100 Amazing Dog Names That Start With R

Written by Hailey Pruett
Published: February 11, 2024
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Naming your dog can be a difficult task, as you generally want to choose a name that suits them but is also unique and fairly easy to pronounce. If you need a little extra inspiration for this task, read on for a list of 100 amazing dog names starting with R, as well as some of their deeper meanings!

1. Reese

Samoyed dogs are kissing on the red luxury couch

Looking to different cultures can provide you with the inspiration you need when it comes to dog names, starting with R or any other letter.

©infinityyy/iStock via Getty Images

Name meaning: Ardent or fiery. It’s an anglicized version of the Welsh name Rhys.

2. Rufus

Name meaning: This name comes from the Latin word “rufus” meaning red or red-haired.

3. Ramona

Name meaning: Wise protector. It’s the feminine version of the Spanish name Ramon.

4. Rhett

Name meaning: Advice. This name is the anglicized form of the Dutch surname de Raedt.

5. Rory

Name meaning: Red king. 

6. Reagan

Name meaning: Sovereign or king. It’s the anglicized form of the Irish surname Ó Riagáin.

7. Rowan

Name meaning: Red-haired or rusty. Though traditionally, this Irish name was once considered masculine, in more recent years, it’s become more gender-neutral.

8. Ramsey

Name meaning: Wild garlic.

9. Ripley

Name meaning: Strip of clearing in the woods.

10. Ronald

Name meaning: Advice, decision, or ruler. This masculine name comes from the Old Norse name Rögnvaldr.

11. Riku

Name meaning: Handsome. It’s of Japanese origin.

12. Rigby

Name meaning: Ridge farm. This name is of English origin.

13. Rita

Name meaning: Diminutive form of Margarita.

14. Rohan

Name meaning: Good character and piousness. It has multiple origins, including Persian, Irish, Indian, and Japanese.

15. Regis

Name meaning: King or kingly.

16. Romeo

Name meaning: A Roman citizen or a pilgrim to Rome. 

17. Ralph

Name meaning: Wolf counsel. This name comes from the Old English name Rædwulf and the Old High German name Radulf.

18. Riley

Name meaning: Wood clearing. It’s of Old English origin.

19. Rooney

Name meaning: Descendant of Ruanaidh. This name is of Irish origin and was originally used as a surname, but it’s also become popular as a given name.

20. Remington

Name meaning: Settlement by the boundary stream. It comes from the Old English word rima, meaning edge or border.

21. Raisa

Name meaning: Feminine form of Rais, meaning chief or leader.

22. Raphael

Name meaning: God has healed. It’s derived from the Hebrew word rāp̄ā’ēl.

23. Rudy

Name meaning: Short for Rudolph, meaning fame, glory, honor, and renown. It’s of ancient Germanic origin.

24. Richie

Name meaning: Short for Richard, which means strong in rule.

25. Ronan

African basenji dog

These dog names starting with R come from a wide range of languages.

©Evrymmnt/iStock via Getty Images

Name meaning: A seal, pledge, or promising oath. This Irish name is originally derived from the Gaelic name Ó Rónáin.

26. Reid

Name meaning: Red. This name is of Scottish origin.

27. Raiden

Name meaning: The god of thunder and lightning in Japanese mythology.

28. Ricky

Name meaning: Short for Richard, which we covered above: it means strong in rule or ruler.

29. Russell

Name meaning: Red or red-haired. This name can optionally be shortened to Russ or even Rusty.

30. Rio

Name meaning: River. It is of Spanish, Portuguese, and Maltese origin.

31. Ruby

Name meaning: A red precious stone. It comes from the Latin word rubinus, meaning red.

32. Ruben

Name meaning: Behold, a son. This name comes from the Hebrew name Re’uven.

33. Rocco

Name meaning: Rest or repose. This name is of Italian origin.

34. Rhea

Name meaning: Derived from the name Rhea, a titan in Greek mythology.

35. Rocky

Name meaning: Derived from the English word “rock.”

36. Rocket

Name meaning: Derived from the English word rocket.

37. Roxy

Name meaning: The diminutive form of Roxanne, which means bright star in Persian.

38. Remy

Name meaning: Oarsman. It’s of French origin.

39. Rose

Name meaning: Derived from the flower, the rose. It’s originally derived from the Latin word rosa.

40. Reign

Name meaning: Rule, sovereign, or leadership.

41. Ren

Name meaning: Lotus or lily. Of Japanese origin.

42. Ruth

Name meaning: Friend. It’s of Hebrew origin.

43. Rodney

Name meaning: This name was originally a surname derived from a place near England’s Somerset and Wiltshire 

44. Roger

Name meaning: Fame, renown, spear, or lance. Of Old French origin.

45. Robin

Name meaning: Fame, bright, shining.

46. Ramiro

Name meaning: Latinization of the Gothic given name Ranamir.

47. Raleigh

Name meaning: Deer’s meadow. This name is of Old English and Irish origin.

48. Rumi

Name meaning: This Japanese name can have many different meanings depending on the kanji characters that are used to spell it. Some meanings include current/flow, water, and beauty.

49. Ross

Name meaning: Promontory or headland. Of Gaelic origin.

