The 16 Most Famous Dogs in History

Written by Kellianne Matthews
Published: November 30, 2023
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Throughout history, dogs have held a special place in our hearts and lives. From ancient times to the present, these remarkable animals have stood faithfully by our side as loyal companions, fearless protectors, and unwavering allies. They have played a pivotal role in shaping human civilization, from serving alongside soldiers on the front lines to detecting life-threatening illnesses and providing comfort to those in need. From Lassie’s harrowing rescues to the resilience and heroism of Balto and Togo, the most famous dogs in history continue to captivate and inspire people all over the world. So, let’s jump in and uncover the stories of history’s most famous dogs!

16. Chaser

Chaser the border collie loves the snow, 2013

Chaser is known as the “Smartest Dog in the World”.

©Pilleybianchi / CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons - License

Born in 2004, Chaser was a phenomenal border collie who could understand over 1,000 human words! Trained by John W. Piley, a professor of psychology at Wofford College, Chaser demonstrated the most extensive memory of any non-human animal ever tested. By the time she was five months old, Chaser began to grasp the concept that different objects had signifying names. After that, things just clicked into place, and she connected new objects to their corresponding names, often after just one try! 

Chaser continued to increase her vocabulary, adding verbs, adverbs, and prepositional objects. In addition, she could even figure out the name of a new object simply by eliminating the ones whose names she already knew. By the end of her life, Chaser could identify the designated names of 1,022 toys. Talk about a clever canine!

15. Checkers

Black Cocker Spaniel dog standing on park grass

President Nixon’s dog, Checkers, died in 1964, five years before Nixon was elected President.


Many U.S. presidents have owned pets, but the most famous dog of all was Checkers. In fact, often referred to as “Checkers Day”, September 23 was designated as National Dogs in Politics Day in his honor! Checkers was the dog of President Richard M. Nixon, although he never actually lived in the White House. 

Nixon had been accused of a financial scandal, which threatened his role in the Senate. During a televised address, Nixon denied the accusations and then introduced his dog. However, what Americans really remembered from Nixon’s speech was his endearing black-and-white cocker spaniel puppy, Checkers. In fact, historians assert that showcasing his dog during what is now famously known as the “Checkers Speech” may have saved Nixon’s campaign! 

14. Laika

Laika, the first dog to orbit earth.

Between 1957 and 1987, Soviet allies issued various postage stamps featuring Laika.

©scanned by user Neozoon, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons - License

Did you know that one of the very first animals to travel into space was a dog? Sadly, without the advanced technology needed for a return trip, the canine astronaut died during her orbit around the Earth. A stray dog from Russia, Kudryavka (Little Curly) was chosen for the infamous suicide mission. After barking during her debut on public radio, however, she became known as Laika, which means “barker” in Russian. 

Scientists originally thought Laika would survive for seven days in space. However, due to the loss of the heat shield, she died after just over 100 minutes and fabricated news reports initially hid the truth from the public. Although her journey demonstrated that space travel was possible, today many of the experts on the project admit that it was truly a tragedy.

13. Benji

Benji (portrayed by Benjean) in 1979 Press conference with film dog Benji in the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam

The original canine actor, Higgins, was found at the Burbank Animal Shelter as a puppy.

©Croes, Rob C. / Anefo/Public Domain - License

Originally created by Joe Camp, Benji is one of the most famous dogs in history. Benji’s success exploded due to the first 1974 film, which led to five additional movies from 1977 to 2018. A special mixed-breed dog, the first Benji was portrayed by a talented canine actor named Higgins. Much like Benji’s character, Higgins was actually a rescue dog himself! Thanks to the Benji movies, Higgins went on to enjoy an incredibly successful 14-year Hollywood career.

12. Blue from Blue’s Clues

Blues Clues 2019 Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade

Blue revolutionized children’s television by inviting young viewers to engage with her.

©TomH2323 / CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons - License

Running for 10 years on Nickelodeon, Blue’s Clues was one of the most popular preschool programs on television. Accordingly, the show’s incredible success has also made its main character, an animated dog named Blue, one of the most famous dogs in history. Blue’s Clues was meticulously crafted using extensive research on early childhood education and child development. Designed to captivate and educate young viewers, it utilized new and innovative techniques that revolutionized the genre. Translated into 15 languages spanning across the world, Blue remains an iconic symbol of childhood and exploration, with her own spin-off, revival series, and live production tour. 

11. Greyfriars Bobby

Greyfriars Bobby Fountain Memorial Edinburgh Scotland

The Greyfriars Bobby Fountain in Edinburgh is a popular site for tourists.

