Discover the 5 Most Remote Spots in Kansas and How to Safely Get There

Written by Amanda Martinotti
Published: December 10, 2023
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Has holiday stress, or everyday life, pushed you to go on a road trip to relax? Read this article to discover Kansas’s 5 most remote spots and how to get there safely!

5 Most Remote Spots in Kansas
These remote towns in Kansas offer a break from the bustle of big city life.

1. Oakley, Kansas

Oakey is a small, remote town located in Kansas. It has a population of 2,000 people. Oakley is a cute town with bakeries, museums, and a downtown shopping area with neat little gifts.

most remote spots in kansas

These 5 remote spots in Kansas offer you a quiet, and calm vacation.

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How to Get There

  • Drive on the highway. There are two driving routes you can choose from. Both will take you about 3 hours and 35 minutes to arrive safely.
  • Airplane. You fly into Oakley depending on the location you are departing from.
  • Uber. If you can, you could take an Uber. On the other hand, a 3-hour Uber ride can cost you about $300-$450.
  • Bus. You may be able to take a bus, depending on where your city is departing from. However, a long bus ride can be extremely uncomfortable.

Things to Do in Oakley, Kansas

1. Eat at Sunshine Bakery

If you’re looking for a little bakery that can help your sugar rush, say hello to Sunshine Bakery. While this bakery offers a drive-thru, it is advised to eat inside due to how busy they are. From muffins to donuts and everything in between, there is something that your taste buds will cherish!

2. Visit the Fick & Fossil Museum

If you love archeology and history, you’ll love this museum! You’ll check out neat fossils, and cool rocks, and learn about the history behind them.

Love fish and fossils? Keystone Gallery may be right up your creek! This gallery was transformed from a church into a palace for fossil fanatics and fish lovers. In fact, many of the fish fossils that were found in Oakley can be found nationwide in various museums.

2. Chanute, Kansas

The town of Chanute, Kansas, in 1909.

©, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons – License

The second remote location in Kansas to check out is Chanute. The town of Chanute, Kansas, has a population of 8,000. If you love museums, there are plenty of them in this town. 

How to Get There

  • Drive. You can take a car and drive to Chanute. This will take about 2 hours depending on where you are located in Kansas.
  • Airplane. 
  • Uber. 
  • Bus.

Things to Do in Chanute

1. Visit Howard’s Toys for Big Boys

Do you or someone you know love classic cars? This museum has a showcase of only classic cars and similar memorabilia. 

2. Maring Aquatic Center

Do you or your little ones love the water? Maring Aquatic Center has a river, a play center for kids, and a pool specifically for competitor swimmers. 

3. Main Street Farmer’s Market

If you want to get a taste of Kansas, this market is the place to be! From jams to baked goods and fresh produce, there will surely be something there to tickle your tastebuds. Be aware that this market is only open from May through September every Tuesday

3. Atchinson, Kansas

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If you are looking for a lady’s weekend getaway, Atchinson could be the town for you. Between its brick roads, historic center on the river, and breathtaking architecture, this town is perfect if you are going on a trip with your closest friends. This town has a slightly larger population of 10k residents in comparison with the other towns mentioned on this list.

How to Get There

  • Drive. Driving to Atchinson takes about 3 hours depending on where you are in Kansas.
  • Bus. You can potentially take a bus if you are fairly close to Atchinson.
  • Taxi. Ubers or taxis may also be available. However, you can expect to spend $300-$400 per ride.

Things to Do

1. Visit the Amelia Earnhardt Museum

If you love aviation, you’ll want to check out this fascinating museum. They even have a virtual reality challenge where you can pick choices to land in Paris successfully. But if you fail, you land in Ireland instead.

2. International Forest of Friendship

If you love forests, connecting with the earth, and getting fresh air, the International Forest of Friendship may be the place to visit while you are in Atchinson, KS. This forest is not only a new place to hike. Rather, it is a nature-based memorial for celebrating aviation in history.

3. Paolucci’s Resturant Deli & Lounge

After a long day of sightseeing, and hiking, come to Paolucci’s restaurant. This Italian restaurant carries handmade menu items from over 100 years ago. 

4. Scott City, Kansas

A flock of Snow Geese sit on the frozen part of Lake Scott and rest before coninuing their migration, located in Scott City, Kansas 2019

Scott City’s beautiful Scott Lake is a stop off for migrating snow geese.

©The Bohemian Lens/

Scott City is a tiny town in Kansas with a population of 3,000 residents. From fossil museums to buffalo sagari tours, there’s something to see in this quaint little town.

How to Get There

  • Driving. Scott City is a 5-hour drive depending on where you are driving from in Kansas.
  • Plane. You can take an airplane depending on your location. This can cost you $300 round trip or more.

Things to Do

1. Duff Buffalo Ranch

Take a tour of a beautiful buffalo ranch at a safe distance. Guided by the ranch’s husband and wife, you’ll learn fascinating facts about buffalo while getting to see them up close. Please note there is an admission fee of $60 for this tour.

Take a tour of this fascinating fossil gallery. At the end of the tour, you can purchase fossil shirts to bring home.

3. Battle Canyon

Take an intriguing tour of the cave where women and children would hide during battle. Plus see where the Cheyenne gun is hidden. Please note if you are sensitive to war, or violent stories, this may not be a good item to add to your itinerary.

5. Holcomb, Kansas

Pins lined up in a bowling alley

Holcomb’s famous Hard Rock Lanes is a popular bowling venue for bowlers of all ages.

©Mindscape studio/

Holcomb, Kansas, is another tiny and remote town that can be visited. The town has a population of 3,000. If you love animals, history, and nature, you’ll want to add this town to your travel bucket list.

How to Get There

  • Drive. Driving to Holcomb, Kansas will take about 6 hours.
  • Plane. You can also fly to Holcomb Kansas depending on your budget and location.

Things to Do in Holcomb, Kansas

1. Escape the Clock

If you would love to get your critical nogging working and your blood pumping, check out Escape the Clock. You’ll find various rooms that challenge your thinking skills. It’s also worth mentioning that Escape the Clock was rated one of the best escape rooms in Kansas.

2. Hard Rock Lanes

If you want to give your bowling game a run for its money you’ll love Hard Rock Lanes. What’s more, is that this bowling lane offers parties for the little ones.

3. Play With Animals

Learn about various animals at the Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo. You can even “adopt” a zoo animal. 

Summary of the 5 Most Remote Spots in Kansas, and How to Get There

Whether you want a relaxing vacation, an athletic trip, or an adrenaline rush, these 5 most remote spots in Kansas have something for everyone.

RankRemote LocationHow to Get There
1Oakley, KansasDrive, airplane, or bus.
2Chanute, KansasDrive, airplane, Uber, bus.
3Atchinson, KansasDrive, bus, or taxi.
4Scott City, KansasDrive, airplane.
5Holcomb, KansasDrive, plane.
A table of the 5 most remote spots in Kansas, and how to safely get there.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © AndreyKrav/iStock via Getty Images

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