250 Amazing Chinese Dog Names and Their Meanings

Best Chinese Dog Names
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Written by Kellianne Matthews

Published: May 5, 2024

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If you’re looking for a collection of amazing Chinese dog names for your new furry friend, then you’ve come to the right place! These names are the perfect blend of China’s rich culture, symbolism, and deep meanings, and are a great way to honor your pup’s unique identity. So, let’s check out 250 amazing Chinese dog names and their meanings!

Strong Chinese Dog Names

dog breed Pekingese

Historically, Pekingese dogs were the canine companions of Chinese royalty.

©DevidDO/iStock via Getty Images

  • Jian: Strong and healthy. 
  • Tai: Great extreme.
  • Cheng: “Completed, succeeded” (成) or “sincere, true, honest” (诚). 
  • Fu: “Abundant, rich, and wealthy” (富) or “man and father” (甫)
  • Heng: Constant and persistent. 
  • Jie: Heroic and outstanding. 
  • Kai: Victory or music of triumph. 
  • Wang: King or ruler (王).
  • Li: “Reason and logic” (理) or “power and influence” (力). 
  • Min: Quick, clever, and sharp. 
  • Qiang: Strong, energetic, and powerful. 
  • Zhi: “Will and ambition” (真) or “wisdom and intellect” (真). 
  • Hui: “Intelligent and wise” (慧) or “brightness” (辉). 
  • Zhihao: “Will, ambition, wisdom, and intellect” combined with “brave and heroic”. 
  • Rong: “Glory, honor” (荣) or “harmonize, fuse” (融). 
  • Yong: “Brave” (勇) or “eternal” (永). 
  • Wu: Military or martial.
  • Wei: “Power” (威), “high, towering” (巍), or “extraordinary, great, and robust” (伟). 
  • Zhang: To open up, expand, and grow. 
  • Longwei: Dragon greatness.

Beautiful Chinese Dog Names

Chinese Crested Dog prancing like a pony

Despite its name, the Chinese crested dog breed most likely originated elsewhere.

©Abramova Kseniya/Shutterstock.com

  • Mei: Beautiful, plum.
  • Xin: Beautiful, elegant, joyous.
  • Juan: Beautiful and graceful. 
  • Ning: Peaceful, serene, and calm.
  • Bao: Treasure, precious, jewel.
  • Jia: ”Good and beautiful” (佳) or “home and family” (家).
  • Jiahoa: “Home and family” combined with “brave and heroic”. 
  • Jin: “Gold, metal” (金), “embroidered, tapestry” (锦), or “ferry” (津).
  • Xui: Beautiful, elegant, luxurious, or outstanding. 
  • Na: Elegant, delicate, and graceful. 
  • Shu: Good, charming, virtuous, and pure. 
  • Shufen: “Good, charming, virtuous, and pure” combined with “fragrance or perfume”. 
  • Yating: “Refined, graceful, and elegant” combined with “pretty or graceful”. 
  • Zhen: “Precious and rare” (珍) or “real and genuine” (真). 
  • Biking: Clear as jade.
  • Daiyu: Black jade. 
  • Zedong: “Grace or brilliance” combined with “east”. 
  • Hui Yang: Clever beauty. 

Cute Chinese Dog Names

A group of adorable Shih-tzu puppies for adoption posing on the bench and looking at the camera outdoors during the day

The Chinese name for shih tzu means “lion”.

©Alessandra Sawick/Shutterstock.com

  • Ting: Enduring.
  • An: Peace, quiet. 
  • Ming: Bright, light, and clear. 
  • Huan: Happy or pleased. 
  • Nuan: Warm and genial.
  • Jing: “Quiet, gentle” (静), “spirit, essence” (精), or “crystal, clear” (晶). 
  • Jingyi: “Quiet, gentle” combined with “joy and harmony”. 
  • Xin: New.
  • Ling: “Spirit, soul” (灵) or “bell, chime” (铃).
  • Mu: “Admire, desire” (慕) or “tree, wood” (木). 
  • Ping: Level and peaceful.
  • Ru: Scholar. 
  • Wen: Literature, writing, or culture.
  • Xinyi: “Happy and joyous” and “heart, mind, and soul”. 
  • Yu: “Jade, gem” (玉), “pleasant and delightful” (愉), or “rain” (雨).
  • Zhong: “Middle” (中) or “loyalty and devotion” (忠).
  • Xu: Slow or gentle. 
  • Zan: Help or support.  
  • Li: Pretty. 
  • Cong: Clever. 
  • Nuo: Promise.
  • Xi: Happy and bright. 
  • Jing: Brightness. 
  • Mochou: Free of sadness. 

Male Chinese Dog Names

Portrait of one dog of pug breed with silver color coat and tongue out sitting on a picnic cover in park with green grass on sunny day in summer.

