Published: April 28, 2023
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The list of animals in Grenada includes a variety of organisms such as the nine-banded armadillo and the mongoose. The latter was introduced as a pest control measure that turned into a rabies reservoir! The small nation is home to almost 200 species of birds, over 230 species of marine animals, over a dozen reptiles, and several species of mammals!

The National Animal of Grenada

The national animal of Grenada is Leptotila wellsi, the Grenada dove. This bird is the only endemic dove found in the nation, and it is critically endangered. These birds evolved without knowing any ground predators, so they will often fly to the ground when attacked in trees and simply walk away.

The Most Dangerous Animals in Grenada

close up of cane toad looking at camera

Cane toads can cause serious complications in animals that consume its bufotoxin.

©Ondrej Prosicky/

The nation does not have any creatures that can inflict a fatal envenomation. However, the most dangerous animals in Grenada include:

  • Cane toads– a creature that excretes bufotoxin on its skin for protection. That poison can kill animals when infested, and it can also cause significant harm or death in humans.
  • Various scorpions- may cause swelling and pain following a sting.
  • Sea urchins– humans can step on these spiny creatures in the water causing pain and infections.

Fortunately, very few animals that live in the country can cause serious and lasting harm to humans.

The Best Zoos in Grenada

Grenada does not have many zoos. One of the zoos that can help generate interest in local animals is the Spice Island Petting Zoo. This petting zoo allows people to get up close with local animals including green iguanas, donkeys, parrots, monkeys, armadillos, and more.

Where to Find the Top Wild Animals in Grenada

The best place to safely view wild animals in Grenada is by exploring the nature reserves in the country. In this case, the best-protected area is the Grand Etang National Park, also called the Grand Etang Forest Reserve.

The area has a wealth of species including fish, lizards, tropical birds, and more! With over 3,000 acres of land to explore, the Grand Etang National Park provides visitors with a chance to get close to the nation’s many creatures.

Endangered Animals in Grenada

leatherback turtle

Leatherback turtles are highly endangered animals in Grenada.

©Stephanie Rousseau/

Grenada is home to several endangered animals, including those on its lands and in its waters. Some of the endangered animals include:

  1. Leatherback turtles
  2. The Grenada dove
  3. Brown Pelican
  4. Loggerhead turtles
  5. Pristimantis rain frog

Birds and fish make up the majority of the endangered animals in the country. Grenada is a small country, but it is home to a large number of species. Fortunately, not many of them cause serious harm to humans.



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