The 340 Best Indian Dog Names and Their Meanings

Written by Crystal
Published: October 19, 2023
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Did you know a puppy can learn its name in just one day? That means the name you pick from day one is super important! The only problem is that with so many options, choosing the perfect name for your four-legged friend can be a bit of a puzzle.

Even when you narrow down the selection with Indian dog names, there’s still a lot to choose from. Take for instance “Duniya,” which symbolizes a world of love and importance. Or perhaps “Curry” resonates more with your dog’s flavorful character.

It’s time to find a name you can fall in love with. In this article, we’ll dive into some cool Indian names, related ideas, and other tips to help you make the right choice. So, what’s it gonna be for your dog’s name? Let’s figure it out together!

Expressive Hindi-Based Names

Border collie jumping high to catch a disc frisbee

Udaan is a great name for a pup who likes to leap and soar.


From the lively “Taaza” to the regal “Raja,” and even the fun-loving “Chikitsa,” this list is full of names for your spirited, joyous, or playful companion. Keep your dog’s unique behaviors in mind as you read through this list. If a name makes you smile, it’s probably a good fit!

  1. Udaan – Flight or Soar, for a high-flying pup.
  2. Khushi – Happiness, for a joyful companion.
  3. Taaza – Fresh, for a lively and vibrant pet.
  4. Sona – Gold.
  5. Chamak – Shine or Glisten.
  6. Kit-naa
  7. Jugaad – A creative and resourceful name.
  8. Raja – King, a fancy name for your pet.
  9. Sherni – Lioness, a fierce and courageous name.
  10. Thandak – Coolness or Refreshment.
  11. Tufaan – Storm, for a high-energy dog.
  12. Taal – Rhythm or Beat, perfect for a rhythmic dog.
  13. Safar – Journey, representing adventure and exploration.
  14. Chumbak – Magnet, attracting attention.
  15. Nakshe – Map, signifying guidance and direction.
  16. Roshan – Bright or Radiant, for a shining dog.
  17. Guddu – A cute and affectionate name.
  18. Mauj – Fun or Enjoyment.
  19. Khana – Eat
  20. Biryani – A flavorful rice dish.
  21. Chatori – Foodie or Snacker.
  22. Balle Balle – An expression of joy and celebration.
  23. Mahima – Glory or Greatness.
  24. Jaldi Karo – Hurry up!
  25. Mehek – Fragrance, for a sweet-smelling puppers.
  26. Shaitan – Mischievous or Naughty.
  27. Khud – Self
  28. Mahakal – A strong name.
  29. Chai – Tea, a comforting and warm name.
  30. Rangoli – A colorful, decorative art form.
  31. Bura – Bad
  32. Aashirwad – Blessing, for a cherished companion.
  33. Duniya – World, for a dog that means the world to you.
  34. Gabbar – Named after the iconic Bollywood villain.
  35. Sadaa – Eternal or Forever.
  36. Bahut – Very or Too Much.
  37. Sangeet – Music, for a melodious canine friend.
  38. Chakli – A delicious Indian snack.
  39. Banno – A fun and lively name.
  40. Namskar – A traditional Indian greeting.
  41. Khana – Food
  42. Jalebi – A sweet, spiral-shaped dessert.
  43. Shor – Noise or Commotion.
  44. Taal – Rhythm or Beat, perfect for a rhythmic dog.
  45. Sapna – Dream, representing aspirations.
  46. Jadoo – Magic or Spell.
  47. Chanchal – Playful or Lively.
  48. Chikitsa – Healer, a name for a nurturing dog.
  49. Sone pe suhaga – An idiom meaning icing on the cake, for a special dog.
  50. Mithai – Sweets or Desserts.

