41 Clever and Amazing Bulldog Names

Three English bulldog on a leash
Ann Tyurina/Shutterstock.com

Written by Laura Dorr

Published: February 14, 2024

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Your bulldog is unique. Your bulldog is special. You can’t name it just any common name like Rover, Spot, or Buddy. You need something unique!

We’ve got you covered. Check out our list of 41 clever and amazing English bulldog names and find the perfect name for your one-of-a-kind pooch.

1. Winston Churchbull

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill

Winston Churchill was nicknamed “Bulldog” by the Russians.

Churchill is a famous (former) British prime minister nicknamed the “Bulldog.”

2. Humphrey Bullgart

Portrait of English Bulldog resting in a black leather chair with a cigar

If you like to go more informal, consider “Bogie” as a name instead of the full moniker.

Bogie stole the silver screen, much like a bulldog will steal your heart. Swoon.

3. Tank

stern, English Bulldog looking out from under his brows.

Good luck moving a bulldog who doesn’t want to move.

Shaped like a tank, unmovable like a tank… this name speaks for itself.

4. Miller

English Bulldog

While you may name your dog after beer, please never ever give alcohol to a bulldog.

Bulldogs are just kegs on legs. If you’re not a Miller fan, consider Pawbst Blue Ribbon, Bullweiser, Stella Pawtois, or Bull’s Two Hearted.

5. Nigel

Adorable English bulldog poses in the autumn in the park

English bulldogs originated sometime in or around the 13th century in the British Isles.

Nigel is just a good, solid, British name. Why over-complicate things?

6. Harry & William

Pair of English bulldogs

Hopefully, your Harry and William will have a closer relationship than the two princes.

Who better to name an English bulldog after than the two famous British princes? Better get two bulldogs, so you can use both names.

7. Arnold

English bulldog. Close-up portrait on grey background

English bulldogs are a stubborn breed.

No one has more muscles than Arnold Schwarzenegger… except maybe a bulldog.

8. Mrs. Trunchbull

english bulldog wearing reading glasses with tongue sticking out

Consider your bulldog the principal of your home. They make the rules.

She may have been a villain in Roald Dahl’s Matilda, but your bulldog can run your house like Agatha ran Crunchum Hall Primary School.

9. Georgia

adorable english bulldog wearing sweatsuit with football isolated on white background

It is unlikely your bulldog will be good at sports.

The University of Georgia is known for its bulldog, Uga. But Georgia is such a prettier name, don’t you think?

10. Swagger

Funny English bulldog puppy on an orange background. Pets. A thoroughbred dog.

Swagger the Browns mascot sadly passed away in 2020. But here’s a puppy to make you happier.

The bullmastiff mascot of the Cleveland Browns was adorable. Don’t you want your very own Dawg Pound?

11. Bullwinkle

Funny photo of a tired Bulldog laying on her side sleeping while wearing Christmas reindeer antlers

Moose is another acceptable name for a bulldog.

Pair him with a buddy named Rocky and you’ve got quite the delightful duo.

12. Sandra Bullock

spoiled dog - english bulldog dressed up with tiara and pink boa

Bulldogs may not win any beauty contests, but they’re winners in our eyes any day!

While your dog may not have Speed, it’s sure to win Miss Congeniality within 28 Days. Add a little Practical Magic to your home with a bulldog! How about that Proposal?

13. Lucille Bull

One year old English Bulldog playing in a city park in summer.

Adding a second bulldog named Ricky will really round out your household.

Who doesn’t love Lucy? Lucille Ball is the perfect inspiration for any sweet gal.

14. Archibald

English Bulldog head shot with natural background

The bulldog is the most popular dog mascot.

Another English classic is Archibald. Keep it simple, folks.

15. Droolius Ceasar

White English Bulldog standing on the dock

English bulldogs are notoriously poor swimmers and should be watched carefully around water.

Get ready for drool. It’s a bulldog specialty.

16. Star Wars Characters

bulldog wearing munk costume on white backgroun

Quiet they are not. Bulldogs are known for snorting, snoring, and farting.

If you’re looking for a good pun name from a galaxy far, far away, you’ve got a lot of options. Arf-2 D2, Arf Vader, Chewbarka, and Boba Fetch are all great names. Bring the greatest movies of all time into your home.

Alternatively, you could go with a Star Wars name that reflects your bulldog’s appearance. Jabba the Hut is perfect for a hefty dog, while Yoda’s ears may also serve as inspiration.

17. Droopy

English bulldog licking paw

English bulldogs are the 4th most popular dog breed in the United States.

The famous droopy cartoon dog is very much like a bulldog. The similarities are clear.

18. Indiana Bones

Issaquah, Washington State, USA. Six month old English Bulldog walking in her wooded yard.

You are more likely to find a bulldog on the couch than searching for the Holy Grail.

Are you a fan of Harrison Ford and adventuring? Your bulldog may not be up for any global adventures, but he’ll gladly pilfer treasure off your dinner plate.

19. Worf

English bulldog on top of mountain sitting on top of mountain and looking at Peak District on a sunny warm day.

While this dog will not go on the starship Enterprise, he may boldly go … on the couch.

The famous Klingon’s head wrinkles are only rivaled by a bulldog’s adorable folds. Alternatively, go with the name of the actor behind the makeup, Michael Dorn.

20. Margaret

english bulldog in a british flag crate on white background

The English bulldog is the mascot of the U.K.

Margaret Thatcher was a strong British woman who didn’t put up with nonsense. Perfect.