50. Rogan

Differently colored eyes husky dog

Gender neutral dog names starting with R can suit a wide range of different types of dogs!

©Nicolas Jooris-Ancion/iStock via Getty Images

Name meaning: Red or red-headed. This Irish name is originally of Gaelic origin.

51. Rafi

Name meaning: To lift or raise something high. It’s also one of the names of Allah in Islam.

52. Rhodes

Name meaning: A clearing in the woods. It was originally used as a surname in Old English, but it’s also become popular as a given name.

53. Rico

Name meaning: Diminutive form of Ricardo or Federico. Has been popular as a given name, nickname, and surname.

54. Ramses

Name meaning: Egyptian pharaoh. It can also mean, “Ra is the one who gave birth to him.”

55. Rip

Name meaning: Ripe in Middle English.

56. Reggie

Name meaning: Diminutive form of Reginald. Derived from the Latin Reginaldus, which was in turn influenced by the name Regina, meaning “queen.”

57. Rachel

Name meaning: Ewe or one with purity. It’s of Hebrew origin.

58. Radcliffe

Name meaning: Red cliff. It’s a surname of British origin.

59. Radka

Name meaning: Happy or joyful. Of Slavic origin.

60. Radovan

Name meaning: The joyful one. This Slavic given name comes from the word radovati, meaning rejoice.

61. Rae

Name meaning: The shortened form of Rachel, meaning ewe or one with purity.

62. Rini

Name meaning: Little bunny. Of Japanese origin.

63. Roald

Name meaning: Ruler or leader. It’s derived from the Old Norse name Hróðvaldr.

64. Rocio

Name meaning: Dew. This name is of Spanish origin, but it’s originally derived from the Latin word Roscidus.

65. Roku

Name meaning: Six or sixth in Japanese. It can also symbolize harmony or completeness.

66. Roman

Name meaning: From Rome. It likely evolved from the name Romulus, Rome’s original co-founder.

67. Rue

Name meaning: Originally comes from the English verb rue, meaning to feel remorse, sorrow, or regret.

68. Roy

Name meaning: Red or king. It has varying origins, but it most likely came from Western Europe.

69. Roark

Name meaning: Famous ruler or mighty champion. 

70. Rudolph

Name meaning: Fame, glory, honor, renown, wolf. It’s an ancient Germanic name.

71. Rupert

Name meaning: Fame and bright. It’s derived from the Old High German name Hruodoperht.

72. Ranger

Name meaning: A forest guardian.

73. Rex

Name meaning: King. Derived from the Latin word rex.

74. Royal

Name meaning: Of royalty.

75. Radar

Two six month old bernese mountain dogs sitting for a sibling photo.

An unconventional dog name can be a great choice.


Name meaning: Shortened form of the phrase “radio detecting and ranging.”

76. Raine

Name meaning: Can be a shortened form of Raymond or Lorraine.

77. Rihanna

Name meaning: Great queen, fragrance, basil. Derived from the Welsh name Rhiannon.

78. Ruslan

Name meaning: Lion. Of Turkic origin.

79. Ryland

Name meaning: Rye field or land where rye is grown.

80. Ryo

Name meaning: Of Japanese origin. This name can have many meanings depending on the kanji characters that are used to write it, including cold, completion, illuminating, and forgiveness.

81. Rika

Name meaning: Also of Japanese origin. Like many Japanese names, it can have many meanings depending on the kanji used to write it, such as beautiful, graceful, or beautiful village.

82. Ra

Name meaning: Sun. Derived from the Egyptian god of the sun.

83. Ringo

Name meaning: Apple. Of Japanese origin.

84. Rabia

Name meaning: Spring. Of Arabic origin.

85. Ryker

Name meaning: Rich, prosperous, or mighty. Of Old Germanic origin.

86. Rene

Name meaning: Born again. Derived from the Latin word renatus.

87. Rhun/Rune

Name meaning: Great or mighty. This name is of Welsh origin.

88. Rhodri

Name meaning: Wheel and king. Of Welsh origin.

89. Ravi

Name meaning: “Sun” in Sanskrit.

90. Reznik

Name meaning: Czech for “butcher.”

91. Roseanne

Name meaning: Graceful rose or favored rose. 

92. Roscoe

Name meaning: Doe wood. This name is of Cornish and Old Norse origins.

93. Ragni

Name meaning: Spiders. Originally an Italian surname.

94. Radmila

Name meaning: Happiness and sweet. Of Slavic origin and quite popular in Serbia.

95. Raluka

Name meaning: Glory of Hera. Derived from the ancient Greek name Hērákleia.

96. Rahul

Name meaning: Conqueror of all miseries. Popular in India.

97. Ragnar

Name meaning: Army or counsel. Of Germanic origin.

98. Reza

Name meaning: Fulfillment, gratitude, or triumph. Of Iranian Persian origin.

99. Regina

An American Bully dog is playing on the sand.

“People names” for dogs can also be very unique.

©Kanyshev Andrey/Shutterstock.com

Name meaning: Queen. Of Latin, Italian, and Romanian origins.

100. Reiko

Name meaning: Beautiful, graceful, or lovely. Of Japanese origin.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © infinityyy/iStock via Getty Images

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