More Expressive Hindi-Based Names

  1. Roshni – Light, for a dog that brightens your life.
  2. Choti – Small
  3. Lakhpati – Millionaire, for a lucky dog.
  4. Rang – Color
  5. Kapda – Clothes
  6. Kapda – Cloth
  7. Gulzar – Garden, symbolizing beauty and serenity.
  8. Taara – Star
  9. Manoranjan – Entertainment for a dog that brings joy.
  10. Chhota Bheem – After the beloved Indian animated character.
  11. Aaram – Comfort or Rest
  12. Shakti – Power or Strength
  13. Asman – Sky
  14. Premika – Girlfriend
  15. Safalta – Success
  16. Prakriti – Nature
  17. Vyapar – Business
  18. Prabhu – Lord or Master
  19. Khwaab – Dream
  20. Badal – Cloud
  21. Ankhen – Eyes
  22. Aakarshan – Attraction
  23. Dharti – Earth
  24. Kranti – Revolution
  25. Antariksha – Space
  26. Akash – Sky or Space
  27. Dhyan – Meditation
  28. Anmol – Priceless
  29. Ujjwal – Bright
  30. Paheli – Riddle
  31. Nishani – Symbol or Sign
  32. Anushasan – Discipline
  33. Vinamrata – Humility
  34. Khayal – Thought or Idea
  35. Vishwas – Faith
  36. Nirnay – Decision
  37. Parv – Festival
  38. Nirantar – Continuous
  39. Swabhav – Nature or Character
  40. Pragati – Progress
  41. Abhivyakti – Expression
  42. Sambandh – Relationship
  43. Pranam – Salutation
  44. Saahas – Courage
  45. Aatma – Soul
  46. Vikas – Development
  47. Sambhavna – Possibility
  48. Parinam – Result
  49. Aarohan – Ascension
  50. Samvedna – Empathy

Punjabi, Gujarati, and Telugu Indian Dog Names With Meanings

Relax, couple and dog at a beach, happy and smile while bonding, sitting and touching their puppy against blue sky background. Love, black family and pet labrador enjoy a morning outing at the ocean

For the dog who stole your heart, name them Charmi, which means lovely girl.

© – Yuri A/

Akaljeet, which translates to “Triumph of God,” is a perfect name for a strong and determined dog, one who never shies away from challenges. It’s also a great choice for dogs that tackle obstacles with a lot of spirit.

  1. Ujas – The light after dawn
  2. Anvi – Name of a Goddess
  3. Garvita – Denotes pride
  4. Aas – Power of hope
  5. Lakshita – One who is characterized by grace and obedience.
  6. Amanroop – One who is a symbol of peace
  7. Charmi – A lovely girl
  8. Cauvery – Denotes energy
  9. Akaljeet – Triumph of God
  10. Jaisnavi – Goddess of victory
  11. Brishti – Denotes rain
  12. Aas – Power of hope
  13. Charul – Beautiful
  14. Lithiksha – Denotes beauty
  15. Aaina – Reflection; mirror
  16. Sachi – Lord Indra’s wife
  17. Mriganayani – Refers to a deer’s eye
  18. Ami – Trustworthy
  19. Tejshri – One who has divine powers
  20. Ishmeet – Goddess’s friend
  21. Dhara – Rain; constant flow
  22. Odathi – Something that is refreshing
  23. Gurmeet – A companion of the Guru
  24. Oeshi – Divine
  25. Jagruti – Awareness
  26. Dayanita – One who is tender
  27. Shirina – A dark and peaceful night
  28. Reesha – One who is saintly, gentle as a feather
  29. Tavleen – Captivated by God
  30. Vaani – Goddess Saraswati

Words Associated With India

Asian elderly senoir man doing yoga with dog pug breed in living room at home,Happy Retired at home concept

Name your dog Yogi or yoga in honor of the spiritual and physical discipline that originated in India.

©220 Selfmade studio/

Is your dog named Mantra or Saffron? Mantra is a unique Indian dog name with a peaceful, zen-like vibe, making it a great choice for a calm and serene pup who embodies inner tranquility and spirituality. On the other hand, if your dog is lively and special in their own way, Saffron could be their name. Saffron is a sophisticated name that adds a dash of exotic charm and connects to the vibrant culture of India.

