8 Fruits That Are Beyond Expensive in Japan

Written by Emilio Brown
Updated: September 2, 2023
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Fruit in Japan is not only more expensive, but the country holds this sweet treat in much higher regard than other places of the world. The country is home to luxury fruits that are grown in premium settings, and the best are sold off at auctions for thousands of dollars. Because of that, fruits in Japan are associated with luxury and are a common gift to give friends and family. This article will take a look at eight fruits that are beyond expensive in Japan.

You better bring your wallet if you want to purchase any of these expensive fruits!

The demand for luxury fruits in Japan and the small yield of premium fruits are what drive their prices up so high. Farmers in the country care for each individual fruit, doing their best to produce the greatest quality. Also, as part of their endeavor, crossbreeding different fruits and using new growing methods have allowed for the creation of fruit that reaches crazy prices. Let’s take a look at some of Japan’s most expensive fruit.

White Jewel Strawberry

White Jewel Strawberries

The white jewel strawberry looks tart with its white skin, but it’s actually sweeter than standard strawberries.

©Esmond Poh/Shutterstock.com

The white jewel strawberry is one of Japan’s many expensive fruits, with one berry costing between $10 to $20 dollars. Boxes of white jewel strawberries can reach more than $100 in price. The white coloring is not the only difference this fruit has from other strawberries. They are also larger, softer, and have a sweeter, tropical flavor.

Since strawberries get their red coloring from the sun, restricting the light they get allows them to turn white. This variety is called Shiroi Houseki, which translates from Japanese to English as “White Jewel”. This white gem originates from Japan, but it is possible to find them in some U.S. stores, sold as a luxury fruit.

Sekai Ichi Apple

Sekai Ichi Apples

The Japanese name of Sekai Ichi apple translates to “world’s number one apple”.

©Zigzag Mountain Art/Shutterstock.com

The Sekai Ichi apple was released in 1974. Their Japanese name translates to “world’s number one apple”, but they do not hold this name for no reason. Obtaining one of Japanese prized fruit comes with a price, with one Sekai Ichi apple alone costing about $20.

Compared to other apples these are one of the largest in the world. Weighing up to 2 lbs, they have an average circumference of 12 to 18 inches (30 to 46 cm). Sekai Ichi apples’ bright red coloring, blemish-free appearance, and rarity are why they are so expensive. Crossbreeding between the golden delicious, and red delicious apples is what created this expensive fruit. 

Square Watermelons

Cubic and Triangular Watermelon

Odd-shaped watermelons come from Japan, where farmers place boxes over the fruit as it grows on the vine to achieve the strange shape.

©Natalia Tiabina/Shutterstock.com

Square watermelons’ cubic shape is one of the only things that set them apart from your regular watermelon. Originating from Japan, placing a box around a smaller watermelon on the vine allows them to grow into its odd shape. 

Square watermelons usually cost around $65, but more expensive ones may be up to $200. The square shape is useful in stacking, and transporting the watermelons, and prevents them from rolling when being cut. Heart-shaped watermelons are also grown in Japan and are slightly more expensive. 

Egg of the Sun Mango

Egg of the Sun Mango

Grown in the Miyazaki prefecture, an Egg of the Sun mango costs around $50 for one.


Grown in the Miyazaki prefecture, the Egg of the Sun mango is sold all around Japan. The Miyazaki Mango is the most expensive mango, and one costs around $50, but some have been sold for much more. With a near-perfect color and large size, this mango has 15% more sugar content, if not more. Each mango weighs at least 350 grams and has a flaming red coloring because of its exposure to the sun.

Ruby Roman Grapes

Ruby Roman Grapes

As the most expensive grape sold in the world, a bunch of Ruby Romans can be anywhere between $90 and $140.


Ruby Roman grapes are the most expensive grape sold in the world, costing around $90 to $140 a bunch. These grapes originate from the Ishikawa Prefecture in Japan. As the largest grape in the world, most are over 20 grams. A full bunch of these pricey grapes weighs around 700 grams. The most premium-grown Ruby Roman grapes have sold for up to $111,000 for a bunch.

Bijin-Hime Strawberry

macro closeup of red strawberry with yellowish/gold fruits.

Bijin-Hime strawberry’s name translates to English as “Beautiful Princess”.

©iStock.com/Oleg Prolat

The Bijin-Hime strawberry’s name translates to English as “Beautiful Princess”. Bright red in color, the size, shapes, and firmness of this strawberry are near perfect, which is why they have sold for as little as $350, or as much as over $4,000. Okuda Nichio is the creator of this fruit. Growing these gems can take as long as 45 days of care. This strawberry is one of the most luxurious in Japan.

Densuke Watermelon

Densuke Watermelon

The Densuke watermelon is typically around $250. Some have been sold in auctions, though, for much more than that.


The Densuke watermelon is one of the most expensive melons in the world. This fruit is grown in Hokkaido Japan. The low number of fruits produced a season and the high demand for this melon cause its absurdly high prices. The Densuke watermelon costs around $250, but some in auctions have been sold off for over $6,000.

The rind of the Densuke watermelon is a dark green, and they have pink inside. While being a nearly seedless breed of watermelon, their taste is also one of the sweetest.  

Yubari King Melon

Yubari King Melons

The Yubari King Melon is the world’s most expensive fruit. For one, potential buyers should expect to pay about $200 on the low end.


The most expensive fruit in Japan, and the world, is the Yubari King melon. This melon set a record when a pair sold at an auction was sold for $27,000, or $13,500 for each melon. Yubari cantaloupes are farmed in greenhouses within Yūbari, Hokkaido. They are famous for their sweetness. This melon is a hybrid of the Earl’s Favorite and Burpee’s “Spicy” Cantaloupe breeds. Yubari King Melons have a high price due to their rarity, as they are only grown in a specific region of Japan. Moreover, only the best seeds of this fruit are selected for growth, and they are tended with the best care.

Summary of 8 Fruits That Are Beyond Expensive in Japan

NumberExpensive FruitAverage Cost
1White Jewel Strawberry$10 – $20
2Sekai Ichi Apple$20
3Square Watermelons$65
4Egg of the Sun Mango$50
5Ruby Roman Grapes$90 – $140 per bunch
6Bijin-Hime Strawberry$350
7Densuke Watermelon$250
8Yubari King Melon$200

The photo featured at the top of this post is © retirementbonus/Shutterstock.com

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