Discover 8 Colors That Represent Happiness (and Where to See Them in Nature)

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Written by August Croft

Published: October 30, 2023

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We may all have our own opinions on colors that represent happiness. However, color psychology and color theory suggest that there are certain colors that make us feel happy on a universal scale. What might some of these colors be? How can we observe them in nature to both feel happy and understand why such colors are associated with happiness? 

Today, we’ll go over each and every single color representative of happiness. Again, your own personal experience and opinions may include different colors that represent happiness. However, these are the colors most readily associated with happiness, joy, and positivity. Let’s discuss these hues and shades now! 

Which Colors Represent Happiness?

colors that represent happiness

There are many colors that represent happiness, depending on your own experience.

Many different colors represent happiness, including orange, yellow, pink, gold, red, violet, blue, and white. Lighter shades tend to indicate positivity as opposed to darker shades, though you may have your own individual opinion on this

Yellow and orange, in particular, are most often associated with and representative of happiness. The optimism held within these colors tends to be synonymous with happiness. However, individual experiences and points of view assign meaning to every possible color in our world today. 

Let’s discuss why certain colors tend to represent happiness more than others, including the eight colors listed above. 

1. Orange

colors that represent happiness

Optimistic and hopeful, orange is often associated with happiness.

The color orange is synonymous with happiness because of its optimism and how encouraging it makes us feel when we look at it. While cultural experience often influences our opinions regarding colors, orange remains a positive, welcome color across many locations and groups of people. The energizing quality of orange ensures a study and constant pursuit of happiness, no matter what happiness looks like to you individually! 

2. Yellow

colors that represent happiness

Few other colors can make us feel as happy as the color yellow does!

More often than not, yellow is the first color we think of when we contemplate happiness. This could be due to the fact that smiley faces are often yellow, or perhaps the cheeriness of the sun reminds us of the color yellow. No matter the reason, yellow is representative of happiness, good cheer, and optimism, just like the color orange. 

3. Pink

colors that represent happiness

Delicate and tender, pink is often connected to feelings of happiness.

A tender, sympathetic color, pink is often connected to happiness and feelings of goodwill. There is a sensitive side to the color pink, often associated with femininity and compassion. The color pink is also representative of innocence and kindness, all things that we can readily connect to happiness and good fortune. 

4. Red

colors that represent happiness

Bright and bold, the color red may bring happiness to some people.

Some people may not associate the color red with happiness, but others might feel differently. Overall, the color red is connected to sanguinity and passion, both themes that can collaborate well with happiness. Like orange, the color red is energetic, representing an eagerness and a joyful attitude, particularly in regard to getting things done. Red may represent anger but is equally associated with romance and all of the happy feelings that go along with it. 

5. White

colors that represent happiness

While also representative of clarity, the color white is associated with happiness.

Pure and uninfluenced, white is often connected to feelings of happiness surrounding endings or completion. White may or may not be a color, depending on your point of view, as it often represents a lack of color. However, when we view the color white, our mind readily associates cleanliness and clarity with it. Both of these themes have the capability of making us feel happy, especially when we consider innocence. 

6. Blue

colors that represent happiness

No matter the shade, the color blue helps us feel happy.

The lighter the shade of blue, the more readily it is associated with happiness. While deep blue shades often represent tranquility or intelligence, light blue has the potential to make us feel happy. A playful, genuine color, blue connects to friendships and deep connections, things that readily make us feel happy when we think of them. Potential and possibility are also connected to the color blue, lending us feelings of optimism and hopefulness.

7. Gold

colors that represent happiness

Gold is connected to happiness, particularly the happiness of financial security.

Most often connected to wealth, gold has the potential to make us feel happy, especially in regard to our finances. In general, gold is a color of royalty and assurance, a color of honesty and generosity. It’s been said that money can’t buy happiness, but our minds can’t help but feel happy when we look at the color gold! This color’s closeness to yellow may have something to do with it being associated with happiness. 

8. Violet

colors that represent happiness

While often connected to intuition, shades of purple can be connected to happiness as well.

Much like lighter shades of blue, lighter shades of purple have the potential to connect us to feelings of happiness. Violet, for instance, often represents feelings of contentment and happiness. Cooler tones have been readily associated with positive feelings, especially the welcoming, pleasant shades of violet.

Symbolism Behind the Colors That Represent Happiness 

All of these colors have potentially symbolic roots that lead back to happiness. However, most color theories and symbolic associations with color are built upon our human psyche and how we feel when we look at certain shades or pigments. Given that happiness is an extremely important and fundamental emotion, many colors have been representative of this concept over the decades. 

