Discover Where ‘The Circle’ Is Filmed: Best Time to Visit, Wildlife, and More!

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: June 16, 2023
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If you use social media, you know the many connections you can make with a few simple clicks. No matter how invested you are in the online world, you know how it serves as a double-edged sword. Some get rich, and some get canceled. Some are revered, while others are dismissed. ‘The Circle’ takes you on a ride through the peaks and valleys of social media, highlighting how easy it is to create an entire world predicated on the opinions of others. Discover The Circle filming location and the best time to visit if you’d like to see the environment firsthand!

What is ‘The Circle’ About?

‘The Circle’ is a show on the streaming platform Netflix that documents a social experiment. It’s a competitive environment for the contestants who have a chance to win a prize of $100,000. This reality show exemplifies just how powerful social media can be. While for some, social media is a claim to fame that results in a heftier bank account balance, for others, social media is a force strong enough to destroy everything they’ve worked for, tainting their reputations for life.

The contestants on the show are provided with their own apartment space to reside in. Although they are competing with one another, they are only able to communicate via a social media chatting platform. Since the contestants are not privy to one another’s true appearance or personality, each of them has the freedom to craft any persona they’d like — or simply exist as themselves. They can upload photos of themselves or use photos of someone else — an act called “catfishing.”

After each round, it’s time for elimination, so it’s up to each contestant to present a sufficiently attractive personality to stay involved in the chat. Although they can all partake in the main group chat where all involved can see the conversations, they also have the option to engage with one another privately. When contestants are eliminated, their apartment gets occupied by a new contestant. The popularity contest continues with the most well-liked contestants (the “influencers”) deciding the fate of the others. The contestant with the most points at the end of the show wins the $100,000 prize.

Where was ‘The Circle’ Filmed?

The Circle was filmed in Salford, England. All the international versions of the show were filmed in Salford. The original U.K. version of the show is the only one that was filmed in a different apartment building (but still within the same city of Salford). The new apartment building is always ready with 12 furnished apartments, each with the contestants’ cameras and television screens.

When the contestants are “blocked” or eliminated, they go to one final room in the building, the “testimonial room,” where they can film their goodbyes to the other contestants before departing from the show. On top of the building is a rooftop lounge, and inside is an exercise room. This building makes a statement in the city. The exterior is outfitted with bright LED lights in a circle with an 85-foot diameter. The producers and camera operators stayed close throughout filming, setting up their control room right across the street from the apartment building.

Best Time to Visit Salford, England

Salford Quays in Manchester

Salford is a borough in Manchester, England, and is The Circle filming location.

©Gordon Bell/

If you’d like to enjoy Salford during the warm season, the best time to visit is between June and August. Salford is primarily a cool environment, with precipitation throughout the year that appears either in the form of rain or snow. If you compare this location to other tourist destinations throughout the world, it’s less temperate. Knowing the precipitation of Salford, you may prefer the driest months. If that’s the case, make your plans for June, April, or early September. Mid-April is when the chances are the lowest for rain.

Wildlife in Salford, England

house sparrow

House sparrows and other bird species abound in Salford, England.

©Steve Byland/

Salford is an urban environment, but that doesn’t mean wildlife isn’t present. This city retains its biodiversity with semi-natural greenspaces, priority habitats, and nature conservation sites. Peel Park, sandwiched between the River Irwell and the University of Salford, is a great place to view wildlife, including several bird species. You may come upon the common goldeneye, tufted duck, grey wagtail, great spotted woodpecker, house sparrow, or Eurasian blue tit. Mammals include eastern gray squirrels, red foxes, and hedgehogs.

Things To Do in Salford, England

Besides its role as The Circle filming location, there are several must-see spots when visiting Salford. The Lowry, for instance, is a set of three theatres, each with new productions each week. You might be able to enjoy a musical, play, live music, or even stand-up comedy during your trip. The Salford Museum and Art Gallery is filled with galleries reminiscent of the Italianate Renaissance. Peel Park is where you can take a walk and enjoy the beautiful wildlife nestled into the otherwise urban landscape.

Where is Salford, England, Located on a Map?

Salford is a city in Greater Manchester and is situated in a meander on the western bank of the River Irwell that forms its boundary with Manchester and its city center. There is a lot of history in Salford, including wars, the Industrial Revolution, and its regeneration. It also is known as the location of the world’s first free public library.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Gordon Bell/

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