Couples Attempt to Help a Thrashing Shark Go Back Into the Ocean After It Gets Stuck

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: November 25, 2023

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Mako shark
© Alessandro De Maddalena/ via Getty Images

There are few things worse in life than seeing a fish out of water. This is a phrase that we use in life that describes the feeling of being completely out of place. However, for an actual fish to be out of water, it is the depravity of breathing. Well, we see this happening with this massive shark that washed up on shore in Florida in the video at the top.

Mako Shark Sighting in Pensacola

This next incredible sighting in the video posted at the top happened just a few short months ago in Pensacola, Florida. A large mako shark washed up on shore. 

According to the Pensacola News Journal, this video was captured by “Tina Fey, a Texas woman who was vacationing at Pensacola Beach to celebrate her wedding anniversary with her husband.” And the video went viral over the weekend when it was posted online!

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As the video starts we see this mako shark thrashing around, trying to do everything he can to get back into the water. However, all his efforts were thwarted by the tide coming in. Some kind people passing by saw this shark struggling and immediately got to work. 

The two men took to the shark’s tail to see if they could drag it out. They were careful not to scare this shark. We have to remember that despite the kindness these people are offering, all this shark knows is he is out of water.

Think of the times that you couldn’t breathe, whether it was choking on a drink of water or a piece of food going down the wrong pipe, and how nervous you immediately got. Well, that was how this shark felt for these few minutes. 

The couples helping quickly realized just how heavy this shark was. At one point they all get out there and try to pull the shark back with all their strength. However, this made the shark frightened and he started to vigorously flop back and forth. Finally, they were able to get the shark out enough where he could get under the water, and from there he was able to power on with incredible speeds back to his domain. 

Can Sharks Survive on Land?

Epaulette shark can reach over 40 inches in length.

©wrangel/ via Getty Images

It is fairly well known that sharks like the mako shark cannot survive without water. They are only able to survive for a few minutes because they don’t have lungs. However, there is one shark that is actually able to survive on land!

Meet the epaulette shark (Hemiscyllium ocellatum) the shark that can walk on land. They can use their pectoral and pelvis fins as legs and feet to walk on. They can only last out of water for a limited time. According to the Save Our Seas Foundation, “This allows them to move between and forage in tidal pools that become separated from the ocean, and which are inaccessible to other predators.” 

And even though this shark in the video posted at the top couldn’t walk on land, he did have some nice rescuers who were able to save him! 

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