Beachgoers Grab a Shark and Release a Hook From Its Mouth

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: December 26, 2023

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beachgoers grab a shark!
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Watching animals in harm’s way is perhaps one of the most heartbreaking things we can experience. Seeing them trapped in a well, caught in a fence, or wrapped up in a net in the ocean is devastating. If animals cannot get themselves free, it can cause severe injury and even be fatal for that animal.

However, freeing a dog or an adorable fawn is one thing. But helping a shark is quite another! Let’s see the heartwarming moment in the video above when some beachgoers save a shark from a certain death. 

Shark Sighting in Florida

Dead Shark in fishing net strangled to death / Ocean Environmental Destruction / Marine Protection

Over 200 million sharks are killed every year.


The following YouTube video at the top of this blog post takes us to Florida, where an injured shark is spotted. The Li Sharkman YouTube page filmed and then shared this video with over one million subscribers on their platform. They are dedicated to helping tag and release sharks for research purposes, according to their mission. They are seen in Long Island and Florida

Injured Shark Gets Rescued 

As the video starts, we see that this team of beachgoers has seen what appears to be a gummy shark (Mustelus antarcticus) wash up on shore. They quickly spring into action when they notice this shark is injured with what seems to be something in its mouth.

 Boldly, the guy pries the shark’s mouth open and sees a massive hook in his mouth. At the same time, this might seem odd to find in a shark’s mouth. Unfortunately, it is not that uncommon. 

According to the University of Hawaii News, “Data confirmed fishing boats hook millions of sharks each year, and about one-third bite through the line or are set free with hooks protruding from their jaws.” 

Once the hook is released from his mouth, the beachgoer sets the shark free to live the rest of his life in peace. 

Can You Eat Gummy Sharks

We’ve heard of gummy bears, but what about gummy sharks? Gummy sharks can be found living in Australia. They typically weigh about 55 pounds and reach about 5.5 feet in length. And let’s say that gummy sharks aren’t gummies. However, despite being real sharks, they are quite tasty, according to the Australian Fisheries Management Authority

“Gummy sharks have sweet and delicious flesh and are popular for their boneless and thick flakes. They are commonly used for the traditional “fish and chips.” However, they do warn that these sharks should not be overcooked. 

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