Discover the Largest White Bass Ever Caught in the Mississippi River

Written by Nixza Gonzalez
Updated: July 18, 2023
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Despite its name, a White Bass is not completely white. Actually, two common nicknames for the White Bass is Sand Bass and Silver Bass. This shimmery fish grows up to 9 inches long and is a common fish in fishing tournaments nationwide.

The Mississippi River is home to at least 120 different species of fish. It would shock you to know how large some of these freshwater fish get! Through the upper and lower Mississippi River, you can easily find Smallmouth, Largemouth, and White Bass. The easiest bass to catch are White Bass. While the average size is 8 inches and 3.4 pounds, this is not even close to the largest White Bass ever caught!

The Mississippi River is home to over 120 different species of fish.

Keep on reading to discover the largest White Bass ever caught in the Mississippi River.

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What Is the Largest White Bass Ever Caught in the Mississippi River?

White bass on a white background

The average size of a White Bass is 8 inches and 3.4 pounds.

©”White bass” by USFWS Mountain Prairie is marked with Public Domain Mark 1.0. – License

In the state of Mississippi, the largest White Bass ever caught was by William Mulvihill in Greenwood, Mississippi. The large silvery fish was 5.6 pounds and Mulvihill caught it in the Grenada Reservoir Spillway while in the Rod and Reel division.

The largest White Bass caught in the state of Mississippi was in 1979. Over forty years later, and no one in the state of Mississippi has come close to catching a larger White Bass.

Can you believe that the largest White Bass ever caught in Mississippi River was a lot smaller? In 2006, Albert Wood caught a 2.97 lbs White Bass in the Mississippi River. This is less than the average weight of a White Bass, meaning it was likely a juvenile.

Still, two years ago in 2020, Arron Barton from Oxford, MS caught a 1.27 lbs White Bass in the Yocona River for the trophy division.

What Is the Largest White Bass Ever Caught in Louisiana?

Although the name “Mississippi River” suggests that the river only surrounds the state of Mississippi, this is not true! In fact, about 10 different states border this mighty river. The Mississippi river is 2,340 miles long and stretches far and wide throughout the United States. While it is not the largest in the world, it is still impressive!

So, what is the largest White Bass ever caught in the Mississippi River in Louisiana? In the state of Louisiana, there are frequent fishing competitions. Not a lot of data has been published about White Bass fishing in the bits of the Mississippi River that touch Louisiana.

However, the largest White Bass ever caught in the state weighed 4.13 pounds. The proud catcher of this fish was Randy L. Dubuc in 1986. Nearly 40 years later and no one in Louisiana has competitively caught a larger White Bass.

What Is the Largest White Bass Ever Caught in Wisconsin?

View of the Mississippi River near Ferryville, Wisconsin

View of the Mississippi River near Ferryville, Wisconsin.

©Maarten Daams/

In Southwest Wisconsin, various towns border the massive Mississippi River including Stoddard, De Soto, and Ferryville. So many fish live in the deep waters of the Mississippi River, a perfect space for bass and anglers.

Wisconsin has had impressive White Bass catches, including the most recent winner. In 2017, Kevin Larson of Hudson caught a 18-inch white bass. It was massive and beat the previous winner, Rod Eberly of Appleton.

Interesting fact: In 2017, Blake LaFleur was fishing in Devil’s lake in Wisconsin and caught a shockingly large White Bass weighing at 4.32 pounds. This was not just luck, though. Blake LaFleur studied the 15 pages of specific requirements to catch the large White Bass. At one point, the White Bass was stuck and LaFleur bravely stuck his arm in the ice cold water to grab the White Bass out. I am shivering just thinking about the icy cold water!

The Diet of White Bass

White Bass travel in groups and they are not prejudiced. These fast swimming fish swim with hybrid Bass in large schools. White Bass are popular fish for competitions and cooking. They go into feeding frenzies with other Bass. Female White Bass eat more than male White Bass because they are larger.

So, what do White Bass eat? Typically, adult White Bass consume small invertebrates and fish. While it is uncommon, White Bass sometimes attack larger fish while swimming in schools. The specific diet of a White Bass consists of small fish, chironomid larvae, mayfly larvae, bugs, and crayfish.

What are Other Common Fish in the Mississippi River?

Mississippi River Marsh

There are over 119 species of fish in the Upper Mississippi River alone, including Walleye,


, and Bass.

© Tuchman

Bass are just a small fraction of the fish living in the Mississippi River. Actually, there are over 119 species of fish in just the Upper Mississippi River alone. A lot of people fish along the Mississippi River every year because a large boat is unnecessary.

Most of the fish that call this freshwater body of water home live in the more shallow water. It does take patience, silence, practice, and time to catch these pesky fish. In one day, you may encounter species like Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Bluegill, Walleye, and Catfish.

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