200+ Lion Names and Meanings For Each

Written by Crystal
Published: December 15, 2023
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You can hear a lion’s roar up to 5 miles away! 

If you’re looking for a name that’s as impressive as this big cat’s vocalizations, you’re in the right spot. Whether you prefer a playful name like Simba or something with a deeper meaning like Aariah, meaning Lion of God, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading to find some of the best and most popular lion names.

Names That Mean Lion or Lioness

Lion (Panthera leo) from the front

Lewyn, which means lion-like, is a strong choice when naming one of these big cats.

©R. Maximiliane/Shutterstock.com

Aera is the perfect lion name, it means “one who has the courage of a lion”, as well as “one who has the strength of a lion”. Then there’s also Lionella, which translates to little lioness.

  • Aariah – Lion of God
  • Abaas – Like a lion
  • Abbaas – The description of a lion
  • Abuhafs – The father of a lion cub
  • Adisimah – Wild lion
  • Aera – One who has the strength and courage of a lion
  • Aeriel – Lion of God
  • Haydar- Lion or warrior
  • Jala- Used in Arabic cultures, means greatness
  • Jansher- Living like a majestic lion
  • Levian – Lion-like, strong, and brave
  • Levka – Lioness
  • Lewyn – Like a lion
  • Liandra – Lioness of man
  • Live – A person with a heart as brave as a lion’s
  • Liona – Means lioness
  • Lionella – Little lioness
  • Narhari- Man lion
  • Narshima- Lion among men
  • Parindra- Lion
  • Udaisingh- Rising Lion

Names Inspired by Hunting and Bravery

Animal, Animal Body Part, Animal Eye, Animal Hair, Animal Whisker

Celebrate their hunting skills with a name like Atalanta, a Greek name for huntress.


Lions are capable of eating 15% of their body weight, every single day! That’s over 60 pounds of meat for a large male. The females of the pride do most of the hunting, but males are still skilled at catching prey. To honor this big cat’s prowess, consider a fun hunting-inspired name like Hunter or Arrow.

  • Abnoba – Celtic, goddess of the hunt
  • Aife – Celtic warrior known for their hunting skills
  • Airmed – Celtic, goddess of foraging and hunting for herbs
  • Alcyone – Greek, after the impressive kingfisher bird
  • Atlanta – Greek-derived, means unswaying
  • Artemis – Greek-derived, means butcher
  • Zarola – American, formed by merging Zara and Carola
  • Cyrene – Greek, represents a wall or strength
  • Diana – Greek-derived, symbolizes divine
  • Kacela – American, represents fearlessness
  • Sedna – Native American, signifies goddess of the sea
  • Kainda – African, means hunter’s daughter
  • Devana – French, means divine one
  • Nujalik – Inuit origins, Goddess of hunting in the land
  • Caddell – Welsh, means war or battle
  • Caesar – Latin, means full head of hair
  • Cairo – Arabic, means winner and victorious
  • Cathair – Celtic, means warrior or fighter
  • Xiomar – Spanish, someone who’s famous in battle
  • Zander – Greek, defender of man
  • Diana – Roman, means hunter
  • Annie – Hebrew, means full of grace and resolve
  • Arduinna – Roman, goddess of forests and hunting
  • Atalanta – Greek, huntress
  • Belisama – Norse, goddess of the hunt
  • Brenda – Norse, means blade of the sword
  • Alaric – German, all-powerful ruler
  • Alfred – English, wise counselor
  • Althea – Greek, with the healing power
  • Andreas – Greek, meaning manly, and brave, symbolizes courage
  • Andrew – Greek, strong and manly

Names Based on Famous Lion Characters

Lions in Love. A lion and a lioness cuddle.

Name a lion couple Simba and Nala, after the animated characters in Disneys, “The Lion King”.

©Wicker Imaging/Shutterstock.com

Lions can have a famous name with titles like Simba or Nala from “The Lion King”. Or for a more sinister title, name them after Simba’s evil uncle, Scar. You could also choose something a bit more silly like MGM, after the studio’s famous roaring mascot.

