African Elephant Attacks a Safari Jeep and Spins It Around In What Looks Like a Scene From Jurassic Park

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: October 23, 2023
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The extraordinary power of elephants is clearly illustrated in this spectacular clip. It shows an African elephant taking exception to a safari jeep. The elephant gives a warning trumpet and then pushes the jeep sideways, flipping it onto its side. The clip gives us a view of the incident from several different angles – each of them is terrifying! Scroll down to see the full startling footage of what it feels like to be attacked by a marauding elephant.

Where Are African Elephants Normally Found?

African elephants can be divided into savannah elephants and forest elephants. Savannah elephants are found in East, Central, and South Africa. Whereas forest elephants are found in West Africa and the Congo basin. They can live in any habitat that has enough water and enough food for them to survive. Savanna elephants are normally found in woodlands and savannas but forest elephants are found in semi-deciduous rainforests.

What Do African Elephants Normally Eat?

African elephants are herbivores but can feed on at least 80 different types of plants. They change their diet according to what is available. However, the food that they eat is always high in cellulose and they have a digestive system that can cope with this tough material. They have a colon and an expanded caecum which contains bacteria and protozoans that help to ferment the plant fibers. They also have an exceptionally long small intestine which can reach 115 feet! Despite all this, their digestion is extremely inefficient and around 60 percent of the food that they eat passes through undigested!

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Savanna elephants mainly survive on grass whereas forest elephants eat leaves, sage, branches, fruits, and bark.


African elephants are herbivores and live on plant material.

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How Fast Can Elephants Run?

In this clip, you can see the frightened humans running away from the elephant. Elephants spend most of their time walking but they can also run when they need to. Interestingly, they are not able to leap so if you can get to the other side of a trench – you will be safe from a marauding elephant!

In terms of speed, they typically walk at about 55 mph, if they increase the length of their stride they can go faster and reach around 8 mph. Their top speed is around 25 mph. You may be surprised to know that elephants are also proficient swimmers and can stay afloat for up to six hours at a time!

See the Startling Clip Below

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