This Tiger Challenges the King of the Jungle

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: March 20, 2024
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Despite being called ‘The King of the Jungle’ lions do not actually live there! They have been given that name to reflect their place as the most magnificent big cat. But tigers have something to say about that and this tiger in particular has a point to make. You will not want to miss the clash of the giant cats in the video below.

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Tiger vs Lion Showdown

Lion the king of the jungle captured during Safari.

Lions don’t actually live in jungles.


This clip was captured in a zoo or safari park and shared on TikTok where it has already received over 75,000 likes. According to the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute, lions are the world’s most social felines. Also, they have strong bodies with powerful legs and jaws. Lions reach around three or four feet in height to their shoulder and males weigh up to around 550 pounds. The lion in the clip above is a male – you can tell from his characteristic mane.

Big Cat Conflict

In the above clip, the lion seems to be in charge. The tiger has dared to approach the large male lion and he is not having that! The lion hurls its body at the tiger and there is a big cat wrestling match for a few moments. When they break apart again, it is the lion that walks away but it is a swagger as he was victorious. He is even confident enough to turn his back on the tiger.

Do Lions and Tigers Live Together?

These two animals had been placed in the same pen so obviously they managed to get on most of the time. The Big Cat Rescue charity explains that, in the wild, these two species would hardly ever come face to face. This is because tigers are found in Asia but lions are found mainly in Africa. There is one small population of lions that lives in India. According to the San Diego Wildlife Alliance Library, the Indian lion population is found in the Gir Forest protected area and three other areas. Their numbers are stable and add up to around 500 lions.

The library information also explains that the Bengal tiger is found on the Indian sub-continent, specifically India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, and Bangladesh. Sadly, tigers have lost 93 percent of their original range over the last 150 years. According to the World Wildlife Fund, their numbers are threatened by forests being cleared for agriculture and timber, road building, and road networks.

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