  1. Guru: A spiritual teacher or guide who imparts knowledge and wisdom in various Indian spiritual traditions.
  2. Bollywood: The Indian film industry based in Mumbai, is known for producing a large number of movies.
  3. Jugaad: A Hindi word for innovative problem-solving, often using limited resources to find creative solutions.
  4. Sari: A traditional Indian garment worn by women, consisting of a draped cloth.
  5. Ganesh: The elephant-headed Hindu god of wisdom, prosperity, and the remover of obstacles.
  6. Karma: The concept of the moral consequences of one’s actions, often associated with the cycle of birth and rebirth (reincarnation).
  7. Vedas: Ancient sacred texts of Hinduism, comprising four collections of hymns, rituals, and philosophical teachings.
  8. Mantra: A sacred word or phrase chanted for meditation, spiritual growth, or achieving specific goals.
  9. Saffron: A valuable spice and color associated with India, often used in culinary dishes and religious ceremonies.
  10. Taj Mahal: A world-famous white marble mausoleum located in Agra, India, known for its architectural beauty and historical significance.

More Words Associated With India

  1. Curry: A popular Indian dish characterized by a variety of flavors and ingredients, often served with rice or bread.
  2. Sanskrit: The ancient Indo-Aryan language of India, considered the classical language of Hinduism and the source of many other languages.
  3. Rickshaw: A traditional human-powered cart used for transportation, commonly found in Indian cities.
  4. Dharma: A central concept in Hindu philosophy, often translated as duty or righteousness.
  5. Darjeeling: A famous tea-producing region in the Himalayas, known for its high-quality teas.
  6. Atman: The individual soul or self in Hindu philosophy, believed to be part of the universal consciousness (Brahman).
  7. Monsoon: The seasonal wind and rain pattern in South Asia, which plays a crucial role in India’s climate and agriculture. The Indian summer monsoon is usually between June through September.
  8. Yoga: A spiritual and physical discipline that originated in India, involving meditation, breathing exercises, and physical postures.
  9. Masala: A blend of spices commonly used in Indian cooking, such as curry masala, garam masala, etc.
  10. Holi: The festival of colors celebrated with enthusiasm, marking the arrival of spring and the triumph of good over evil.
  11. Varanasi: A sacred city on the banks of the Ganges River, known for its religious and cultural significance.
  12. Ashram: A secluded place for meditation and spiritual retreat, often led by a spiritual teacher or guru.
  13. Rickshaw: A cycle-driven or motorized passenger vehicle used for short trips.
  14. Diwali: The festival of lights celebrated in India, symbolizing the victory of light over darkness and good over evil.
  15. Namaste: A traditional Indian greeting and gesture of respect, often accompanied by pressing the palms together and bowing slightly.
English Setter dog breed

Popular Indian names can help you find the perfect-sounding title for your canine companion.

©Liliya Kulianionak/

Consider your dog’s personality. If your four-legged friend has a calm energy you might like the name Simran, which means “meditation.” It’s a great choice for dogs who are gentle, deep thinkers.

On the other hand, if your dog is always on the move, a name like Rohan, which means “ascending,” could be a good match. This name works well for dogs that act like mountain goats. Breeds who enjoy climbing, jumping, and exploring, such as Border Collies or Labrador Retrievers, make great Rohans.

