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Crystal is a dedicated writer at A-Z Animals, focusing on topics related to mammals, insects, and travel. With over a decade of experience in the world of research and writing, she also fulfills the role of a skilled video and audio engineer.

Residing in sunny Florida, alligators are Crystal's favorite animal.

What Is a Group of Penguins Called? Picture

What is a group of penguins called? While many birds form flocks or have unique names for their groups, tuxedo-colored penguins don't fit into these categories. They don't gather in… Read More

By Crystal 5 months ago

Why Do Tigers Chuff? Picture

Have you ever heard a tiger chuff? Chuffing also known as prusten, is a sound tigers are famous for. This well-known vocalization is unlike any other sound these big cats… Read More

By Crystal 6 months ago

350+ Most Adorable Bunny Names Picture

Let's talk about bunny names!  Whether your rabbit acts like a Thumper or Willow; choosing a name can be an exciting experience. Maybe you'll go with a seasonal title, like… Read More

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100+ Amazing Duck Names For Your Flock Picture

What’s your favorite thing about ducks? Is it their adorable waddle that warms your heart? Their graceful swimming skills? Or perhaps it’s their one-of-a-kind sound —the famous quack!  When it… Read More

By Crystal 7 months ago

300+ Amazingly Adorable Owl Names Picture

You have the privilege of naming an owl—congratulations! Whether it's an owl in your backyard, a pet, or a new resident at a bird shelter, the choice deserves careful consideration.… Read More

By Crystal 7 months ago

300+ Perfect Cow Names Picture

Picking a name for your cow is a big deal—it's a title that could last a while. Considering the natural life expectancy for a cow ranges between 15 to 20… Read More

By Crystal 7 months ago

Where Do Robins Nest? Picture

How do you know if a robin’s getting ready to nest? You’ll see them gathering materials. If you spot a robin flying around with bits of leaves, grass, and twigs;… Read More

By Crystal 8 months ago