Kellianne Matthews
Author for A-Z Animals

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Kellianne Matthews is a writer at A-Z Animals where her primary focus is on anthrozoology, conservation, human-animal relationships, and animal behavior. Kellianne has been writing and researching animals for over ten years and has decades of hands-on experience working with a variety of different animals. She holds a Master’s Degree from Brigham Young University, which she earned in 2017.

A resident of Utah, Kellianne enjoys creating, exploring and learning new things, analyzing movies, caring for animals, and playing with her cats.

10 Incredible Sea Turtle Facts Picture

The majestic appearance and gentle nature of sea turtles make them a favorite of divers and swimmers worldwide. These impressive animals effortlessly glide through ocean waters. Although they are cold-blooded… Read More

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10 Incredible Seahorse Facts Picture

Seahorses may look like mythological underwater horses, but these unique animals are actually fish! These magical creatures have adorably curly tails and unusual horse-shaped heads, as well as fascinating lives… Read More

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Discover 12 White Snakes Picture

Key Points: The California kingsnake has a sharp contrast of colored stripes, splotches, or rings. These kingsnakes can be either brown and red or black and white. Long-nosed snakes prefer… Read More

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