Victor Dog Food: Reviews, Recalls, Pros & Cons, and More

Written by Sarah Psaradelis
Updated: March 12, 2023


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    Victor is a premium brand of dog food that was founded by a family back in the 1950s. The brand has since extended its range to include a wide variety of dog foods manufactured in the United States.

    This food is not common in large-chain stores. Instead, Victor’s is primarily bought online. The facility where this brand of dog food comes from belongs to the founding family. This is where they manufacture each batch of their dog food and source the ingredients near the facility.

    Victor’s brand aims to create high-quality dog foods. They also make sure each of the ingredients is safe and beneficial before adding them to their recipes.

    The Victor dog food brand sources the ingredients needed for their dog food recipes from reliable dealers. They avoid ingredients from China. Instead prefer ingredients that can be sourced close to the facility in the United States where each of the dog foods is manufactured. Victor’s dog food avoids adding any cheap fillers such as soy and corn, along with gluten and grain-based by-products in each of their recipes.

    Let’s take a look at some of Victor’s most popular dog food recipes:

    Victor Super Premium Professional Dry Dog Food

    Victor Supreme
    Victor Supreme

    Victor Super Premium Select Beef Meal and Brown Rice Dry Dog Food

    Most Popular
    VICTOR Select Beef Meal & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food
    • Gluten-free recipe
    • Perfect for normal activity levels
    • High in protein
    • Fortified with vitamins
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    Victor Classic Multi-Pro Dry Dog Food

    Most Popular
    VICTOR Classic Multi-Pro Dry Dog Food
    • Promotes digestibility
    • Promotes a healthy immune system
    • Fortified with vitamins
    • Fortified with essential fatty acids
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    Victor Chicken and Rice Pate Wet Dog Food

    Most Popular
    VICTOR Chicken & Rice Formula Paté Canned Dog Food
    • For growth and maintenance
    • Well balanced formula
    • Delicious chicken flavor
    • Perfect kibble topper
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    Victor Super Premium Grain-Free Active Dog Food

    Best for Puppies
    VICTOR Purpose Active Dog & Puppy Formula
    • Formulated for puppies and active adult dogs
    • 77% of the protein in this formula comes from meat
    • The primary meat source is beef meal
    • Sweet potatoes provide carbohydrates for energy
    • Fortified with vitamins and minerals
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    Key Features

    • Known for incorporating high-quality ingredients into their dog foods.
    • Each recipe is free from artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors.
    • Recipes are high in animal-based proteins.
    • Foods are available for all dog breeds of different life stages (puppy, adult, and senior).
    • The dog foods are easily accessible both online and at pet stores.

    What type of dogs is Victor best suited for?

    Grain Free

    Most of Victor’s dog food recipes do not contain any grains, which makes it ideal for dogs that require foods that do not contain any grains due to allergies or food sensitivities. Victor dog foods have created their formulas with the highest quality ingredients available in both kibble (dry food) and wet food varieties.

    Different Life Stages

    Victor offer different foods suitable for puppy, adult, or senior dogs. Some recipes are ideal for both puppies and adult dog breeds because they contain a balance of different ingredients, such as proteins and caloric content, that are suitable for dogs of all life stages.

    Different Dog Breeds

    The Victor dog food brand does not only create recipes for a certain dog breed but rather ensures that their foods are suitable for different dog breeds which include small, medium, and large-sized dogs. All of their dog formulas are suitable for a variety of different dog breeds and are not limited to a dog with a specific age, breed, or activity level.

    Victor Dog Food: Where to Buy

    Victor dog food options are easily accessible and can be bought both online on sites such as Amazon and Chewy or in pet stores if the store stocks the Victor dog foods. Some local websites in your area may also stock Victor dog foods. They have a wide range of products to choose from and are considered to be premium quality and affordable for the quality of the food you receive.

    Where to Buy
    VICTOR Dog Food (Free Shipping) | Chewy
    • Easily accessible
    • Available for purchase online
    • Affordable pricing
    • Wide range of products
    Check Chewy Check Amazon

    Victor Dog Food Recalls & Controversies

    Fortunately, Victor’s dog food has had no recalls or controversies so far, even though they have been around for much longer than many other dog food manufacturers. This increases this brand’s recommendation as there have been no recalls since the brand has begun. It also proves that Victor’s dog food is meeting the correct standards when manufacturing it and living up to its ‘premium’ dog food name.

    Victor Supreme

    Bottom Line

    Victor dog food is considered high-quality yet affordable for the ingredients and recipes they provide. This brand of dog food contains a good level of protein derived from real animal sources and each recipe is supplemented with the necessary nutrients your dog needs to stay healthy. They have recipes available for different dog breeds of all life stages.

    Furthermore, as a dog food brand that has been around for so long, they have had no recalls or controversies regarding any of their foods which is another reason why we recommend this brand of dog food. Most of their recipes are grain-free, which does lower the variety in the food, but the affordability of the food and quality of the ingredients make Victor’s dog food a brand you should check out for your dog.

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    Victor Dog Food: Reviews, Recalls, Pros & Cons, and More FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

    Is Victor Dog Food Good for Dogs?

    Yes, this brand of pet food is ideal for all dog breeds of various life stages and they have a variety of different dog food recipes to choose from. Victor dog foods are best suited for dogs that require a grain or gluten-free diet that primarily consists of animal-based protein as the main ingredient and does not contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

    Has Victor Dog Food Ever Had A Recall?

    Victor dog food has not had any recalls since being established in the 1950s which is excellent as a dog food manufacturer. This increases the safety of the foods they create and gives dog owners who are interested in purchasing a high-quality, premium dog food at an affordable price a peace of mind that the food they are feeding their dogs is considered to be quite safe.

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