The history of the pug breed goes back to 400 BCE in China.


  • Jun: Ruler, talented, handsome. 
  • Da: Big or great. 
  • Yu: Shining brightly.
  • Long: Dragon.
  • Chen: Great, tremendous.
  • Ushi: The ox; patience and determination.
  • Chang: Smooth, free, unhindered.
  • Quon: Bright.
  • Gang: Rigid and strong. 
  • Chao: Surpass, leap over. 
  • Hong: Great.
  • Ju: Big or enormous.
  • Sun: Grandson or descendent (孙). 
  • Typhoon: Great wind.
  • Jun: “King, ruler” (君), “talented, handsome” (俊), or “army” (军). 
  • Ming: Bright.
  • Fu: Luck or wealth.
  • Wei: Greatness. 
  • An: Security.
  • Qiang: Strength. 
  • Yìchén: Grand sun, moon (奕辰). 
  • Jiā háo: Wonderful and heroic (嘉豪). 
  • Huì fēn: Bright philosophy (明哲). 
  • Jùn dé: Handsome, virtue (俊德). 
  • Yǒng lè: Forever happy (永乐).
  • Hàoyǔ: Vast universe (浩宇). 
  • Míng yù: Bright shine (明煜).
  • Dōng yáng: Eastern sun (东阳). 
  • Lè yáng: Happy sea (乐洋). 
  • Bó chéng: Great success (博成). 

Female Chinese Dog Names

Brown chow chow dog lying in the grass.

The chow chow is a very unique Chinese breed that produces dogs with blue-black tongues!


  • Li: “beautiful” (丽) or “plum” (李). 
  • Lian: Graceful willow.
  • Sharpay: Sand skin.
  • Yinuo: Promise.
  • Ju: Chrysanthemum.
  • Zhen: A treasure
  • Yaling: “Refined, elegant, and graceful” combined with “tinkling of jade”. 
  • Ye: Leaf.
  • Min: Quick.
  • Ya: Refined, elegant, and graceful. 
  • Gongzhu: Princess
  • Meinlin: Beautiful jade.
  • Yawen: “Refined, graceful, and elegant” combined with “cloud patterns”
  • Ai: “Love” (爱) or “friendly” (蔼).
  • Zàn: Support, favor, praise.
  • Ai: “Love, affection” (爱) or “friendly” (蔼).
  • Fen: Fragrance or perfume.
  • Mei: “Beautiful” (美) or “Chinese plum” (梅).
  • Chán juān: The moon (婵娟). 
  • Měi lián: Beautiful lotus (美莲).
  • Lì huá: Beautiful and elegant (丽华).
  • Míng xiá: Bright glow (明霞). 
  • Xiǎo huì: Little wisdom (小慧). 
  • Míng zhū: Bright pearl (明珠).
  • Lì méi: Beautiful plum blossom (丽梅). 
  • Měi qí: Beautiful jade (美琪). 
  • Lè qí: Music jade (乐琪). 
  • Yí rán: Joy and bright (怡然). 

Colorful Chinese Dog Names

A beautiful, young red fawn Chinese Shar-Pei dog standing on the lawn, distinctive for its deep wrinkles and considered to be a very rare breed.

Shar-pei dogs were bred in China 2,000 years ago.


  • Bai: White, pure.
  • Qing: Blue, green, and young. 
  • Huang: “Bright and shining” (煌), “phoenix” (凰), or “yellow, golden” (黄).
  • Hóng sè: Red. 
  • Chéng sè: Orange.
  • Huáng sè: Yellow.
  • Mì chéng: Honey orange. 
  • Lǜ sè: Green.
  • Lán sè: Blue.
  • Zǐ sè: Purple.
  • Bái sè: White.
  • Jú huáng: Tangerine.
  • Hēi sè: Black.
  • Hūi sè: Gray.
  • Zōng sè: Brown.
  • Zǐ tán: Rosewood. 
  • Xuě qīng: Snowy blue. 
  • Dài: Bluish-black. 
  • Dān: Red.
  • Tóng: Red.
  • Yán: Fiery red. 
  • Hè chì: Fiery red. 
  • Wū jīn: Black gold. 
  • Zhě: Ochre brown.
  • Qiū sè: Autumn yellow.
  • Tuó sè: Camel brown.
  • Fěn sè: Pink.
  • Tuó yán: Blushed red. 
  • Liǔ lǜ: Willow green.
  • Piǎo: Hazy green.
  • Qīng bì: Emerald green.
  • Wū hēi: Crow black.
  • Zī sè: Deep black. 

Nature-Inspired Chinese Dog Names

Japanese Chin outside on the grass

Don’t let its name fool you — historians believe the Japanese chin originated in China!