  • Alex – Main character in DreamWorks’ “Madagascar”
  • Aslan – Narnia’s talking lion
  • Azure Lion – Main character in “Journey to the West” 
  • Clarence the Cross-eyed Lion – From the TV show “Daktari”
  • Cowardly Lion – Famous lion from”The Wizard of Oz” 
  • Drooper – Member of The Banana Splits Adventure Hour
  • Hercules the Lion – Character from “The Ugly Duckling” 
  • Kimba the White Lion – The main character in the anime “Kimba the White Lion”
  • King Richard – Lion character in Disney’s “Robin Hood”
  • Kovu – Character in “The Lion King II- Simba’s Pride”
  • Leo – Character in “Leo the Lion” animated series
  • Lion
  • Lionheart – Medieval bestiary’s king of animals
  • Lippy the Lion – Character from “The Hanna-Barbera New Cartoon Series”
  • MGM lion – The iconic roaring lion seen in the MGM Film Studio logo
  • Mufasa – King of the Pride Lands in Disney’s “The Lion King”
  • Nala – Character from “The Lion King”, Simba’s friend
  • Nemean Lion – Man-eating lion with impenetrable skin in Greek mythology
  • Nuka – Character in “The Lion King II- Simba’s Pride”
  • Parsley the Lion – Children’s TV character
  • Prince John – Disney’s “Robin Hood” character, portrayed as a lion
  • Sarabi – “The Lion King” character, Simba’s mother
  • Scar – Villain in Disney’s “The Lion King”
  • Scar – Villain in Disney’s “The Lion King”
  • Simba – “The Lion King” main character
  • Snagglepuss – Hanna-Barbera character
  • Stamford the Lion – Character from “The Wombles”
  • Zampa the Lion – Character from “Zampa the Lion” comics
  • Zuba – Character in “Madagascar- Escape 2 Africa

Male Names for a Lion

Lion resting in the meadow

With titles like Ethan and Ole lions can have human names and still sound majestic.

©AB Photography/iStock via Getty Images

Imagine calling out to a majestic lion with a name like Azure. This cool-sounding name refers to the refreshing blue color of a clear sky. Or just go for Sky—a popular, easy-to-say one-syllable lion name.

  • Adam- Hebrew, Son of the Red Earth
  • Albie- English, Bright, brilliant
  • Alfie- English, Wise counselor
  • Archie- German, Meaning- Bold or Brave
  • Arnold- Old English/German, Eagle power
  • Azure- French, Sky blue
  • Bernie- Old German, Strong and brave bear
  • Carmine- Italian, Song or vivid red
  • Chadwick- British, Town of Chad
  • Dustin- English, Thor’s stone
  • Elijah- Hebrew, The Lord is my God
  • Ethan- Hebrew, Strong, firm
  • Fergus- Gaelic, Strong or masculine
  • Freddie- German, Meaning- Peaceful Ruler
  • George- Greek, Meaning- Farmer
  • Han- Scandinavian, God is gracious
  • Harry- English, Meaning- ‘Ruler’
  • Henry- German, Meaning- Ruler of Home
  • Hugo- German, Heart or spirit
  • Idris- Welsh/Arabic, Ardent lord or prophet

More Names for a Male Lion

  • Jude- Hebrew, Praised
  • Keith- Scottish, Wood
  • Leo- Latin, Meaning- Lion
  • Lewis- German, Brave warrior
  • Louie- English and French, Famous warrior
  • Magnus- Latin, Great
  • Mason- English, Stone worker
  • Maurice- Latin, A Moor
  • Mohammed- Arabic, Praiseworthy
  • Neil- Gaelic, A champion
  • Noah- Hebrew, Meaning- ‘Rest or Comfort’
  • Ole- Norwegian/Danish, Ancestor’s descendant
  • Oscar- Irish, Meaning- Spear of God
  • Oz- Hebrew, Strength, and Courage
  • Pip- English, Lover of horses
  • Raleigh- English, Deer’s Meadow
  • Raymond- German, Strong protection
  • Reggie- English, King
  • Reuben- Hebrew, Behold, a son
  • Rodney- English, Hroda’s island
  • Roland- German, The famous land
  • Rory- Gaelic, Red King
  • Russell- French, Red color
  • Scott- English, From Scotland
  • Seymour- English, Marshy land by the sea
  • Terence- Latin, Smooth
  • Theodore- Greek, Meaning- God-given
  • Zephyr- Greek, West wind

Female Names for a Lioness

The lioness at the zoo is looking at something.

Lioness names include lovely-sounding titles such as Fiona, Hanna, and Eva.

©Igor Anfinogentov/Shutterstock.com

If you’re naming a lioness, choose something that’s as regal as she is. Candace, Victoria, and Yuka are elegant titles that carry an air of grace. For a more playful name, consider naming her after a Disney princess like Arie, Belle, or Jasmine.

