Borzoi Temperament: Do They Make Good Family Dogs?

Written by Keyana Beamon
Published: December 26, 2023
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Determining which dog breed is best for your lifestyle is key to adopting a new companion. While simple socialization and training can encourage any breed to be a good dog, certain breeds are a better fit for families. All dog breeds have specific needs to thrive in certain environments. For example, herding dogs like the Australian Shepard should be in an environment that allows them to burn off their high energy. This breed was bred to herd or work on farms, so an environment similar to a farm will allow them to live a long, happy life. So, with all of the above information, we will see why Borzois is a good family dog. Before an official answer to the question, let’s look at the basics of Borzois.

Two beautiful russian borzoi dogs running lure coursing competition on a green field

Image: Natallia Yaumenenka, Shutterstock

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Brozois are simply beautiful, sleek, and tall! This dog breed’s height is from twenty-six inches to twenty-eight inches, and sometimes, it can be taller than that—their weight ranges between sixty to one hundred pounds. Brozois are slender with long, skinny legs and a long muzzle. The coat of this breed is long, silky, and sometimes curly. Admiring these dogs makes me think of how Prince Charming flips his flowing hair!

Borzoi Russian triad. The Borzoi Russian dog is on the green grass.

Borzois are among the top breeds performing in dog shows and agility courses. Their natural stature and beautiful long coats make them top performers in these talent shows.



Borzois are a beautiful sighthound breed known for their tall stature and sleek look. During the early generations of Borzois, their appearance became a symbol of loyalty in Russia. This dog breed originated from Russia and was bred to hunt down swift prey. Borzois were formerly known as the Russian wolfhound that was made to hunt foxes, wolves, and hares. Because of the purpose of why Borzois were bred, they were meant to have the ability to be fast and tough. These magnificent dog breeds can run up to forty miles per hour!


Due to their nature of chasing small creatures, leash training is imperative. An untrained Borzoi will become distracted during a walk by a fast-moving squirrel and have the desire to pursue it. This will not only cause your companion to break away from the leash but also cause serious injuries to occur. A gentle leader leash or harness is best recommended for this breed. If obtaining your Borzoi at the puppy stage, it is recommended to socialize and train as soon as possible. Doing so early will establish dominance in the family. This dog breed is very intelligent, so a little humor and patience are needed for a successful training session.

Cute small borzoi puppy in the garden wirth his owner

Puppy classes and consistent home training with positive reinforcement will create a great bond between you and your Borzoi.

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Borzois are a gentle and affectionate breed who love to be affectionate with their owners. Observing these dogs in agility courses or dog shows strongly indicates that this dog breed is eager to please. Borzois do great with children; however, they do not enjoy roughhousing. Because these dogs like to be in a “cat-like position” when resting, teaching young children not to wrestle around with Brozois is vital. This dog breed enjoys physical activities, so engaging your Brozoi in outside family activities will help keep them happy and included. This breed does well with other dogs or house companions; however, smaller animals should be monitored because Borzois have a nature of chasing small things.

Love romantic young couple girl, guy in snowy cold winter forest walking with pet, dog of hunting breed russian borzoi. Sighthound, wolfhound owner. Having fun, laughing. Stylish fur coat, woolen hat.

Borzois can be a little cautious when meeting members outside of the family. They naturally only trust their owners and will become weary of strangers. Encourage strangers to get to know your Borzoi at their place to gain their trust.

©Ira Lichi/


To answer the question, “Do Borzois Make Good Family Dogs?” The answer is yes. Like other breeds, Borzois must be trained to have a great relationship with this breed. Borzois will do well with an active family who loves to run and play sports. Being active will keep your furry friends from getting bored, but they will also get the necessary exercise. Teaching small children not to rough house with their companions will create a positive bond. Children can engage with their furry friends by including them in activities like running or chasing. Even if everyone is in the living room watching funny movies, your Borzoi will enjoy everyone’s company. Also, invest in pet insurance for your furry friend. They have a long lifespan, so ensuring their health will keep them around for a long time.

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