This is especially true when we look at marketing as a key player in why certain colors represent certain things. Happiness is an important emotion that many marketing experts likely want to inspire in their customers. By utilizing color psychology, marketing and other types of businesses can harness colors that make us feel happy. This process connects happiness to certain colors forever, thanks to societal and cultural norms! 

Where to Find Colors Representing Happiness in Nature

Contemplating your own happiness is an important thing to do from time to time. By viewing the colors that represent happiness in nature, you are likely to build positive associations with both the natural world around you and the colors held within it. Here’s where you can find all of the colors representing happiness that we’ve discussed today. 

Orange Sunrises Bring Happiness

colors that represent happiness

Sunrises are often connected to happiness, especially if they’re orange in color.

You can readily find the color orange in many places in nature. But no shade of orange is as special as the shades found within a morning sunrise. While you can find orange in flowers and plants regardless of where you live, waking up early and taking in the morning may help you feel inspired and optimistic. The color orange brings a new day with it and endless happiness, especially if you seek it in your daily sunrises! 

Happiness Can Be Found in Yellow Sunshine

colors that represent happiness

The color yellow can be found in many instances in nature.

One of the main reasons the color yellow is connected to happiness is because it represents the sun. Warm and generous, spending time in the sunshine helps you feel happy, both literally and figuratively. The way our bodies react to the sunshine helps us regain vitally important nutrients that keep our brain chemistry happy! Feeling so much warmth is bound to keep you in a good mood.

Pink Flowers Represent Happiness

colors that represent happiness

Receiving a bouquet of pink flowers is sure to make anyone feel happy.

Delicate and unassuming, spending time amongst pink flowers in nature may help you feel happy. There are many different types of pink flowers, though you may struggle to find them depending on the season. Pink roses are often associated with happiness, though you may also feel cheery upon viewing cherry blossoms, tulips, and other pink blooms. 

Find Happiness in Red Leaves

colors that represent happiness

Bright red leaves can help you feel energized and happy.

While fall is often associated with coldness and decay, viewing the changing leaves and their energizing red colors within may bring you happiness. Red can be found as the seasons change, but you may also view this color in a variety of plants year-round. However, watching the leaves change in your neighborhood can be a truly inspiring, joyful thing!

White Clouds Are Happy

colors that represent happiness

Clouds and the color white represent pure happiness.

Buoyant and pure, you may feel happy upon viewing clouds in their natural habitat. The white color found within these abstract forms can help connect you to happiness, particularly cleanliness and innocence. Just as we once found shapes and messages of significance in the clouds as children, you may find happiness in viewing these fluffy shapes today! 

Clear Blue Waters Bring Happiness

colors that represent happiness

Water carries with it many symbolic representations of happiness, including the color blue.

With peace and tranquility most readily connected to the color blue, seeking out crystal clear waters may connect you to feelings of happiness as well. If you don’t have a beautiful source of water near you, you can find shades of light blue in the sky above. Just like white clouds may make you feel happy, an open, bright blue sky will likely also bring you feelings of contentment and joy. 

Golden Fields Are Full of Happiness

colors that represent happiness

Running through a golden field is sure to make you feel happy!

While the colors gold and yellow often intermingle in nature, the beauty of a golden field cannot be ignored. Vast and wide open, you may find yourself inexplicably happy in a field of golden wheat or another type of grass. If it isn’t the proper season for finding such fields, you may find the color gold in leaves, animals, and even certain types of rocks! 

Happiness Exists in Violet Flowers

colors that represent happiness

Some good purple flowers that may bring you happiness include tulips, wisteria, and, naturally, violets.

If you are hoping to bring more happiness into your home, pulling together a bouquet of pink and violet flowers may be a good idea. The delicate shades of violet found in nature help us feel content and happy in equal measure. Certain blooms such as wisteria, lilacs, and pansies achieve a beautiful violet hue synonymous with happiness! 

Seek Happiness Through Color and Nature

colors that represent happiness

No matter what colors represent happiness to you, you can find them in nature!

Regardless of how you currently feel, seeking happiness in nature is always a good idea. You may find by viewing certain colors that happiness readily enters your mind. There are many different colors that represent happiness, which is why you often can’t help but feel happy when in nature! 

Summary of Colors That Represent Happiness

Colors Representing HappinessWhere to Find Them
OrangeSunrises, sunsets, flowers, foliage
YellowRays of the sun, fields, flowers, foliage
BlueRivers, lakes, oceans, skies
VioletFlowers, foliage
GoldFields, flowers, sunshine
WhiteClouds, flowers, snow
RedFoliage, sunsets, flowers
PinkFlowers and plants

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