  1. Swara – Melody
  2. Aditya – Sun
  3. Kanan – Forest
  4. Amar – Immortal
  5. Aarav – Peaceful
  6. Neelam – Sapphire
  7. Arnav – Ocean
  8. Nandini – Daughter
  9. Sweta – White
  10. Ishaan – Sun
  11. Sameer – Companion in evening talk
  12. Akshay – Immortal
  13. Navi – New
  14. Ayesha – Alive
  15. Lord Vishnu (Hindu deity; God of preservation)
  16. Sitara – Star
  17. Sima – Border
  18. Ravi – Sun
  19. Priya – Beloved
  20. Parth – Arjun’s other name
  21. Ira – Watchful
  22. Kash – Shining
  23. Kunal – Son of Emperor Ashok
  24. Krishna – Dark, Lord Krishna
  25. Shreya – Auspicious
  26. Simran – Meditation
  27. Rohan – Ascending
  28. Lord Shiva – Refers to the Hindu deity Shiva
  29. Marjane – Coral
  30. Hritik – From the heart
  31. Rohit – Red
  32. Kamal – Lotus
  33. Kirti – Fame
  34. Tanush – Beautiful
  35. Veer – Brave
  36. Tamia – Perfect
  37. Arjun – Bright, shining
  38. Tenzin – Protector of Dharma
  39. Divya – Divine
  40. Alia – Exalted, noble
  1. Aditi – Free and unbounded
  2. Kavi – Poet
  3. Meera – A famous devotee of Lord Krishna
  4. Naya – New
  5. Raghav – Lord Rama
  6. Aja – Unborn, Invincible
  7. Aarush – First ray of the sun
  8. Manish – Wise
  9. Ambar – Sky
  10. Darsh – Sight
  11. Deven – God-like
  12. Pooja – Worship

Girl Names

Lovely teenage girl in an orange jacket plays and hugs a dachshund dog

Geetika means little song, it’s the perfect name for a dog that’s always on your mind.


Mirai is a girl Indian dog name that’s all about hope and wonder, and it’s just perfect for dogs who bring joy and happiness to your life. Mirai would be a great name for friendly and nurturing breeds like Golden Retrievers, Labradors, or Great Danes.

Then there’s Keya, which means “flower.” Keya is a name that’s all about beauty and grace, so it’s a good fit for dogs with a gentle and loving nature. Think about using Keya for breeds like Dalmatians, Shih Tzus, or Pomeranians, to honor their charming and elegant presence.

  1. Vivaan: Meaning full of life
  2. Alexa: Meaning to protect
  3. Turvi: Victorious
  4. Anala: Meaning fire
  5. Taara: Meaning star
  6. Taarush: Meaning conqueror
  7. Alisha: Noble; light
  8. Mirai: Miracle
  9. Shrishti: Universe
  10. Jay: Meaning victory, strong unisex name
  11. Aarav: Meaning wisdom
  12. Mayra: Beloved
  13. Saanvi: Another name for Goddess Lakshmi
  14. Ira: Watchful

More Girl Names

  1. Navya: Meaning young
  2. Kevin: Meaning handsome, great for a manly female dog
  3. Adhira: Moon; lightning
  4. Akanksh: Meaning desire
  5. Nyra: Goddess Saraswati
  6. Hem: Meaning gold.
  7. Geetika: Little song
  8. Shanaya: First ray of the sun
  9. Kaia: Stability; from the Earth
  10. Kimaya: Divine
  11. Zuber: Meaning pure.
  12. Kahaan: Meaning universe
  13. Carina: Beloved; friend
  14. Bhuv: Meaning heaven
  15. Jash: Meaning fame
  16. Ishita: Desired; greatness
  17. Larisa: Meaning cheerful
  18. Aaradhya: One who is worth worshipping
  19. Drishti: Sight
  20. Mahika: Dewdrops
  21. Naitee: Little gift; destiny
  22. Taahira: Modest
  23. Saira: Princess
  24. Nehrika: Dewdrops
  25. Mehar: Kindness; grace
  26. Anaisha: Special
  27. Eshika: One who achieves
  28. Asmee: Meaning self-confident
  29. Saisha: The truth of life; God; jewel
  30. Chara: Quiet
  31. Prisha: Beloved, God’s gift
  32. Idhant: Meaning luminous
  33. Ishana: Rich
  34. Anaisha: Special
  35. Mirai: Miracle
  36. Keya: Flower
  37. Alisha: Noble; light
  38. Ishita: Desired; greatness
  39. Nehrika: Dewdrops
  40. Shrishti: Universe
  41. Shanaya: First ray of the sun
  42. Geetika: Little song
  43. Taahira: Modest
  44. Kevin: Meaning handsome
  45. Aarav: Meaning wisdom
  46. Turvi: Victorious

Boy Names

Portrait of cute Dalmatian dog.

