10 of The Cheapest Cats To Have as Pets

Written by Sam Hindman
Updated: October 13, 2023
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Are you looking to adopt a purebred cat but don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for your feline? Luckily, there are over fifty different breeds to choose from. This isn’t even counting mixed-breeds, but that’s a topic for another day. In this article, we’ll dive into the costs associated with ten of the cheapest cats to have as pets, including a bit of information about each appealing breed to help you with your decision.

It’s also important to remember that the term “cheapest” is subjective. There are some families who might be able to give a cat a fantastic home but can’t afford the cost that comes with purebred cats. That isn’t anything to be upset about, as there are a number of beautiful, loving mixed-breed cats in shelters worldwide just waiting for you to choose them. But, it’s hard to quantify or measure the prices of mixed-breeds fairly. So, for the sake of this piece, we’ll be looking at the cheapest cats to have as pets from the standpoint of purebreds. This way, despite things like price constantly fluctuating, we can at least have some level of factual basis to work off of.

An Overview of The Cheapest Cats To Have as Pets

BreedCheapest Cost
American Shorthair/Longhair$10
Oriental Shorthair$100
Turkish Van$200
American Curl$200
Havana Brown$300

1. American Shorthair and Longhair ($10)

Heaviest and Fattest Cats - Domestic Shorthair

Don’t let their low cost fool you, American shorthairs and longhairs are excellent felines to add to the family.


First up on our list are the American shorthair and American longhair breeds. Both of these breeds are quite cheap, with the American longhair known for being slightly more expensive. This is because some prefer the look of a longhaired cat more so than their counterparts, despite the differences in these two breeds beginning and ending in aesthetics. Both breeds are incredibly common, the result of a mix of many kinds of other cat breeds. They have little requirements and can be found for sale anywhere from $10 to $100, making them one of the cheapest cats to have as pets.

2. Oriental Shorthair ($100)

Brown Cat Breeds

Oriental Shorthairs are easily recognizable by their elongated features.

©Svyatoslav Balan/Shutterstock.com

Second on our list of the cheapest cats to have as pets are Oriental shorthairs. These felines are very easy to spot because their features are so distinguishable. They come in a variety of coat colors and patterns, but all Oriental shorthairs have their signature elongated facial features.

Because these cats come in so many coat colors, their costs vary pretty greatly. That is why the price range for the Oriental shorthair is so wide, but if you’re lucky, you might find one for as little as $100. This isn’t always the case, though, as they can sometimes be more pricey. But, many believe that the price of this interesting cat is well worth it. This is because they require very little grooming, they are hypoallergenic, and they are known to be one of the most intelligent cat breeds out there.

3. Siamese ($200)

Thai Siamese point cat, with blue eyes, lying on the couch.

Despite being so visually compelling, Siamese cats are cheaper than one would think.


Siamese cats are actually much cheaper than some would believe. They are one of the oldest pedigree breeds and have many striking features that make them distinguishable. One such feature is, of course, their beautiful blue eyes. They also have a very elegant colorpoint pattern, another attractive element that draws people to this particular breed.

The Siamese cat has a few drawbacks, though. They are certainly loving and affectionate, but they have a notably high risk of developing things like separation anxiety due to their high level of social needs. They are also known to display destructive behaviors when they aren’t getting the care and attention they need. These cats are sometimes expensive but can be found for as little as $200 in some areas.

4. Turkish Van ($200)

Rare types of cats - Turkish Van

You can distinguish a Turkish Van cat breed by their beautiful and unique coloring.

©Vadim Petrakov/Shutterstock.com

Turkish Van (or Vankedisi) cats are gorgeous. They are easily recognizable for their coloration pattern, which can be attributed to something known as the piebald gene. This gene has resulted in a white base for their fur, with the only other coloring being on their face and tail. With such unique attributes and such known rarity, you wouldn’t think these would be one of the cheapest cats to own as pets. But in fact, the cheapest of this breed can go for as little as $200.

5. American Curl ($200)

Most Expensive Cat Breeds: American Curl

Named for their gorgeous, curled ears, the American Curl cats are very bubbly and social.

