Camel Spider vs Scorpion: What Are the Differences?

Written by Kyle Glatz
Published: February 28, 2022
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Camel spiders, also called wind scorpions, are neither spiders nor scorpions. They belong to an order called Solifugae which falls under the class Arachnida. Scorpions are another member of the Arachnida class, but they belong to a separate order of creatures than camel spiders. Aside from belonging to two different scientific orders, what are the differences between a camel spider vs scorpion? We’re going to show you the most significant ways that these arachnids differ from each other and why you need to keep your distance from them in the wild.

Comparing a Camel Spider and a Scorpion

Camel Spider vs Scorpion
Camel spiders are not venomous while some scorpions have venom.


Camel SpiderScorpion
SizeWeight: 2oz
Length: 3-6 inches
Weight: 0.4-3.5oz
Length: 0.5-9 inches
Habitat– Deserts in Mexico, the United States, and the Middle East  Deserts, jungles, savannahs
– Live on every continent
Morphology– 8 legs, but often mistaken for 10 because of long pedipalps, appendages to help them gather food
– Bulbous, segmented back
– Large head with eyes on top and very prominent jaws
– 8 legs
– Pincers on their forelegs
– Have a long tail that curls up over their body and ends with a stinger
ColorDark brown and tanBrown, yellow, red, black, white
Danger to Humans– Delivers a painful bite but not a fatal one
Not venomous despite persistent rumors
A sting from some species of scorpions can kill humans
– Only 30 species are venomous enough to kill humans
LifespanAbout 1 year4-25 years

The 6 Key Differences Between Camel Spider vs Scorpion

Biggest Spiders: Camel Spider
Camel spiders are only found in a few areas, but they are fierce predators in their habitats

©Ondrej Michalek/

The greatest differences between a camel spider and scorpion are their habitats, morphology, and potential to harm humans. Camel spiders live in the U.S., Mexico, the Middle East, and nowhere else. However, scorpions live on every continent except for Antarctica.

Both camel spiders and scorpions have 8 legs, but people often mistake camel spiders for having ten legs owing to the large pedipalps that help them corral and gather their prey. Scorpions have two extended forelegs with pincers on the end, and they also have a long tail with a stinger on the end that they keep curled over the top of their body. Camel spiders have bulbous backends and large heads with big jaws.  

Camel spiders are not venomous, and they can barely hurt humans, but scorpions can inject deadly venom into human beings. Scorpions are the far more dangerous of the two creatures. These are the primary differences between these two creatures, but we’re going to review other methods to differentiate them.  

Camel Spider vs Scorpion: Size

Camel spiders are smaller than scorpions. Of course, scorpions have over 1,000 species, so not all of them are going to be larger than camel spiders. Nevertheless, the largest scorpions are bigger than solifuges, the collective name of camel spiders.

Camel spiders can measure 6 inches in length and weigh about 2oz, but scorpions can weigh up to 3.5oz and grow 9 inches long in some cases. Although some myths have been purported that claim the camel spider is very large, they’re not true.  

Camel Spider vs Scorpion: Habitat

Camel spiders are known for living in the deserts of the southwestern United States, Mexico, and the Middle East. Scorpions live all over the world, except for Antarctica. They also have more diverse habitats than camel spiders. Scorpions live in deserts, jungles, and savannahs.

Camel Spider vs Scorpion: Morphology

Largest scorpions - Malaysian scorpion
Scorpions have an unmistakable body type

© Yulianto

Camel spiders have eight legs, two long pedipalps, a bulbous back, and a large head that is complete with a prominent jaw. Scorpions have eight legs, two long forelegs with pincers, and a long tail with a stinger on the end that they keep curled over their bodies.

The morphology of these two arachnids is very unique and can be used as a primary means of telling the two creatures apart from one another.

Camel Spider vs Scorpion: Color

Camel spiders are brown or tan, but scorpions can come in a variety of colors. These colors include brown, yellow, red, black, and white. Along with the morphology of these creatures, color can help you differentiate them.

Camel Spider vs Scorpion: Danger to Humans

Fake Camel Spider Photo
This picture is not an accurate depiction of camel spiders, and humans face little threat from them.


Camel spiders are not capable of killing human beings, but scorpions can. Rumors claim that camel spiders can envenomate or otherwise harm humans, but that is not true. Camel spiders can use their jaws to harm humans, and it can be painful. However, their bite does not introduce venom into the wound.

Scorpions have stingers that have a venomous load, and they can kill small animals, insects, and even humans. However, only a few scorpions out of all the species have potent enough venom to kill an adult human. It’s important to exercise care around scorpions and to seek emergency aid if you happen to get stung.

Interestingly enough, scorpion venom is being researched and used to benefit humans as a component in new medicines.

Camel Spider vs Scorpion: Lifespan

Camel spiders are short-lived creatures, but some scorpions can live for a very long time. Most camel spiders live for a year or less, but some scorpions can live for up to nine years in the right conditions. Often, these are arachnids that are kept as pets and do not face the problems that come with living in the wild.

Camel Spider vs Scorpion: Who Would Win in a Fight?

A camel spider has a great chance of killing a scorpion


A camel spider would win a fight with a scorpion. Camel spiders are blazing fast, capable of quickly overwhelming and killing their opponents. In most cases, that is precisely what you can expect to happen. The came spider will swiftly attack and could potentially kill the scorpion before it has a chance to envenomate it.

Of course, the scorpion could sting the camel spider and end its life fast. Yet, unless the venom kills the camel spider right away, the chances are good that the camel spider could still deal fatal damage to the scorpion. That would give the scorpion a pyrrhic victory instead of a true one, so we’re going to say the camel spider has a better shot at winning a decisive victory.

Camel spiders and scorpions are very unique creatures, and they are both deadly to their prey. However, a lot of misinformation exists with these arachnids. Camel spiders aren’t deadly, and not every scorpion has the ability to kill a human being. It’s important to recognize these facts, but it’s also necessary to keep a healthy distance from these creatures in the wild.

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