Avyan is a luxurious boy Indian dog name, it means one who has no imperfections.


When should you name your dog Pranith? Pick this name when your dog embodies all things serene. It’s also the way to go if your dog acts more like a person than an animal. If they have almost “God”-like qualities, Pranith is definitely a smart choice.

How about Hridhaan? Choose this title for your pup if they’ve got a big heart and spread love to everyone they meet. It’s a name that reflects their warm and loving personality.

  1. Avyukt – Crystal clear, Possessing the clarity of Lord Krishna or a clear mind, A person with an uncluttered and tranquil mind.
  2. Reeyansh – The very first ray of sunlight, A part of Lord Vishnu.
  3. Rishaan – An embodiment of Lord Shiva, A good-hearted and strong individual, A sage or saint.
  4. Viraj – The grandest in the cosmos, The Sun or a king, Radiant and splendid.
  5. Kiyansh – An individual embodying all virtues and qualities, A person blessed with an array of good qualities.
  6. Ayaan – A person with strong religious inclinations, A gift from God. (Notable individual: Emraan Hashmi)
  7. Ayansh – The initial beam of sunlight, A beloved part of one’s family, A divine gift.
  8. Manvik – A conscious and intelligent individual, Kind-hearted and considerate.
  9. Krishav – A combination of Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva, embodying their divine qualities.
  10. Rishit – The best, Highly knowledgeable, The foremost in everything.
  11. Pransh – Overflowing with life; A variation of Pranshu.
  12. Agasthya – The name of a revered sage, A person who humbles even the mightiest mountains, Named after the star Canopus.Aayansh
  13. Aviraj – To shine as brilliantly as the Sun, A skilled archer, A king of kings.
  14. Akshant – The triumphant one, Like the sea.
  15. Aanay – The consort of Goddess Radha, Another name for Lord Ganesh, Superior, or an alternative name for Lord Vishnu.
  16. Ivaan – A gracious and magnificent gift from God, The sun, A ruler with a royal presence.
  17. Darsh – Vision, Handsome appearance, Linked to Lord Krishna.
  18. Aarush – The initial ray of the sun, Peaceful, Red, and brilliant.
  19. Avir – Brave, Strong, Continuous, or unceasing.
  20. Aarav – Peaceful, Calm, Hopeful, Radiant like the sun, or producing melodious sounds. (Notable parents: Akshay Kumar & Twinkle Khanna)
  21. Sriansh – Born with the blessings of Lakshmi, The recipient of Lakshmi’s grace.
  22. Anvith – Associated with Lord Shiva, Reached through the mind, A friend or companion.
  23. Pranith – Calm, God-like, A person as dear as life, Modest, Simple, and straightforward.
  24. Advait – Unique, Unifying, Exclusive, Incomparable.
  25. Shriyan – An embodiment of Lord Vishnu, derived from ‘Sriman’ and ‘Narayan.’
  26. Vivaan – A representation of Lord Krishna, Vibrant and full of life like the morning sun.
  27. Kian – A reflection of God’s grace, Ancient or remote.
  28. Aarav – Peaceful, Calm, Hopeful, Radiant like the sun, or producing melodious sounds. (Notable parents: Akshay Kumar & Twinkle Khanna)
  29. Kriyansh – A modern variant of the name Krishna, representing Lord Krishna.
  30. Shreyansh – A giver of fame and luck, Wealthy and fortunate.
  31. Atharv – A name associated with Lord Ganesh, a Vedic name, a sage married to Santi, the eldest son of Brahma, and one with deep knowledge of the Vedas.
  32. Avyan – Eloquent and flawless, devoid of imperfections.
  33. Sharvil – Associated with Lord Krishna or derived from ‘Sharv,’ which means sacred to Shiva.
  34. Hridhaan – A compassionate individual with a kind heart and a generous soul.
  35. Kiaan – A reflection of God’s grace, Ancient or distant. (Notable individual: Karishma Kapoor)
  36. Avyukt – Crystal clear, Possessing the clarity of Lord Krishna or a clear mind, A person with an uncluttered and tranquil mind.
  37. Yuvaan – Youthful, A reflection of Lord Shiva, A young and healthy individual, Like the moon.
  38. Nirved – A heavenly gift, Entering the world in the month of November.
  39. Reeyansh – The very first ray of sunlight, A part of Lord Vishnu.
  40. Krishiv – A combination of Lord Shri Krishna and Lord Shiva, embodying their divine essence.
  41. Anwit – Linked to Lord Shiva, Attained through the mind, Connected with others.
  42. Viraj – The grandest in the cosmos, The Sun or a king, Radiant and splendid.
  43. Ashvik – Blessed and triumphant, Destined for victory.
  44. Kiyansh – An individual embodying all virtues and qualities, A person blessed with an array of good qualities.
  45. Shriyan – An embodiment of Lord Vishnu, derived from ‘Sriman’ and ‘Narayan.’
  46. Ayaan – A person with strong religious inclinations, A gift from God. (Notable individual: Emraan Hashmi)
  47. Sathvik – Calm, Virtuous, and another name for Lord Shiva.
  48. Rishaan – An embodiment of Lord Shiva, A good-hearted and strong individual, A sage or saint.
  49. Reeyansh – The very first ray of sunlight, A part of Lord Vishnu.
  50. Advait – Unique, Unifying, Exclusive, Incomparable.
  51. Kriyansh – A modern variant of the name Krishna, representing Lord Krishna.
  52. Krishiv – A combination of Lord Shri Krishna and Lord Shiva, embodying their divine essence.
  53. Aanay – The consort of Goddess Radha, Another name for Lord Ganesh, Superior, or an alternative name for Lord Vishnu.

