite pastimes (along with long walks on the beach). Halloween is so much fun because I get to disguise him as my favorite movie or book characters to match my own costume or stand out on his own. However, there are a few qualms I must keep in mind when deciding on a costume. Being that he is a very fluffy boy, I avoid tight, plush costumes and opt for minimal, breathable materials. His chewing tendencies also steer me away from full-body, elaborate costumes. I mostly spring for bandanas, harnesses, or headpieces that I know won’t bother him and that he cannot easily get to with his long snout.

It is so important to keep your dog’s comfort in mind when choosing a costume because you want them to be as happy as you are in their ensemble! With all of this in mind, check out our favorite choices for Olaf costume for your furry pal this Halloween.

  1. Rubie's Disney: Frozen 2 Olaf Pet Costume
  2. Rubie's Disney: Frozen 2 Olaf Pet Costume

    •Olaf costume for dogs

    •Vertical, step in costume

    •S-XL sizing (check size chart)

    Check Amazon
  3. Rubie's Disney Pet Costume Sven with Olaf Rider
  4. Rubie's Disney Pet Costume Sven with Olaf Rider

    •Olaf riding Sven costume for dogs

    •Multi-character costume

    •Rubie's licensed store

    •6 size options (check size chart)

    Check Amazon
  5. Rubie's Walking Snowman Pet Costume
  6. Rubie's Walking Snowman Pet Costume

    •Generic snowman costume for Olaf for dogs

    •Use again for other holidays

    •S-L sizes (check size chart)

    Check Amazon

The Top Picks for the Best Olaf Dog Costume: Ranked for 2022

#1 Overall Best Olaf Dog Costume: Rubie’s Disney: Frozen 2 Olaf Pet Costume

Rubie’s Disney Frozen 2 Olaf Pet Costume is the best choice if you want your dog to look just like movie character. Dogs easily step into the costume and it is then secured around their neck to make it appear that Olaf is standing right in front of you.

The vertical costume includes details such as Olaf’s three large coal buttons and twig arms (padded arms that are connected to the side of the costume. A separate headpiece featuring Olaf’s large eyes, carrot nose, and cheery smile, and twig ‘hair’ are also included with the costume to complete the look.

Small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes are available for this costume. Most pups who weigh between 6 and 45 pounds should fit into one of these sizes.

Best Overall
Rubie's Disney: Frozen 2 Olaf Pet Costume

•Olaf costume for dogs

•Vertical, step in costume

•S-XL sizing (check size chart)

Check Amazon

#2 Best Olaf & Sven: Rubie’s Disney Sven with Olaf Rider Dog Costume

For two favorite characters featured in one costume, Rubie’s Disney costume of Olaf riding Sven takes the cake. This cute costume is designed to make your dog look like Sven, the reindeer, and includes a small Olaf figuring ‘riding’ on your dog’s back. The costume consists of a step-in outfit designed to look like Sven’s fur with a harness for the attached Olaf. A reindeer headpiece is also included to really make it clear who your dog has dressed up as.

Rubie’s is a Disney licensed shop, making the costume that much more authentic. This costume is available in six sizes to fit most dogs weighing between 6 and 85 pounds. It is a great option for small and large dogs alike.

Best Olaf & Sven
Rubie's Disney Pet Costume Sven with Olaf Rider

•Olaf riding Sven costume for dogs

•Multi-character costume

•Rubie's licensed store

•6 size options (check size chart)

Check Amazon

#3 Best Snowman: Rubie’s Snowman Pet Costume

The Rubie’s Snowman costume for pets is perfect if your family is dressed as Frozen characters and you need an Olaf to join! Choosing this more generic snowman costume can also let you get more use out of the costume and dress your dog up to celebrate the winter holidays.

The costume is designed to make dogs look like a walking snowman from the front. It features a step-in design with a hood and drawstring to keep the costume secure. The hood wraps around a dog’s head to make it look like a large white circle and includes a sewn-on snowman top hat. A green and red scarf goes around the dog’s neck, three black buttons go down the body, and two padded stick arms are attached to the sides of the body.