21. Sherlock Bones

Portrait of funny  Black and white English British Bulldog wearing a classic English cap out for a walk sitting on  grass on Autumn sunny day

Most English bulldogs are not motivated enough to solve crimes.

Sherlock is a famous British character – and if you have a bulldog, you know they will solve any puzzle to get food.

22. Nien Numb

An English Bulldog lying on its back on a white background

A thick nose rope is a classic bulldog characteristic.

Another Star Wars character, Nien Numb is known for his flat face with layers that resemble a bulldog’s nose rope. Face twins? Close.

23. Drummond

English bulldog running outside

English bulldogs overheat easily and must be monitored when exercising.

Bulldog Drummond was the feature character of 19 books, four short stories, four plays, and 24 films between 1921 and 1969. He was a WWI vet looking for adventure!

24. Hypnos

English Bulldog puppy lying on the rug

The bulldog is the mascot of 39 universities in the United States.

Hypnos is the Greek god of sleep — something that bulldogs excel at.

25. L.L. Drool J

food for English bulldogs

English bulldogs do not have L.L. Cool J’s style.

Bring L.L.’s cool factor to your house covered in drool, drool, and more drool.

26. Chuck

A woodchuck eating a cherry on a summer afternoon in New York

Like woodchucks, bulldogs like eating and sleeping.

Chuck is short for woodchuck, an animal that can hibernate for up to five months at a time. Get ready to sacrifice your couch space.

27. Albus Dumbulldore

Black tri-color funny english british Bulldog sitting  in front of the sand castle on seaside at sunset in summer

This castle is not as big as Hogwarts.

This famous British wizard just got a fun new spelling. Albus ran Hogwarts just like a bulldog will run your house.

28. Victoria

english bulldog wearing princess crown and silly expression

Because bulldogs are brachycephalic dogs, they snore a lot.

Queen Victoria was a notoriously loud snorer. Get ready for your bulldog to be as regal as a queen when it comes to nighttime noises.

29. Napoleon Boneaparte

Cute english bulldog portrait isolated on black

Bulldogs should not be taken on battlefields.

He won 80 percent of his battles and was authoritative without being tall. Yeah, the bulldog runs the house like Napoleon ran a battlefield.

30. Andy Warhowl

english bulldog wearing a wig on white background

Bulldogs are short-haired dogs and their fur is rarely this cool.

Try to think of your bulldog as a creative artist as they paint your house with drool. It will help.

31. Gene


Bulldogs often have their tongues hanging out of their mouths.

Gene Simmons is known for his famous tongue. Get ready for every day to be Tongue Out Tuesday.

32. Lick Jagger

English bulldog family

Expect your bulldog to be surrounded by adoring fans.

Get ready for another big British personality… your bulldog may not have moves like Jagger, but his personality is certainly big enough.

33. Salazar Snifferin

Dog, Pasta, Animal, Animal Mouth, Animal Tongue

This bulldog looks like it is up to no good — much like Salazar.

Bulldogs are known for their sniffing and snuffling. Just hope your dog doesn’t misbehave as much as the founder of Hogwart’s Slytherin house.

34. Beowoof

english bulldog dressed as a knight isolated on white background

English bulldogs are not great guard dogs.

Beowulf is considered one of the most important works of Old English literature. Who wouldn’t want to name their dog after a legendary hero?

35. Mary Puppins

English bulldog puppies on a bench

It is important to help English bulldog puppies get used to having their wrinkles wiped at an early age.

Let your bulldog bring a little magic to your home.

36. Winnie the Pooch

English Bulldog eating outside in a red bowl

Bulldogs don’t eat honey, but they do enjoy a good meal.

A tubby little belly all stuffed with fluff sounds like Winnie the Pooch. However, your bulldog’s stomach is full of gas, not fluff. Much less appealing, but just as lovable.

37. Woofie Goldberg

english bulldog standing in the grass

These charismatic dogs are always the start of the show.

Fan of Sister Act? Your bulldog is sure to have as much personality as Whoopi (though likely less energy).

38. Brutus

strong dog - two english bulldogs wearing muscle shirts looking up

Bulldogs are a well-muscled breed.

Whether you’re referring to the mascot of the Ohio State powerhouse, the burly American Beefcake wrestler, or the conniving Roman, Brutus is a name any bulldog can be proud of.

39. Aurora

Cute english bulldog sleeping on the couch

Bulldogs are the sweetest of dozing pups, snores and all!

Sleeping Beauty slept the days away… just like your bulldog.

40. Penelope

White English Bulldog in Pink background

Give your stalky companion a lovely, feminine name.

A dainty name for a rather cumbersome dog. Who doesn’t love irony?

41. Boulder

photo shoot with an english bulldog

Bulldogs are sturdy dogs.

A bulldog is an unmovable object and solid like a rock. Just try to make them go for a walk if they don’t want to. Good luck.

Summary of Clever and Amazing Bulldog Names

NumberDog Name
1.Winston Churchbull
2.Humphrey Bullgart
6.Harry & William
8.Mrs. Trunchbull
12.Sandra Bullock
13.Lucille Bull
15.Droolius Ceasar
16.Star Wars Characters (multiple)
18.Indiana Bones
21.Sherlock Bones
22.Nien Numb
25.L.L. Drool J
27.Albus Dumbulldore
29.Napolean Boneaparte
30.Andy Warhowl
32.Lick Jagger
33.Salazar Snifferin
35.Mary Puppins
36.Winnie the Pooch
37.Woofie Goldberg

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