More Boy Names

  1. Krithvik – Always Happy, Joyful, Glad, Delighted.
  2. Dhruvit – A derivative from the name Dhruv, One which is constant, Faith.
  3. Charvik – Intelligent, Brilliant, Bright, Clever, Smart, Thoughtful.
  4. Atharva – The first Vedas, Lord Ganesh, Knower of the Arthara Vedas.
  5. Tanush – Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh.
  6. Aadvik – Unique.
  7. Ishaan – Lord Shiva, The Sun, Vishnu, Agni and Surya, Ruler, Generous.
  8. Saumit – From Sanskrit samit: someone who has got everything, Easy to get.
  9. Nihit – God’s gift, Inherent, Inscribed into something, Within something.
  10. Daiwik – By the grace of God, Divine, Relating to the gods.
  11. Sreeyan – Lord Vishnu, A combination of the first 3 letters of Sriman and the last 3 of Narayan.
  12. Ayaansh – The first Ray of light, Part of parents, Gift of God.
  13. Samarth – Powerful, Smooth, Multi-tasked, One who has the power.
  14. Medhansh – Who was born with intelligence.
  15. Ridit – World known, World.
  16. Rudransh – Lord Shiva, A part of Rudra.
  17. Kanishk – An ancient king, Small.
  18. Divyansh – Part of the God, Part of the divine light, God’s own divine, Part of Divine.
  19. Aryash – Brilliant, Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Noble.
  20. Jiyaan – Near heart, Always Happy, Beloved, Dearmost, Full of spirit.
  21. Ritvik – Priest, Timely, Sage, Saint.
  22. Rian – Little King, Kingly.
  23. Nivaan – Holy, Bound, Limited, A holy soul, saint.
  24. Taksh – King Bharat’s son, Eyes like a Pigeon

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Pavel Shlykov/

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