7 Best Dog Parks In Baltimore

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Updated: October 7, 2022

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Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland. Being such a large city, it may be difficult to find a safe spot for your dog to run and play, but luckily dog parks exist. Dog parks are great at providing a safe space to let your dog run off-leash, and there are always other dogs ready to play and socialize. In this article you will find 7 of the best dog parks in Baltimore, and what each one has to offer.

If living in Baltimore, it is required to have your dog on a leash at all times, but dog parks allow you to let your dog run free, no leash required. Licensing your dog to the city, and having them fully vaccinated is also required before visiting any of these parks in the city. It is also important your pooch is well trained and comfortable being around other people and animals.

Each dog park has something different to offer, and it is best to learn about all of them so you can find the best one for you. Let’s take a look at 7 of the best dog parks in Baltimore, so you can find one worth visiting if ever in the area.

1. Burdick Bark Dog Park 

Corgi standing in grass with tongue out

For smaller dogs that visit Burdick Bark park, there is a separate area for them to play.


Burdick Bark Dog Park
Location 6300 Walther Ave, Baltimore, MD 21206
Hours 6 AM-8:30 PM
Price Free 

Burdick Bark park is a small play area for dogs to play off-leash and is located in the East Rosemont neighborhood of Baltimore. This dog park is free to visit, but you must register online to prove that your dog is fully vaccinated and properly licensed. If you are not registered, then you cannot visit since there is an access code required to get into the park.

This dog park is split into two areas. One is for larger dogs, and the other section is for smaller and older breeds. A third section also exists in this dog park so it can be used when the other sections are under maintenance.

Burdick Bark Dog park has natural grass surfacing and is an open space perfect for letting your pup off-leash. There are large trees for shade and agility ramps for mental stimulation. Poop bags are provided, but it is best to bring your own since they often run out. There is also no water provided at this dog park, so if planning a trip be sure to bring a water bottle for when your pup gets thirsty.

2. Bark Social 

Bark Social
Location 3822 Boston St, Baltimore MD 21224
Hours Mon-Thur (8 AM-10 PM)Fri-Sun (8 AM-11 PM)
Price Week Day Daily Pass: $9.99

A dog-friendly bar, Bark Social is located in the Brewers Hills neighborhood of Baltimore. This dog park is a new attraction to the city of Baltimore and opened in May of 2022. Anyone is allowed to visit this bar, but if you plan on bringing your dog they must be fully vaccinated, with a membership purchased for them. The price of the membership varies, as they have daily, monthly, and yearly options. A yearly membership costs $364.99 and is compatible with the Bark Social in Bethesda.

Bark Social has a variety of rules to keep an enjoyable experience for all visitors:

  • All dogs visiting must have a membership.
  • No puppies under the age of 4 months.
  • Two dogs max per person.
  • All dogs must be off-leash in the park.
  • Only a flat-buckle collar or harness is permitted.

It is a great place to grab a bite and let your dog have some off-leash fun. This dog park has a large space for dogs to run and play, as well as a smaller section for tinier breeds. The dog park has grass turf surfacing and is kept well clean by the friendly staff.

Plenty of seating is available, and the dog park serves alcoholic drinks as well as food for you and your pup. If you are looking for a dog park in Baltimore that caters to you as well, then you might want to check out this dog park.

3. Howard Street Dog Park

West Highland Terrier

A medium-sized neighborhood dog park, Howard Street dog park is fully fenced off to make a safe place for pups to play in the city.

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Howard Street Dog Park
Location 310 W. Center Street, Baltimore, MD 21201
Hours 7 AM-10 PM
Price Free 

Howard street dog park is located in the friendly neighborhood of Mount Vernon Baltimore. While the dog park is in a busy area, it is fully fenced off with a double fence to prevent escapes. Separate areas exist for smaller and larger breeds. The dog park is paved, with turf mounds around the park. A few trees are spread around the dog park for shade, with benches to sit on.

Water is provided for when your dog gets thirsty, as well as poop bags. There are always other dogs to play with at this park, but being smaller in size on some days it may get too packed.  If near the area this free dog park is a fun visit for you and your pooch. 

4. Canton Dog Park

Canton Dog Park
Location 3221 Toone St, Baltimore, MD 21224
Hours 6 AM-9 PM
Price Free 

As its name suggests, Canton dog park is located in the southeast area of Baltimore in the neighborhood of Canton. This dog park is a small play area that is free to visit. It is separated into two parts, with one section being for smaller breeds. This dog park is all sand, which is easy on dogs’ joints when running, and makes it easier to clean up your dog’s mess. 

Free poop bags are provided at this park, and there is also a water fountain in both dog yards. Plenty of trees are in the dog park to provide shade on hot days, and chairs are also present for sitting. A simple dog park in its neighborhood, Canton dog park is great for socializing and exercising your pup. 

5. Paw Point Dog Park

Types of water dogs

For dogs who loves to get wet a swimming area is located at Paw point dog park.


Paw Point Dog Park
Location 1000 Lakeside Dr, Baltimore, MD 21210
Hours 5:30 AM-8 PM
Price Yearly Membership: $35 

Paw Point dog park is an off-leash area within Lake Roland. This dog park is for members only, and a yearly membership is purchasable online for around $35, which is good for two dogs. Lake Roland is free to visit, and a membership is only required to visit the dog park. Beautiful scenery with trails and a picnic area can be enjoyed in the park, but dogs must be on a leash when not in the designated off-leash area. 

Paw Point dog park is around 1.25 acres, large enough for any breed to have some off-leash fun. It is fully fenced off and has a double-gated entrance. If you have a water-loving breed, there is a beach area for them to swim.  

Paw point park provides water for your dog, and poop bags to help clean up after them. It is located in a serene area with plenty of nature to appreciate but is also a fun dog park to visit. 

6. Latrobe Dog Park

Latrobe Dog Park
Location 1627 E Fort Ave, Baltimore, MD 21230
Hours 6 AM-9 PM
Price Free 

This park is an off-leash area found in the neighborhood of Locust Point Baltimore. This friendly neighborhood dog park is run by the residents that live nearby. It is fully fenced off, with an astroturf surfacing. This dog park is one area, with no separate area for smaller breeds. There are separate times for smaller and larger breeds to visit: 9:00 AM to10 AM is for smaller dogs while 3:00-4:00 pm is for larger breeds.

Latrobe dog park is a simple dog park and provides poop bags and water. The surface has small hills, rocks, and logs for dogs to play on. While small in size there is plenty of space, and other pooches are ready to play at this dog park. 

7. Patterson Dog Park

dog chasing ball

Patterson Dog park has water fountains spread around the park for when your pup gets thirsty.

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Patterson Dog Park
Location 200 S Linwood Ave, Baltimore
Hours 24 Hours
Price Free 

This is a dog park in Baltimore and is a fully fenced-off area for your pooch to play off-leash. This dog park is located in the southeast area of Baltimore and is one section of the large 295 acres of Patterson Park.

Patterson dog park is much smaller than the rest of the park, but still has plenty of space for your dog to get out all its energy. It is separated into two fenced-off areas, with one section dedicated to smaller breeds. Patterson dog park has a surfacing of concrete and turf. Water fountains are spread around the park for when your dog gets thirsty, and can also be used to fill up a kiddy pool.

Two entrances are located in the park, both double-gated to prevent escapes. Plenty of seating can be found in the park, as well as free poop bags. The size, cleanliness, and different amenities to enjoy are why this is one of the best dog parks in Baltimore.

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