Cockatoo Prices in 2024: Purchase Cost, Supplies, Food, and More!

Cockatoo looking sideways off a fence ledge
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Written by Kirstin Harrington

Updated: July 20, 2023

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Calling all bird pet parents! Whether you already have a pet cockatoo or you’re putting in quality research before adopting one, you’re in the right place. Below you’ll discover an in-depth look at everything related to cockatoos prices this year.

Cockatoos have become one of the most widely recognized and adored members of the parrot family. This is thanks to their peppy crest and inherent curiosity. In addition to having a crest that may be lifted when necessary, cockatoos set themselves apart from other parrots by being primarily black or white in color. 

Another thing about these birds is that they make a lot of noise. These parrots, which are possibly the loudest of all the species, yell in order to communicate with each other or simply for the sheer enjoyment of creating sound.  

How Much Does a Cockatoo Cost?

Cockatoo looking sideways off a fence ledge

These birds have an incredible noise level that’s been compared to a 747 jet taking off.

©Gabriela Beres/

Cockatoos typically cost from $600 to $1500 on average. This depends on several factors including the breeder, species, age, degree of training, and coloring. Costs for rare species like palm cockatoos can reach $16,000!

It’s All About Species

Prices for various cockatoo species vary. Certain species are simply more straightforward to breed than others If you look closely, you’ll see that bigger cockatoo species are typically more costly than smaller ones. 

Due to the fact that they are less rare, Australian species are also frequently a little less expensive than island species. Let’s take a look at the different cockatoo species and what you can expect to pay for them.

Galah Cockatoos Prices


Galah cockatoos are often pink in color.


The little and relatively easy-to-breed galah cockatoo is a lovely pink Australian species. The galah cockatoo is therefore not extremely costly. Depending on its age, disposition, and the seller, you could pay anywhere from $700 and $2,200 for a galah cockatoo in the U.S.  

Because of its widespread occurrence in Australia, this species can be quite affordable there.

Goffin’s Cockatoos Prices

One of the lesser cockatoo types is Goffin’s cockatoo. It is a really well-liked cockatoo pet and breeds fairly readily when captive. A Goffin’s cockatoo costs between $1,000 to $2,000 when it is a juvenile that has been weaned.

Moluccan Cockatoos Prices

Moluccan Cockatoo on a Perch

A perch is a must-have for any cockatoo cage.

©pong aboy/

A typical and well-liked cockatoo species in the U.S. is the Moluccan cockatoo. Although it is uncommon in the wild, breeding attempts in captivity have been successful. A Moluccan cockatoo could be found in the majority of parrot pet stores. 

A large number of pet owners are also seeking a new place to house their M2 cockatoo. The cost is a little more expensive than the other species we’ve mentioned so far. You’ll typically spend between $1,400 and $3,500 on one of these birds. 

Of course, there are significant variances based on the age of the bird and the seller’s economic objectives.

Umbrella Cockatoos Prices

One of the well-known large species of cockatoos is the umbrella cockatoo. Due to its reasonable breeding rate in captivity, this species is frequently seen in pet stores and among pet owners. 

As a result, there is a wide range in prices. The price of an umbrella cockatoo ranges from $1,000 to $3,000.

Palm Cockatoos Prices

Most Expensive Birds-Black Palm Cockatoo

The palm cockatoo also goes by the goliath cockatoo or the great black cockatoo.


The palm cockatoo is by far one of the most expensive birds to own. One palm cockatoo typically costs around $16,000! Since palm cockatoos are so difficult to breed, there is a lot larger interest than there is supply, which drives up the price. 

We also find it important to mention that the palm cockatoo is a threatened species in nature.

Pricing Based on Age

The cost of the cockatoo is strongly influenced by its age. Because raising a baby cockatoo requires a lot of work, it is frequently less expensive than raising one until it is a young adult. If you purchase it in its infancy, you will carry out all of the work, saving the seller important time. 

You also assume full risk and responsibility; if the young cockatoo becomes unwell, you will be responsible for covering the cost of the veterinarian. A young cockatoo is significantly more susceptible than one that is more mature.

A juvenile cockatoo costs the most out across all age groups. A young, healthy cockatoo that has been tapered off of its formula is typically still a relatively calm and affectionate creature. Customers enjoy that and spend a fair amount on it. 

The cost of the cockatoo typically decreases over time as it ages. Interestingly enough, some popular species of breeding-age cockatoos can still gain in worth if a breeder wants to purchase them.

Behavior Can Lower Price

©Sanit Fuangnakhon/

Be cautious if you see an exceptionally low price on a cockatoo because it can indicate that the bird has temperamental or medical issues. Of course, this may not always occur. Occasionally a low asking price just indicates that the owner was unsure of what they should charge or prefers to find the bird a good home rather than making a quick buck.

Always request a written certificate of health and make at least two visits to the cockatoo with its present owner if you find a cockatoo for sale at a bargain price. You can assess the cockatoo’s many emotions and determine whether it has any behavioral problems, such as continuous screaming, hostility, or nervousness, by paying the bird two or more visits.