  • Astrid- Nordic, beautiful and fair
  • Ausha- Energetic, determined, and courageous
  • Beatrice- Latin, “brings happiness” or “blessed”
  • Brynne- Noble, defense, and purity of water drops
  • Candace- Regal, “queen mother,” with Ethiopian roots
  • Chloe- Blooming and garden
  • Cora- Justice, honesty, and virtue
  • Danica- Symbolizes the morning star, promising a new day
  • Eva- Name that celebrates individuality
  • Eve- Classic Hebrew, to live or to breathe
  • Evelyn- A name that symbolizes hope and fulfillment
  • Fiona- Associated with fairness and purity
  • Halle- Reflects leadership and authority
  • Hannah- Favor and grace
  • Heidi- Carrying an air of grace
  • Irie- Goodness 
  • Jewel- Delight and preciousness
  • Joanna- Gift from God
  • Jobelle- Having divine favor
  • Julia- Celebrates Jupiter
  • Laina- One with direction and purpose
  • Layla- Arabic origin, translates to “night”
  • Leia- Celestial beauty and a connection to the divine
  • McKay- Cheerful and uplifting
  • Mirabel- Wonder-filled, extraordinary
  • Myla- Mercy and strength
  • Octavia- Completion and harmony
  • Phoebe- Radiant and shining
  • Rachel- Means female sheep, a playful name for a lioness
  • Raquel- Innocent name, embodying purity and simplicity
  • Rebecca- Means “to bind”
  • Ruby- Warmth, passion, and inner fire
  • Trista- Spirited and full of energy
  • Victoria- Latin for victory
  • Yuka- Logic, reason, fragrance, and goodness

Animated Character Names for a Lion

Male lion looks directly into camera

For a familiar and lovable title, choose an animated character’s name like Bart Simpson.

©The Len/Shutterstock.com

If famous lion characters aren’t doing the trick, check out these famous cartoon titles. Who says your lion has to be named after a lion? There are a ton of fun characters out there. You can name your lion after famous characters like Bugs Bunny, Snoopy, or even Bart Simpson.

  • Bart Simpson – From “The Simpsons”, a great name for a rebellious lion
  • Betty Boop – Famous cartoon from Fleischer Studios, a great choice for a sassy lion 
  • Bolt – The title character in Disney’s “Bolt”
  • Bugs Bunny – Looney Tunes character, often outwitting foes
  • Daffy Duck – Looney Tunes character, great for a silly lion
  • Dodger – Street-smart dog in Disney’s “Oliver & Company”
  • Elmer – Elmer Fudd’s in Looney Tunes
  • Flynn – Rapunzel’s chameleon friend in Disney’s “Tangled
  • Fox and Hound – Characters from Disney’s “The Fox and the Hound”
  • Garfield – Lazy, lasagna-loving cat in “Garfield”
  • Georgette – Poodle in Disney’s “Oliver & Company”
  • Goofy – Classic Disney character, a dog
  • Huckleberry – Hound dog in various media
  • Jake – Shape-shifting dog in “Adventure Time”
  • Kyle – Stan’s dog in “South Park”
  • Leela – Turanga Leela’s pet Nibbler in “Futurama”
  • Lucky – Dalmatian in “101 Dalmatians
  • Maggie – From the Simpson’s
  • Mickey Mouse – The famous Disney mouse
  • Odie – Garfield’s friend
  • Pixie – Character from the Hanna-Barbera cartoon
  • Pluto – Mickey Mouse’s companion
  • Porkchop – Doug Funnies loyal companion in “Doug”
  • Rocky – Bullwinkle’s flying squirrel companion
  • Scooby – From Scooby Doo
  • Scud – Sid’s pet in Disney-Pixar’s “Toy Story”
  • Snoopy – Charlie Brown’s pet in “Peanuts”
  • SpongeBob SquarePants – The famous Nickelodeon character who lives in a pineapple
  • Stewie Griffin – Evil-genius baby from “Family Guy”
  • Tom and Jerry – Classic cat-and-mouse duo, great choice for a pair of lions
  • Wile E Coyote – The Looney Toons character who’s always chasing the Road Runner
  • Zoe – Sesame Street character, Elmo’s pet

Powerful Lion Names

Lion walking in Jungle of Gir National Park & Wildlife

Strong-sounding names like Angus, go well with a big strong lion.

©ibrandcare/iStock via Getty Images

Here are a few lion names that resonate with all things powerful. Take Angus for example, which means “one strength”, or “Evander”, which means strong man.

  • Angus – One strength
  • Archie – Truly brave
  • Audrey – English, Noble strength
  • Audrey – Symbolizes strength
  • Aziel – Hebrew, God is my strength
  • Brianna – Strong resolution, determined, unwavering
  • Bridget – Strength or exalted one
  • Valentina – Latin for strength and health
  • Casey – Symbolizes being vigilant and watchful in battle
  • Ethan – Hebrew, strong, firm
  • Evander – Scottish/Greek, strong man
  • Everett – English, brave as a wild boar
  • Ezekiel – Hebrew, God strengthens
  • Gabriel – Hebrew, God is my strength
  • Griffin – Welsh, strong lord
  • Harvey – Being battle-worthy
  • Harvey – French, warrior, battle ready
  • Matilda – German, mighty warrior, battle-worthy
  • Matilda – Strength in battle
  • Strike – Action word, to strike something
  • Valentina – Latin, strength, health
  • Valerie – A name that symbolizes strong and brave individuals

The photo featured at the top of this post is © iStock.com/Shawn Levin

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