©Linn Currie/Shutterstock.com

The American Curl is a loving, outgoing cat breed that received its name from its adorable set of curled ears. Aside from being obviously gorgeous, these cats are known for their mannerisms. Remaining kitten-like throughout their lives, these cats hardly ever grow up! This, of course, has good and bad implications. Everyone loves kittens, but not always their behavior. Because of this culmination of reasons, the American Curl can be found at its cheapest for $200.

6. Havana Brown ($300)

Rarest Cats - Havana Brown Cat

Because of their playful nature, Havana Brown cats are sometimes called the dogs of the cat world.


There are a lot of things to love about Havana Brown cats- their beautiful, giant green eyes, for starters. But, what is even more lovely about this breed is their personality. You see, many refer to Havana Brown cats as the dogs of the cat world because their loyalty, playfulness, and insistence in following their owners around the home make their personalities indistinguishable from that of a canine. The price of this breed can vary, but sometimes, you can find them for as little as $300.

7. Himalayan ($300)

Himalayan cat close up of face and blue eyes. White fur with orange flame points. Selective focus with background blur

The Himalayan cat breed is thought to have come from a combination of Persian and Siamese cats.


It is believed that the Himalayan cat breed came about by breeders combining Persian and Siamese cats. These are excellent cats to get if you’re in search of a low-maintenance personality and if you’re someone who lives in a small apartment. Commonly known as lap cats, these adorable long-hair cats love to chill out and cuddle. Aside from regular grooming, which may be a bit costly every now and then, they are quite simple to care for. Their costs vary, but the cheapest of the breed can be found for $300.

8. Burmese ($400)

Burmese kitty with platinum color of fur sitting and looking in camera on isolated black background, side view

A very active breed, Burmese cats need to have room to play and jump around.


Next on our list of the cheapest cats to have as pets are the Burmese. These cats are known to be quite active and adventurous, so if you adopt one, make sure that you have plenty of perches and climbing stoops. If you don’t, then they may make one out of your furniture! They have shiny coats that come in a range of colors, with little need for maintenance and grooming. Though they can often go for more, they can be found for as low as $400.

9. Manx ($400)

Manx cat is a unique breed with no tail. A brown, yellow and white color of a cat with no tail image.

You know it’s a Manx cat by looking at their distinguishable bobbed tail.


The Manx cat is one that catches you off guard. Until they turn around and reveal their tail, which is short and bobbed, they look like many other cats! But they are certainly unique for a number of reasons. They have a very joyful, fun disposition, making them perfect for families. They also have quite a diverse amount of coat colors. Though they can sometimes be expensive, the cheapest Manx cats can be found for around $400.

10. Ragdoll ($500)

Beautiful young white purebred Ragdoll cat with blue eyes, at home.

Ragdoll cats get their name for the way in which they flop when held or lifted.


The Ragdoll breed is known for a few things. The first thing is their bright blue eyes and soft, silky coat. The second thing is their behavior when lifted. These cats have a very docile temperament and are known to be quite dainty and kind. But, more specifically, they are known to go entirely limp when lifted. Though these cats can sometimes be found for prices in the high hundreds, you could potentially snag one for as little as $500 with a little luck.

What About Stray Cats?

feral cat/stray cat

Adopting a stray cat is compelling, but your motivation for doing so shouldn’t be due to financial reasons.


If you live in a rural area or a place that is otherwise widely populated with stray cats, then you might think that is a viable option for one of the cheapest cats to have as pets. While that’s true to a degree, there are some considerations that you might not be thinking of.

First off, stray cats sometimes have unforeseen health conditions that you might inadvertently agree to care for by rescuing them. When you rescue a stray and bring it into your home, you now have a moral obligation to treat them with the utmost care, as they are now a part of the family. But, by taking what you thought to be the inexpensive route, you might accidentally sign yourself up for a lifetime of specialized medical treatments.

Another consideration is that, unlike cats from a shelter or breeder, stray cats will need an array of vaccinations. Not to mention, they definitely won’t come spayed and neutered, which are all things that are both necessary and costly. So, if you want to adopt a stray cat because you find one that you sincerely bond with, go for it. But, if you want to do so just to avoid paying an adoption fee, this alternative might not be as cheap as you first believed.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © iStock.com/kla3950

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