It’s even better if you can make these visits at different times of the day. A bird may be quiet in the evening but scream all morning long. 

Cockatoo Pet Supplies 

Now that you have an idea of how much the actual bird can cost, let’s take a look at supplies. It’s essential to give your pet everything they need for a safe, healthy, and enjoyable life in captivity. 

Cockatoo Housing Cost

bird cages for parrots

Sturdy bars are essential when getting a birdcage for a parrot.


Cockatoo cages typically cost between $200 and $400, however, this is only for a low-end cage that won’t last you very long and is bound to be ruined by a cockatoo’s strong beak. Rather, it is preferable to choose a higher-quality cage from a renowned manufacturer. 

These typically cost between $400 and $500, however, larger models and ones produced to a better level may run upwards of $1,000. Since cockatoos are so enormous, the costs are more than those for regular bird cages. 

Additionally, since cockatoos have such strong beaks, they require cages that are extremely durable. 

Perches and Bird Stands

Cockatoos love to perch on branches.


Your parrot will require perches and stairs within its enclosure so that it is able to move about. An assortment of different-sized perches contributes to promoting good foot health. The price of a few high-quality inner perches can reach $60. 

Your bird can relax and enjoy in a bird stand if you let the bird out of its cage. Costs for a high-quality bird stand range from $100 to $200.


A requirement to maintain these birds’ mental wellness. You’ll need to provide your birds with foraging toys, play areas, interactive toys, and puzzles to keep their minds occupied. Building the atmosphere inside the cockatoo cage will cost between $40 and $80.

Cleaning Supplies

Even though it would only be a small expense, you are still going to require bird cage lining and bird-safe sanitizer to routinely wipe and disinfect the cage. When replenishing these goods regularly, budget between $10 and $20.

Cockatoo Food Cost 

Cockatoos need a lot of food because they are a very large species of parrot. You should feed your birds nutritious vegetables and food alongside the bird pellets, which can run you $20 to $40 each month.

Cockatoos require a varied diet that includes premium seeds, pellets, and whole foods. There are many brands to pick from, which could either lower or raise the price. Finding high-quality items at the best costs may involve some study, but that’s the best secret here.

A cockatoo’s ideal diet consists of a variety of fruits and veggies. There are various things you may acquire for your pet if you enjoy spoiling it. Be aware and provide the pet with the proper nutrition and as few teats as possible. 

Avoid providing your bird with harmful foods; over time, this could encourage bad traits and behaviors. Even worse, the bird can reject the healthy options in favor of junk food and indulgences.

Cockatoo Insurance Cost

A pen on top of a pet insurance policy form

TrustedPals Pet Insurance offers affordable plans and a variety of coverage options.


Without insurance, the cost of bringing your bird to the vet might be costly. Fortunately, a decent bird insurance policy can pay for many potential emergencies. Yet, you’ll also be responsible for the expense of your cockatoo’s regular checkups.

Bird pet insurance is something to consider because it can help cover the cost of caring for cockatoos, particularly when it pertains to health and medical difficulties. Bird insurance would greatly help with this because the bird can survive a long time, which makes it vital to lower the expense of caring for the pet.

With several businesses offering various coverage, bird insurance functions similarly to other pet insurance. However, based on your tastes, it’s best to conduct a little digging before agreeing on any certain insurance plan. The more extensive the coverage, the more it will cost you.

Cockatoo Vet Cost 

Close-up of female veterinarian giving pet passport to pet owner's hand

Some vets will provide pet passports for cockatoos moving from one country to another.


You can give your bird the finest care possible, but some ailments might not be preventable. You cannot predict when you might need a veterinarian, and since avian species can need specific veterinarians, this could result in higher costs. This can cost anywhere from $150 to $1,000.

Cockatoos are normally very healthy, however, they are not immune to illness. Additionally, it’s crucial to periodically bring them to the veterinarian for an examination, which could prevent some ailments from developing.

Due to their long lifespans, cockatoos are susceptible to chronic illnesses like diabetes or heart disease, which could require the use of pricey medications. Eventually, the type of lifestyle you give your bird will allow you to keep a healthy companion animal that will live a long and happy life.

Bottom Line

The initial price of these birds can range quite a bit, but one can expect to spend several hundred dollars. Some people do put their cockatoos up for adoption at no cost. After deducting the initial cost of the bird and the cost of the cage, you will discover that it is inexpensive to care for a bird on a yearly basis, particularly if you have pet insurance.

The price of a cockatoo, with toys, food, and vet bills, ranges from $400 to $780. However, this expense can increase, particularly in the event of a medical emergency. Something else to consider before we close is pet sitting.

Pet sitting is a crucial component if you can’t take the bird with you on your trip. Finding a reliable pet sitter could be challenging. If you can, create a savings jar or keep a small amount set aside for such occasions. 

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