©Fabian Junge/

A small but tenacious terrier in the nineteenth century, Greyfriars Bobby is one of the most famous dogs in Scotland due to his loyalty and unwavering diligence. According to the story, Greyfriars Bobby belonged to a nightwatchman named John Gray who worked for the Edinburgh City Police. After Gray died, Bobby sought out his grave in the Greyfriars Kirkyard. Bobby diligently sat upon the gravestone until he died 14 years later. He was then buried in Greyfriars Kirkyard, just inside the gate. While some doubt the accuracy of the story, this famous dog continues to be an inspiration to many. There are several monuments erected in Scotland to honor Bobby’s diligence and unwavering loyalty. 

10. Chips

Pvt. Chips (1940-1946) was a war dog trained as a sentry dog for United States Army, and the most decorated war dog from World War II.

Pvt. Chips is the most decorated war dog from World War II.

©Cassowary Colorizations / CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons - License

A special mix of German shepherd, Malamute, and collie, Chips started life as an ordinary family dog. During World War II, however, his family donated him to the War Dog Training Center. Chips was sent out with a handler to serve as a sentry dog and in July 1943, the two were cornered on a beach by an Italian machine-gun team. With no way out, Chips gallantly broke free and leaped headfirst into the pillbox where the gunners were hidden. The courageous dog forced the four men out, maintaining a tight hold on one of their throats. Chips served eight campaigns and was returned to his family in December 1945. 

9. Old Yeller

Old Yeller

Disney’s film is preserved by the Library of Congress in the United States National Film Registry.

©English: "Distributed by Buena Vista Distribution Co., Inc. © Walt Disney Productions." / Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons - License

Portrayed by an endearing lop-eared yellow Mastador named Spike, Old Yeller is a beloved canine icon that continues to both warm and devastated dog lovers around the world today. Released as a book in 1956 and a Disney film in 1957, Old Yeller tells the story of a stray dog who befriends a young boy in Texas during the 1860s. The dog becomes a beloved companion and protector, helping the family on their ranch until he makes the ultimate sacrifice while saving his owner from a wolf attack. 

8. Bluey

Australian cattle dog puppy outdoor. Blue and red heeler dog breed. Puppies on the backyard. Dog litter. Dog kennel

Bluey is part of a family of blue and red heeler dogs.


Despite being relatively new to the scene, an adorable puppy named Bluey has quickly become one of the most famous dogs in history. Along with her sister Bingo and their parents Bandit and Chilli, Bluey navigates the highs and lows of everyday life, showcasing the unwavering support and love the family has for one another. Since the premiere of Bluey in 2018, this captivating Australian animated series has taken the world by storm, garnering praise and recognition from television critics and media organizations alike. 

7. Scooby-Doo

Adelaide, Australia - September 28, 2015: A Studio Shot of a Scooby Doo Lego Minifigure from the animated series Scooby Doo. This figure is part of a series of Lego kits released in 2015, lego is very popular with children and collectors worldwide.

Scooby-Doo features in countless spin-offs, comic books, animated movies, and toys.


Another famous cartoon canine is Scooby-Doo, the iconic dog created by Hanna-Barbera Productions in the 1960s. Alongside his four teenage friends, Shaggy, Velma, Fred, and Daphne, Scooby-Doo helps to solve mysteries and discover the truth behind paranormal occurrences. As of 2013, Scooby-Doo was ranked as the fifth greatest TV cartoon of all time by TV Guide. In fact, reruns of the original show and its many spin-offs continue to air on television today.

6. Snoopy

Sekiguchi Snoopy Retrons Snoopy is in the flower garden

Snoopy is no ordinary dog — he flies a plane, writes best sellers, and plays smooth jazz!

©Nathasa Image/

A cute beagle with a vibrant imagination, Snoopy is one of the most beloved and iconic characters from Charles M. Schulz. Snoopy made his first appearance in the pages of the Peanuts comic strip on October 4, 1950, and even since he has captivated readers around the world with his larger-than-life adventures and loyalty to his human companion, Charlie Brown. As Snoopy evolved, his popularity also skyrocketed, solidifying his place as one of the most famous and recognizable dogs in history. He even has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

5. Hachikō or Hachi

Hachiko dog statue In front of Shibuya Station Made from bronze Is a symbol of honesty

A statue of Hachikō stands at Shibuya Station, installed in 1934 while Hachi was still alive.


Hachikō, affectionately known as Hachi, was more than just a very famous dog — he embodied the very essence of loyalty and fidelity. Every day, without fail, Hachi made his way to the train station to meet his beloved human companion, Professor Hidesaburō Ueno, after work. Sadly, only a year after joining Ueno’s family, the professor passed away.

