40 Memorable Siamese Cat Names to Browse Before You Choose

Thai Siamese point cat, with blue eyes, lying on the couch.
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Written by Hailey Pruett

Published: January 8, 2024

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It’s not easy choosing the perfect name for your cat, especially for such a regal and elegant breed as the Siamese. Below, we’ve selected 40 great names ideal for Siamese cats to help make the process of naming your feline friend a bit easier.

1. Mocha

Thai Siamese point cat, with blue eyes, lying on the couch.

Siamese cats have many rich brown tones to their coats.


This coffee-inspired name certainly suits the Siamese breed’s rich brown and beige-toned coat.

2. Azure

Alternatively, you could look to your Siamese cat’s rich blue eyes for inspiration, too.

3. Neko

Although the Siamese is actually a Thai breed, this Japanese name is cute, too, as it quite literally means “cat!”

4. Sagwa

This pop culture-inspired name is a fun reference to the titular Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat, an AmericanCanadian animated TV series for kids about–you guessed it–a Siamese cat.

5. Jinx

Has your Siamese cat cast a spell on you with their beauty and elegance? Maybe this Latin name that means a spell or a charm will suit them well.

6. Amara

This mysterious name has been used by various languages and cultures, but its true origins are the Sanskrit word for “eternal.”

7. Chai

This name refers to a delicious tea-based drink popular throughout South Asia. Its rich taste comes from various spices that give it a truly unique flavor.

8. Maew

This Thai word is pronounced “meow” and means “cat.” It can also be a beautifully unique name for your very own Siamese cat!

9. Koko

This name is a reference to the mystery novel series The Cat Who… by Lilian Jackson Braun. The main character, a reporter, has two Siamese cats, one of which is named Kao K’o-Kung–or just Koko for short.

10. Yum Yum

If you have two Siamese cats, why not consider the names Koko and Yum Yum? To be clear, Yum Yum was the second Siamese cat featured in the The Cat Who… series.

11. DC

If you want another unique name that comes from the cinematic world, DC is a great option. This name references the 1965 Disney film That Darn Cat!.

12. Rama

This regal name is a reference to Thailand’s Chakri Dynasty of kings. It was adapted from the Hindu god Rama, an avatar of deity Vishnu.

13. Chatri

This name also has Thai origins and means “brave knight.” It’s typically a masculine name, but feel free to use it how you wish.

14. Si

This name is one part of a pair, so it’s another good option for people with not just one but two Siamese cats. Specifically, it’s a reference to the supporting antagonist Siamese cats in the Disney movie The Lady and the Tramp. The other cat in the pair is named…

15. Am

The pair of cheeky cats’ names, when put together, make up the word Siam, an homage to the Siam region where the Siamese cat breed originally came from.

16. Latte

There are lots of fun foodie names that suit the Siamese cat’s luscious coat, but Latte is especially delightful.

17. Skye

Pet animal, siamese kitten cat

Blue eyes are one of the Siamese breed’s trademarks.

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Of course, as we touched on earlier, your Siamese cat’s rich blue eyes are another great source of inspiration for names, too. This Scottish name can also be gender-neutral!

18. Atasi

This traditionally female name is of Sanskrit origin and means a bright blue flower.

19. Celeste

A name that brings to mind rich blue galaxies could suit your Siamese cat’s eyes perfectly.

20. Tao

This cute name references the Siamese cat character Tao from Scottish author Sheila Burnford’s beloved children’s book The Incredible Journey.

21. Bucky

The Siamese cat Bucky Katt is one of the main characters in artist Darby Conley’s popular comic strip, Get Fuzzy.

22. Sanouk

This pretty Thai name calls for celebration, as it can mean “festival” or “enjoyable.” It’s a great name for especially playful, energetic Siamese cats.

23. Java

Yes, it’s another coffee-inspired name, but the Siamese cat’s coat is just so full of rich brown and beige tones that we can’t resist. It’s short, sweet, and gender-neutral.

24. Pyewacket

This name comes from the 1958 film Bell, Book, and Candle, in which Pyewacket is the name of a witch’s Siamese cat familiar.

25. Seal

Seal point fur markings are one of the Siamese cat breed’s trademarks. This incredibly simple yet fun name is a great option, especially if you have young children who may struggle to pronounce or remember some of the longer and more varied names on this list.

26. Socks

This similarly simple name references the Siamese breed’s unique markings that make it look as if it’s wearing long, dark brown socks!

27. Darcy

This Irish name can mean “dark-haired one” or “from the fortress.” 

28. Ciaran

Following the trend of names that reference your Siamese cat’s rich, brown coat of varying shades, the name Ciaran has Scottish origins and means “little dark-haired one.”

29. Bonbon

This name essentially means any small, sweet, chocolatey confection.

30. Nilakshi

This Hindu name is a bit of a mouthful at first and might take some getting used to, but it’s truly unique. It means “blue-eyed.”

31. Cha Kla

A name of Thai origin, Cha Kla refers to a legendary cat spirit with dark fur. Although Siamese cats technically have varying shades to their coats and aren’t solid black, this name is still fitting.

32. Blue

Returning to more simple names, Blue is an obvious reference to your Siamese cat’s icy blue peepers.

33. Aoi

If you like the colorful Siamese cat names on this list but want something with a bit more meaning and intrigue, Aoi is a Japanese name that essentially means “bluish.” It can be gender-neutral, too.

34. Kusa

This Thai name is masculine and translates to “heart.” It’s a lovely homage to how your cat holds a special place in your own heart.

35. Lotus

The lotus flower is a symbol of purity and spiritual awakening in Thai culture. It can also be a lovely, elegant name for your Siamese cat.

36. Shadow

A more simple name, Shadow, is a fun gender-neutral reference to your cat’s dark, shadowy seal point fur coloration.

37. Mekhala

This female name has both Thai and Sanskrit origins. It essentially means “goddess of the moon,” making it a truly unique name with a one-of-a-kind meaning, too.

38. Hinto

Siamese cat with long whiskers

The Siamese cat’s blue eyes are a great source of inspiration for names.


This Native American name means “blue.” Traditionally, it refers to a grayish-blue color similar to that of your Siamese cat’s eyes.

39. Cocoa

This food-inspired name is short, simple, and sweet. It’s yet another gender-neutral name that could suit your cat’s rich brown fur coat perfectly.

40. Dara

We’ll end this list with a Thai name that can suit both male and female Siamese cats. It translates to “star.”

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