©Rin Seiko/Shutterstock.com

  • Bo: Wave.
  • Yue: Moon.
  • Lian: Lotus, water lily” (莲) or “waterfall” (濂). 
  • Hua: Flower blossom.
  • Shi: “Season, era, time” (时), “real, honest” (实), and “stone” (石). 
  • Hai: Sea or ocean.
  • Lin: “Forest” (林) or “fine jade, gem” (琳). 
  • Dong: East.
  • Chen: “Morning” (晨) or “old, ancient” (陈).
  • Yuze: Rain. 
  • Ying: Flower or wise.
  • Qiu: “Autumn” (秋) or “hill” (丘). 
  • Chun: Spring.
  • Xia: “Great, grand, and summer” (夏) or “rosy clouds” (霞). 
  • Shui: Water.
  • Lei: As a male name, Lei means “pile of stones” (磊); as a female name it means “bud” (蕾).  
  • Léi: Thunder. 
  • Yun: Cloud.
  • Fang: Fragrant or beautiful. 
  • Fu: Hibiscus or lotus (芙). 
  • Chu Hua: Chrysanthemum. 
  • Liling: Sound of white jasmine.
  • He: “River, stream” (河) or “lotus, water lily” (荷).
  • Hong: This name means “rainbow” (虹) or “wild swan” and “great”. (鸿).
  • Kun: Earth.
  • Yanlin: Forest. 
  • Shoi-Ming: Life of sunshine.
  • Lan: “Orchid, elegant” (兰) or “mountain mist” (岚).
  • Liu: Willow.
  • Xiang: “Soar, glide” (翔), “good luck, good omen” (祥), or “fragrant” (香). 
  • Xiulan: Beautiful orchid. 
  • Xiuying: “Beautiful, outstanding” combined with “flower, petal” or “brave, hero”. 
  • Xue: Snow.
  • Yan: “Beautiful, gorgeous”(艳), “cliff, rocks” (岩), or “swallow” (燕).
  • Yang: “Ocean”(洋)  or ‘light, male, sun” (阳). 
  • Zhao: Morning or sunrise (赵). 

Animal Chinese Dog Names

A Formosan mountain dog wears a pink jacket

Formosan mountain dogs have been in China for thousands of years.

©Sophia Yip/Shutterstock.com

  • Zhū: Pig.
  • Biānfú: Bat. 
  • Xióng: Bear.
  • Niǎo: Bird.
  • Gōng niú: Bull.
  • Māo: Cat.
  • Niú: Cow.
  • Gǒu: Dog.
  • Húli: Fox.
  • Qīng wā: Frog.
  • Hé mǎ: Hippopotamus.
  • Mǎ: Horse.
  • Dài shǔ: Kangaroo.
  • Shīzi: Lion.
  • Hóuzi: Mouse. 
  • Tùzi: Rabbir. 
  • Xī niú: Rhinoceros.
  • Chòu yòu: Skunk.
  • Lǎo hǔ: Tiger.
  • Láng: Wolf.
  • Hu: Tiger.
  • Biao: Tiger stripes or small tiger. 
  • Syaoran: Little wolf. 

Dog Names From Chinese Mythology

Pug Happy Chinese New Year

When choosing a name for your dog, make sure it’s one that you can easily pronounce.


  1. Chang’e: Goddess of the moon.
  2. Hou Yi: The great archer and husband of Chang’e. 
  3. Jade Rabbit: A companion of Chang’e. 
  4. Qinglong: Celestial dragon
  5. Baihu: The sacred white tiger
  6. Xuanwu: A god of water. 
  7. Nüwa: Creator goddess.
  8. Lei Gong: God of thunder.
  9. Mazu: Goddess of the sea.
  10. Fu Xi: A creator god. 
  11. Gong-Gong: A god and giant sea serpent. 
  12. Guanyin: Goddess of mercy.
  13. Yan Wang: King of the dead.
  14. Pangu: Primordial being who separated the earth and heavens. 
  15. Yue Lao: God of love and marriage.
  16. Yu Shi: God of rain. 
  17. Nuba: Goddess of droughts.
  18. Huxian: A mystical fox or fairy. 
  19. Dianmu: Goddess of lightning. 
  20. Zhi Peng: Legendary bird of wisdom. 

Food-Inspired Chinese Dog Names

Golden retriever eagerly licking paper box with chinese noodles being eating by young woman. Female pet owner sharing food with lovely furry friend at cozy apartment.

You could choose a dog name based on your favorite Chinese cuisine!


  1. Dumpling
  2. Chow mein
  3. Noodle
  4. Lo mein
  5. Baozi
  6. Dim sum
  7. Potsticker
  8. Mantou
  9. Wonton
  10. Zongzi
  11. Mooncake
  12. Sachima
  13. Hot Pot
  14. Tong sui
  15. Tofu
  16. Enoki
  17. Shiitake
  18. Bamboo
  19. Matsutake

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