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Hailey "Lex" Pruett is a nonbinary writer at A-Z Animals primarily covering reptiles and amphibians. They have over five years of professional content writing experience. Additionally, they grew up on a hobby farm and have volunteered at animal shelters to gain further experience in animal care.

A longtime resident of Knoxville, Tennessee, Hailey has owned and cared extensively for a wide variety of animals in their lifetime, including cats, dogs, lizards, turtles, frogs and toads, fish, chickens, ducks, horses, llamas, rabbits, goats, and more!

Types of Black Snakes Picture

For most of us, the term “black snake” can refer to just about any snake that is mostly black. From this perspective, potentially hundreds of snakes could be black snakes,… Read More

By Hailey Pruett 1 week ago

Can Leopard Geckos Swim? Picture

Many species of lizards and geckos are surprisingly adept swimmers, but what about the ever-popular leopard gecko? Do these adorable little lizards have the right body structures and adaptations for… Read More

By Hailey Pruett 5 months ago

Mourning Gecko Picture

Mourning Gecko Summary “Mourning geckos are all female and reproduce via parthenogenesis!” Also known as the common smooth-scaled gecko, the mourning gecko is a very small, all-female species of lizard.… Read More

By Hailey Pruett 6 months ago

Can Chickens Eat Nuts? Picture

Domestic chickens are a bit like nature’s little garbage disposals, happily and safely able to gobble up a surprisingly wide range of foods. One particular food many flock owners often… Read More

By Hailey Pruett 7 months ago

Nile Monitor Picture

Nile Monitor Summary “The Nile Monitor is the world’s fourth-largest lizard!” The Nile monitor is one of the largest lizards on the planet, averaging 4 to 7 feet long and… Read More

By Hailey Pruett 8 months ago

Tokay Gecko Picture

Tokay Gecko Summary The Tokay gecko gets its onomatopoeic name from its distinctive "To-kay!" barking call. Easily recognized by its bright blue skin with orange, red, or brown spots, the… Read More

By Hailey Pruett 8 months ago