Even in that short time, however, Hachi had already forged an unwavering bond with his owner. Over the next decade, he faithfully returned to the train station every single day, patiently waiting for the professor. At the age of 11 years old, Hachi passed away and was buried beside Professor Ueno at the Aoyama Cemetery. Today, his unwavering loyalty continues to inspire, with statues, films, and annual ceremonies honoring his unbreakable bond with his human companion. 

4. Balto and Togo

Best Dog Names: Unique Historical and Famous Dog Names

There are many memorials for Balto, including a bronze statue in New York’s Central Park.


In the winter of 1925, a deadly diphtheria epidemic threatened the people of Nome, Alaska. Although there was a treatment available, the closest was located in Anchorage, around 540 miles away. Due to the lack of any direct road connections between Nome and Anchorage, the only way to deliver the medicine was via dogsled!  

Many dogs assisted in the iconic 1925 Serum Run, but the two most famous were Balto and Togo. Balto is the more widely recognized of the two, as he was seen by news reporters while running the final leg of the journey. However, Togo, already 12 years old at the time, was the true star, leading his team for over 260 miles, including the most treacherous sections of the run!

3. Rin Tin Tin

Poster for the 1927 film A Dog of the Regiment.

Rin Tin Tin, or “Rinty”, appeared in 27 films and won countless awards for his performances.

©Warner Bros., Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons - License

One of the most famous dogs in history was a talented German shepherd named Rin Tin Tin. Originally from France, Rin Tin Tin was born in 1918. During World War I, an American soldier named Lee Duncan rescued him from a battlefield. After the war, Duncan brought the puppy back home and trained him for Hollywood, which he quickly took by storm. Appearing in 27 films throughout his career, Rin Tin Tin was not only a Hollywood legend, but an international superstar as well. When he passed away in 1932, it led to a National Day of Mourning. An announcement of his death interrupted regular programming across the nation, followed by an hour-long program dedicated to his memory. In 1960, Rin Tin Tin received his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

2. Lassie

herding dog.

Lassie’s success led to a boom in collie owners across the United States.

©Ingrid Pakats/

From her first debut in 1939 to becoming a well-known household name, Lassie the rough collie is one of the most famous dogs in history. Originally portrayed by the talented canine actor Pal in 1940, Lassie’s image quickly took over America, endearing herself to anyone who saw her. This incredible canine fearlessly tackles every obstacle that comes her way in order to aid and rescue those in need. With her own star on Hollywood Boulevard, Lassie’s legendary status is honored by young and old. Even decades later, Lassie lives on through her many depictions in movies, books, radio shows, toys, comic books, and a 17-season-long TV series.

1. Toto

Publicity photo of American entertainer, Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale and American canine performer, Terry as Toto promoting the Sunday April 18, 1971 NBC television broadcast of the 1939 MGM feature film The Wizard of Oz.

Judy Garland fell in love with her canine costar and offered to buy the pup!

©NBC Television Network / Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons - License

The most famous and iconic dog in history is Toto, the small but courageous canine from The Wizard of Oz. Even the iconic American rock band, Toto, used his name as their own! In the original series by L. Frank Baum, Toto was described as a small terrier. In the 1939 film, he was played by Terry, a female black brindle cairn terrier. Toto is the most renowned dog in film and television and continues to captivate audiences worldwide with his intelligence, loyalty, and undeniable charm. However, Toto is not just an adorable and endearing little pup — scholars suggest that Dorothy’s affection for Toto serves as the driving force behind the entire narrative!

Summary of the 16 Most Famous Dogs in History

RankDog’s NameFame
1TotoThe famous cairn terrier in The Wizard of Oz.
2LassieThe iconic rough collie of the Lassie TV series.
3Rin Tin TinA canine Hollywood star who was rescued from a World War II battlefield.
4Balto and TogoTwo of the heroic sled dogs from the 1925 Serum Run.
5Hachikō or HachiA loyal dog who waited at the train station every day after his owner died.
6SnoopyThe most beloved and iconic character from Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts comics.
7Scooby-DooThe main character of the Scooby-Doo cartoon series.
8BlueyThe main character of the Australian animated series, Bluey.
9Old YellerThe main character of the 1956 book and 1957 film, Old Yeller.
10ChipsA courageous sentry dog during World War II.
11Greyfriars BobbyA small terrier who sat on his owner’s grave for 14 years.
12Blue from Blue’s CluesThe main character of one of the most popular preschool programs on television.
13BenjiThe main character of the Benji films.
14LaikaA canine astronaut who died while orbiting the Earth.
15CheckersPresident Nixon’s cocker spaniel.
16ChaserThe “Smartest Dog in the World” and could identify and retrieve 1,022 toys with designated names.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Ingrid Pakats/

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