This snowman costume comes in small, medium, and large sizes to fit dogs with a chest girth between 17 and 23 inches and a neck-to-tail length between 11 and 22 inches.

Best Snowman
Rubie's Walking Snowman Pet Costume

•Generic snowman costume for Olaf for dogs

•Use again for other holidays

•S-L sizes (check size chart)

Check Amazon

Olaf Dog Costume Buying Guide

The buying guide below is designed to help you select the right Olaf costume for your dog. We’ve pointed out some important features to consider as you compare the various costumes options you’re looking at.


First, take a look at the overall style and appearance of each Olaf costume and think about your vision for how you want your pup to look. Whereas some Olaf costumes look just like Olaf, others make it appear that Olaf is riding on Sven the reindeer. You could also consider buying a more generic snowman costume to make your dog look like Olaf. This could allow for more versatility, and you could easily reuse the costume in the winter and around the holidays.


As mentioned earlier, your dog’s personality should play a huge role in which costume you choose for them. Since they cannot choose for themselves, it is up to you to know and understand your pet’s individuality and cater to their needs. Even if the costume is seemingly perfect in appearance or concept, it is not right if it does not match their well-being or if it makes them unhappy.


Choosing a costume that is the right size for your pup is imperative. Costumes that are too large may slide off a dog, while those that are too small will be very tight and uncomfortable for dogs to wear. Fortunately, most costume makers offer a sizing chart to help you choose the costume that will offer the best fit based on your dog’s measurements.

The specific measurements you’ll need for your dog can vary based on the manufacturer and costume design. However, if you are prepared and have your dog’s weight, height, length from neck to tail, chest girth, and neck girth recorded, you should have the information you need to compare with the sizing chart from most manufacturers.

Ease of Use

Next, consider the ease with which you’ll be able to get your dog dressed up in his or her costume. Will they be able to just step into the costume? Are Velcro straps or snaps integrated into the design to help you get the costume to stay on your pup? Unless your dog will only be wearing his or her costume indoors, you’ll also want to think about whether you will be able to easily hook up their leash while they are dressed up.


Lastly, don’t forget to think about your dog’s safety as you’re shopping for an Olaf costume. If a costume has smaller components that your dog may try to chew off, it is probably not the best option to choose, especially if your dog seems to like chewing things. Small pieces that are chewed off could pose a choking hazard to dogs.

If you live in an area with warmer temperatures, another potential safety concern is that your dog could overheat when wearing a costume. If this is the case, we’d recommend choosing a costume made with lightweight and breathable materials.

Summary of Best Olaf Costumes for Dogs

RankBest forProduct
1OverallRubie’s Disney: Frozen 2 Olaf Pet Costume
2Olaf & SvenRubie’s Disney Sven with Olaf Rider Dog Costume
3SnowmanRubie’s Snowman Pet Costume

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The Best Olaf Costumes for Dogs FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Can I dress my dog up as Olaf?

Why not? If you are a fan of the movie Frozen or are looking to coordinate Frozen-themed family costumes, an Olaf costume is a great option for your pup. Olaf is a friendly and enjoyable character from the movies and is easily recognized. Many people will get a kick seeing your pup dressed up as Olaf.

Is it mean to make a dog wear a costume?

Forcing a dog who doesn’t like wearing clothes or costumes to do so is not kind. Some dogs seem fearful of costumes or may become overly anxious if they are dressed up.

On the other hand, some dogs appear to enjoy wearing costumes or at least don’t seem to mind it at all. Knowing your dog’s personality and seeing how they react when you try to dress them up in a costume can help you decide whether you should dress them up this year.

What size costume does my dog need?

To determine the right costume size for your dog, you will need to consult the sizing guide from each manufacturer. Just because your dog wore a size small last year in a different costume, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll need the same size this year. Each manufacturer’s sizing varies, so have your dog’s measurements on hand and compare them with the ranges in the sizing chart to ensure a good fit.

How much does an Olaf dog costume cost?

Dog costumes vary in price based on the manufacturer, the costume quality, the size, and other factors. Most Olaf costumes on the market typically cost under $30, but some may be more expensive.